Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Secret Files of Dawgtective Shelby Woo

Shelby Woo, Dawgtective Extraordinaire here! It has been some time since I reported last, but thankfully that is because Mr. Trouble aka Maddox aka MadMaddox aka MaddyMax aka just plain Maddy has been, believe it or not, GOOD!

Either that--or he has that 'innocent look' down pat and all the Mysteriousnesses are not blamed on him. What do you guys think? Innocent? Or guilty?

I don't trust that shifty blue eye of his. It is...strange. I mean, EVERYdawg knows that it is the RIGHT eye that is supposed to be blue.

Maddox is a very mixed up pup. But I suppose I should explain what investigation has brought me out again, and seeking your help. See, it is like this. About four days ago, a strange, very long box was brought into the house. And believe it or not--a TREE came out of it! I have never seen anything like it before in my life! Of course, we all know that as far as *I* am concerned, life did not begin for me until September 15th, when Mom Person saved me from the Evil Bad Needle. Whew. So yeah, I don't like to think about that. It makes me want to run into MP's bed and crawl under the covers.

Or, do a Zim, and hide under the bed (C here--she was asleep like that--thought Zim would appreciate the pic!).

Anyway. I got sidetracked. A good detective stays FOCUSED! So... yeah. The tree. At first I thought MP had brought it into the house to teach Maddox how to be a man and lift that leg. MP laughs that Maddox still puppy squats. *rolls eyes* I say he will never be a man because, hey, YOU guys remember--he got FIXED!

But MP and her non-fur kids say no, that is not what that tree is all about. In fact, they started to put things on it! And then they did something and it lit up like...CANDLES!!!

I was kinda wary--Maddox is so silly he just ignored it. (I say he thinks he is a Springer cuz he doesn't do ANYTHING like all the REAL Sibes do. I don't destroy things because *I* am a lady. Hmph. But Maddox? One would think he'd attack it, but no! Ding dong doggy just walked away!)

But not me! I wanted to know what this was all about! So of course I had to investigate! But I was very scared wary of getting close until MP laughed (hmph) and and and...put a CHEESE ORNAMENT ON IT!!! She said it was just for me. And of course, cuz it was for me, I, well, ate it. (After about five minutes of coaxing her, silly pup!)

I guess the tree is okay. It has goodies on it now and then, and it didn't hurt me, so I can say it is probably safe to stay a little while longer. MP says she is very pleased we leave it alone and next year she will be Very Brave and put it up earlier.

She's gonna take it DOWN????????


Signing off for now.... Shelby Woo, Dawgtective

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Sad Day

We had vowed to make a happy update post today, but now we are just not feeling like it. We will over the weekend, as we do have much to say.

Goodbye, sweet Thrawn. We are so glad we got the chance to know you, if only a little bit. Run wild, run free. You will be missed.

Carolyn, and the Sixteen Paws...four of which are rather muddy at the moment

Monday, November 26, 2007

Wow, A Miracle!

Do you see that? Do you see who is on the bed at the same time? It is kinda dark but we hope you can see. It is Claire and Shelby, on mom's bed TOGETHER!!! Isn't that amazing? The girls are getting along better, though it was kinda dicey when the Girl was home from college. She just doesn't understand Sibes, and Shelby thought she'd get away with some lousy bad girl behavior and tried to be mean to Claire again. But Mom got help and advice from her wise friends (i.e., Siberian Peeps) and figured out what was going on. Things have calmed down again. Phew. Mom said she was about to toss us all outside forever if they didn't straighten up, and could be seen walking around the house muttering something about 'girls being such a pain.'

Well, I am a boy, so I know it wasn't about me. I am a GOOD boy.

I start obedience on Friday night, too. It is about time! Now I can prove to the world how smart I am!

Maddox, off to see how everyone is doing--and special paws crossed for Bama's family

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pretty Sled Dogs

Tonight Mom Person and I watched Pretty Sled Dogs, FINALLY!!! As you can see, I am very intent when I watch the telly, and I didn't want to miss a single second of the show in case I missed something cool. I sat right on top of the clean laundry so I could see even better. I especially loved it when the sled dogs howled and woo'd and talked and sang and everything. And the sledding part? That was the best!!!! M.P. says if anyone here hasn't seen it, to get it. It just made her cry later to learn which one it was who passed away the next year. She knew one had, but didn't want to know until after she watched which one it was. I gave her lots of puppy kisses to make it all better. I love my Mom! And she loves me, LOTS! (and, she says, the best...)

She made a video of me because she thought it was pretty cool how I paid so much attention to what was going on. The video is a little shaky and she says sorry about that.

And, the funniest thing happened tonight! Well, Mom Person didn't think it was funny. It was food prep time, and usually she has us all outside while she fixes the food for us cuz it takes about five or so minutes cuz she puts hot water on our food to make it taste all better, and if we know that she is doing that, we drive her crazy.

But tonight for some reason she didn't care if we were inside. We were glad cuz the greatest thing happened! Mom Person picked up the bag of Canidae--and the bottom busted! The food went EVERYWHERE!!!! It was great! Well, great for SHELBY....she was being selfish and wouldn't let me eat some too!!! So I sat and watched while M.P. got the stock pot and put it all in there. She had to pull out the fridge too as a bunch got under there.

Shelby is gonna get fat if she doesn't stop eating so much.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shelby Woo Investigations

Shelby Woo here. Hmm. I can't figure out why it is all in underline.

EDIT: The brilliant Tucker helped me figure out why there was underline--now it is gone!! Thank you Tucker! Oh and your H.A. too!

Anyway...tonight I had an adventure! Everything in the backyard was peaceful and quiet, when I heard a strange sound in the back corner.

Now, Mom Person doesn't like me in the back corner. As you can see, she spoiled all my digging fun by putting a big trunk and a big evil stone and a piece of a crate so I couldn't dig anymore.

But tonight...I didn't care!

I ran lickety split for the back corner, to see if I really heard that strange noise.

I sat for the longest time and waited and waited...I was sure my pointy little ears didn't deceive me. SOMETHING WAS THERE!!!

After changing positions again and again, Maddox came over to see what was going on. And look, the underline is gone. Woo!


And then....before I could properly examine it in order to determine what manner of creature it was (it was slimy, tasted funny in my mouth, and was quite ugly--that is all I could figure out in just under a minute) *WOOWHINE* Mom Person came and spoiled our fun, and threw it over the fence!


Maybe tomorrow it will come back, and we (me and my sidekick, Sir Maddox) can reinvestigate the matter. Shelby Woo will never give up trying to figure out what that thing was!!!


HEY SHELBY! *woo'd Maddox*

*bumps her out of the way*

Hey, this IS my blogspot you know....

Mom Person says yes it is my turn. Look what she took pictures of--my top-secret hidey-hole!!! Now, someone will come steal my treasures. I am quite disturbed by her revelations. Sigh, but what is anypup gonna do, right?

Anyway, I guess I have no choice but to show you all the way cool stuff I've collected. Shelby says it is a waste of time, as Mom Person will just throw it all away, but it is fun to gather my secret treasures and put them in my hidey-hole.

Now, though, if anything goes missing.... I know it will have to be someone HERE! Grrrr!

Another picture of me with my stuff:

See that green thing behind me? I wish Mom Person would buy more flowers as they give you that great gift with them every time--cool plastic thingies that are so much fun! I have flattened that one. I need another one, Mom! *whine*

I like to put my butt in the hole. Mom says I am silly, but says she is grateful the hole isn't bigger.

Just wait, Mom.....

Those stuffies are some of the ones Shelby Woo used to fight everyone over. Pretty silly, huh. They look nothing like babies!! She is over that now though. Almost. She won't let Claire near any of them but what Shelby doesn't realize is Claire DOES NOT CARE!! She doesn't like stuffies!

Sometimes I try to pick two up at once. I guess I need a bigger mouth (like Shelby's!)

And last, Mom Person took this tonight--compare it to the picture of Shelby a post down and you can really see how much she has gotten FATTER. *snort snort wooo* Mom Person says to Hush, that Shelby is beewootiful now and we should be grateful she was saved by from the Shelter she was in cuz they might've done The Unmentionable to her! (I am glad they didn't get the chance and so is Mom Person!)

And that is all, folks! I had a great morning with Mom Person. She took me to Pets West to get my Canidae (but I ate too many treats there and urped in the car later, oops) and then to Pet Smart where I showed SOOO many of those dogs exactly how a pup should walk properly on a leash. Hmph. Morons!!!! Of course, Shelby won't do it right either...that is why *I* am the one who gets to go everywhere with Mom Person.

Happy Woos to everyone!!!!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We're Back--Sort of

Carolyn writing in tonight as the two kids are outside zooming in the crisp air. It has been quite a couple of weeks. While we've been able to keep up on Sibernet-L and Husky-4-Life, there hasn't been much time because of my son's driver's ed obligations every single night and work demands to stay up to date everywhere.

Have also had my hands full with changes in the house--a few posts ago I naively wrote how "Shelby doesn't seem to want to challenge Claire for top dog..."

Well, HA! So much for THAT statement.

There is now a new Queen in my house, and her name is Shelby Woo.

A special thanks go out to Holly's mom Jan for helping me figure out what to do with the situation and how to handle it all--I got a lot of conflicting advice, but knowing how wonderwooful Hollybollybananaboo is, now, I felt good about her and her Mumsy helping me out. Things are a settling down somewhat...but Claire definitely is dethroned, and is very sad about it. Me too. Breaks my heart, but I am doing as Holly advises and letting Shelby be what she has become...but not letting her hurt Claire again (she initially attacked Claire--fortunately I as there and stopped it. Handy ice water again).

So, it has been a tough few days. We will survive though and come out on the other side. Shelby Woo continues to fatten up and sleeken up and she is so good with Maddox and Scotty and all humans... She just is still intent on keeping Claire down where she's got her. She's not been vicious to her again, but I see The Eye rear up on occasion. Claire is playing it down, keeping out of Shelby's way, head down, tail wagging... *cries* My baby girl, what did I do to you???

But CLAIRE is the one who sleeps with Mom. And always will. Shelby's bed is upstairs with my son.

In other fantastic news--MADDOX IS HOUSE BROKEN AT LAST! A full 7 days without an accident! I am so freakin' RELIEVED!!!!!

And in other news--there is a gorgeous little bi-eyed husky mix on's 'other location' page.... she is such a cutie and thankfully is in a foster home now, but if I wasn't at full capacity here... It is all I can do not to say I am coming to get her. But she has some fear issues, is uber submissive (submissive wetting issues) and is under quarantine sorta to make sure she is healthy before she gets spayed. But oh... she is adorable, just adorable.... No no I cannot afford five dogs! I CAN"T!!!! :) And, no more girls.

What else--that is all. No new pictures, I am afraid, though Mr. Maddox is growing like crazy. He'll be six months on the 17th and I can hardly believe it. I love him so freakin' much-- I can't wait to be done with driver's ed so we can have our evenings together back, and I can get him into obedience at last.


Carolyn (and the kids who surely must be done with their zooming by now?)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shelby Hijacking Again!

Maddox is lazy. So Mom Person said *I* could take up Holly on her request to all her friends to share 8 facts about me. If I can think of any. Hmmmm. Lemme see... Mom Person says she can't remember what she's said here and what she's said on Sibernet-L or Husky-4-Life about me. She is so silly. I think she needs vitamins to help her memory, don't you?

1. I am smart. I came knowing how to Sit, Stay, and Come. I learned my name in just one day.

2. Cracker is my boyfriend. He is so handsome!

3. I don't like my feet touched unless I know you are going to touch them. If Mom Person lays down too fast and I don't see her coming, I flinch, and make a growly-almost sound and kinda make a snappy but not snappy movement to show I don't like it. I have tried real hard to forget why I don't like my feet surprised. Mom Person says not to worry, it is okay and she understands. If I see her coming or she calls my name then I don't do that.

4. When Mom person goes to the front door, I run to the couch and jump up on it. She thought I would be a bolter but I know a good thing when I see it. I like it here, why would I want to run out the front door?

5. I do not like anyone near my crate if I am in it. I turn into a Snarly Beast if someone gets too close. But I am better than I was.

6. I have Impeccable Manners. I do not seize food, I do not beg, I am nice and Maddox and I can eat next to each other. (Mom Person here--she has them first she was quite fierce about food, but I've slowly brought her to the point where she eats nicely next to Maddox. I still sit on the kitchen floor between the Sibes and the Springers while they eat, to make sure everyone behaves.)

7. I am not grumbly and I am even tempered, and I share my stuffies now, and I don't like being ignored and I woo woo woo at Mom Person if she ignores me too long while she's on the computer.

8. Mom Person says she can't think of anything else to say about me. She says I am just such a good sweet girl and very healthy now that there really isn't anything else to say, but that is not a bad thing! I get along with everyone, I am housetrained, I don't have any bad habits, well except the digging but really how is that bad? And, I've gained weight so much Mom Person says I am getting fat. GROWL.

But here are some pictures to show just how much I've changed. I guess it is a big difference now that I look at me. Wow. This was the day Mom Person took me home. *cries* Look how caved in my sides are! I was SO HUNGRRRRYYYY!!!!!!!

And this was me tonight, on Mom's bed. She says "Oh Shelby, you got a Belly!" Hmph. Then she took this picture. This is what she WANTED, wasn't it? For me to have a happy tummy? I'd just eaten! What did she expect! She says it may be time to go to one meal a day! I don't think I like that idea. What do you think? I'm not fat, am I? My fur's growing back to from that Being Fixed thing.

I don't know who has or hasn't done this, but here are the rules:
Now, here are the rules;

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight dogs at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

So do it if you wanna!

Shelby, who just saw Holly's Paw-- OH MY GOODNESS GO SEE! She really is BIG!! (and Mom Person says *I* am a big girl? Not at all!)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thoughts from Mom -- Pack Dynamics

I was thinking tonight, as I was watching the two Sibes and the two Springers in my room that I think the four are finally becoming a pack. It has been a very interesting six weeks since Shelby first came!

Maddox was only 3.5 months then, so was just a happy baby who saw her as a playmate right away. Shelby on the other hand saw him as a total brat who didn't respect her boundaries. She didn't feel well, everything was new to her, she was an orphan and had spent who knew how many weeks on the streets before someone found her and turned her into the shelter where she was.

Now, Maddox has learned to respect her (is definitely submissive to her) and they are true buddies. They run, they play, they play HARD, they wrestle all the time, and get into mischief together. While he doesn't get upset when she is not around (is in her crate) he definitely loves to be with her. At five months, he is getting bigger and stronger and will be both over Shelby eventually.

Scotty and Claire were not amused when Shelby came. While Claire pretty much just ignored her, there were a couple big time snarly fights between the two that had me thinking OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE??? Now, Claire will watch over the Sibes as they play. She does the lip curl thing to Shelby, who now that she is all better, is a pretty amazingly even-tempered girl. Shelby either ignores Claire, or acknowledges her then moves on. Tonight, I witnessed her licking Claire's face. Huzzah! What does that mean though? Like I said, Shelby is even-tempered, so it doesn't mean she is suddenly totally sub to Claire.

Claire is still the alpha, but I think that if Shelby wanted to, she would become the alpha of the pack. But, she doesn't seem to want to. She is definitely over the boys, and seems to more or less respect Claire. She also realizes I am the boss.

Scotty is the omega of the pack. Enough said there.

Tonight, I decided to just let them do whatever, and video it. Just to show anyone interested and who might have thoughts on my pack's behavior. The two Sibes are always central--Shelby is up on the bed on the blanket alot (that is NOT my room decor--lol). Everything evolves around them. Claire is a watcher--you'll see her just staying close, observing. She doesn't get involved, but doesn't ignore either. Scotty desperately wants to get involved and eventually can't stand that the Sibes ignore him--he hurls himself into they fray. He doesn't have teeth to speak of, is not a biter. He is noisy though, and strong. They will acknowledge him for a second, but then ignore him again. Poor Scotty!

I am the boss of all. I have learned how important that is. I and I alone allow them to play, make them stop when I don't think they are being nice, etc. I have actually had to dump ice water on them once or two. That was interesting. Now I just have to flick water at them with my straw to get their attention. LOL.

So anyway--it is just fascinating to me, watching them, trying to decipher their behavior, seeing how each deals with the other. Going from two sedate Springers to two Springers and a Puppy and now the two and two... They are making an interesting foursome! I count this as a success, weaving Shelby into this group. I credit her with alot of that success, too, for her nature. I am also happy to report that she is getting really pretty fur and adding some good weight. I absolutely love her fur. :) I think it shows on this video how much she has improved. Scotty's coat has also improved from the Canidae. Fantastic food!

I think also Shelby Welby Woo is ready for the dog park. I am confident in my ability to handle her now, and am happy with her temperament, so think she will enjoy it there. Not sure when--man, every minute of every day is so packed--but soon. Probably next weekend. :)

Gosh watching this--I need to start using my camera. This quality is icky!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Brother, Sirius

Mom told me tonight that she's been talking with The Breeder Kim, you know...where mom and dad are? Down by Lake Travis? Anyway, tonight Kim also heard from my brother Sirius!! I am so excited! Mom asked Kim to pass along my blogspot info to Sirius's family. I hope he drops by. I would love to know how my brother is doing!

I also am going to have new brothers and sisters soon! Yup, mom and dad (Ice and Blizzard) are gonna have puppies soon. Mom is all excited but says NO MORE PUPPIES... At least, not right now. She confesses she kinda would like another one of my parents' puppies someday, especially if she could get a white one like my daddy. But she always says NO MORE PUPPIES so I do not know why she says this.

In any case, we're all doing great, though Mom sure has been strict lately. Hmph. She watches me like a hawk! I can't pee ANYWHERE but....OUTSIDE!!!! I tried tonight, to sneak a pee in front of the door but she caught me! She FORBADE ME! She even said...NO!!! Geesh! I peed right there when I was a baby, so why not now?


Shelby and I spent LOTS of time zooming out in the back yard this weekend. It was so beautiful out there, that Mom let us just play and play and play. Tonight though I was pretty tired--that hairy eyeball thing happened and she sent Shelby upstairs at 8. Earlier than usual because she said I was overtired. I said, "But I am a HUSKY!!! I can't get tired!" And she said well--you've been snoring all evening at my feet, so...

She is kinda worried though, about the next three weeks. The Boy is taking something called Driver's Ed, and it is two hours every single night for three weeks straight. That means me and Shelby barely get out of our crates before we have to go right back in. Mom is thinking about letting us stay Outside during those two hours she and the Boy are gone, but is Scared. She says she doesn't trust us not to try to dig to the center of the earth in those two hours. Sigh.

She says 'We will figure it out.' I say she could take us with her but she said no, Barnes and Noble won't allow Huskies. That is so not fair.

That's it for now... and Mom promises Khyra that she will work on the Dogster pages for us when she can.

Woo woo to all!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Maddox the Excavator

Maddox is too busy being, well, busy these days to write in his own blog, so I am for now. He has been a real pest the last few days. I think he has Husky Fever or something--the cooler air is making him be sooooo bad!!! LOL. Okay, actually he is just being a typical huskyboy. Nothing wrong with that. He is five months this next week, and is starting to show shades of the beautiful boy he is becoming. His ruff is thickening, and his guard hair is pretty long though I don't see him as fluffy. He weighed in at 27.5 lbs. yesterday at the vet's. I thought it would be well over 30 by now, and in fact the vet said if he was hitting around 35 by his 5 month mark, he'd probably be over 50 lbs. He's not gonna make it, and really that is fine. Shelby is 43.4 lbs. at last weigh in and she is just lovely. Still needs a few pounds though...

I love how they look when they run in the backyard. I really don't need to take them to the dog park, they have their own back here. LOL. I still wish there was one close by, sigh. Fort Woof is about thirty minutes from my house, so isn't convenient.

Anyway--pic spam! Okay only 4 pictures, but... I took this picture last night, and was really struck by his features, how strong they are. My baby is gonna be very handsome!

Maddox, the Puppy King

On this one, they heard the boys making noise in the other room. I was trying to get a still picture of them playing with the dinosaur, as they were playing so sweetly together, so quietly, but oh well. But what I like about this is the shape of the back of the heads, and how it can be seen that despite being younger and weighing less, Madddox's front part is so big compared to delicate Shelby. It looks like if they'd be the same size getting up, but they aren't.

Oh I had this one, too. Kissy faces! These two truly adore each other. I think Claire may be a bit sad, as she has been thrown over for Shelby. But Maddox was getting too rough with her, too hard on her, and I had to keep her from getting hurt. What cracks me up is my daughter said today "Shelby is actually pretty mellow. She's not a bad dog at all." Apparently she thought I was getting another wild man like Maddox, another baby, ready to tear up the world. Nooooo!!! LOL. One crazy Sibe is enough. Maybe it is a boy thing? In any case, Shelby fits, Shelby is beautiful, and Shelby is polite. I love that! And very sweet, too.

And lastly, this is Maddox's digging hole. It is not the best place, but I guess if he is going to dig, this is the easiest place to clean up, and so far he's left under the fence alone. Shelby does not appear to be a digger, but he gets her dirty. He is so bad!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Maddox Answers Holly!

Hi Holly! Thank you for your questions! Mom says it is fun to answers these and it beats housework. She did clean the kitchen though, cuz the Boy finally brought all his dishes downstairs. It was Very Disgusting.

Shelby and Mom just ran to the mall to pick up the Boy. It is not fair, I had to stay in the crate while SHE got to go. Mom told me that tonight was Spend Time with Shelby, and that it was good for her, for bonding. So, she got to go shopping, I guess. Hmph.

Okay now for the answers.

1. What is the most expensive thing, so far, you have destroyed?

Well, Mom says she was Warned Big Time to watch out for this, so had the expensive stuff put up. But there is something I destroyed almost that is priceless. Mom says she is gonna go take a picture of it and will be right back.
Okay, she took a picture. It is a poem that her daddy's daddy wrote to his wife. They were made to marry, and though he loved her from the first, she did not love him for awhile. She wanted to go to college and was forbidden, but he was so good to her she fell for him and later she studied and did stuff because he wanted her to. Pretty sniffy, huh. Mom says she loved her Papa, and wished he had lived longer, until she was older and could've appreciated him more.

It did have all this curlicue stuff around it, that Mom's Mom who is gone now put on it with some lace from the wedding gown. It was kinda tacky, Mom says, but it meant alot to her. I pulled it off a shelf and it destroyed itself under my paws. I felt very very bad about it.

Dec 7, 1920. The jeweled scepter in the hand of the monarch nor the crown on her head above can equal the joy bliss and sweetness of my own first love! She was as beautiful as the dawn of morning, this wonderful girl of mine, and her eyes reflected the goodness and purity and loveliness of an angel divine.

That is how it starts. So, it wasn't expensive, but it was priceless to her.

2. How do you feel about having Shelby get so much attention?

Shelby loves me, and I love her, and she was really sad, really really sad when she got here, but she's all better now and we play and run and play hard and she got to go to the mall tonight but Mom said it was because it is important we each get alone special time.

3. What do you like most about blogging?

YOU, Holly!!!! and Kat, Zim and the Army, Tucker, Steve, Mayamarie, Bama, Juneau, Lacy, Khyra, Samuel, Dustydoodles...and my German friend Schlappi who hasn't written in awhile but he reads my blog when he can.

4. What irritates you most about your humans?

That she goes to work and leaves me alone!!!! And she made me stop my Flying Leap of Joy! And she makes me GET MY NAILS CUT!!!! Wail! I hate that!!!

5 What is your favorite thing about living in you r home with your family (fur and non-fur)?

Oh this is easy. It is FUN! And warm and safe, and my Mom is never ever ever EVER mad at me, or mean to me, or anything! I have the Springers to watch over me (Claire loves me!) and Shelby to play with, and my Mom promises I will be here Furever and she will protect me and love me and buy me more stuffies and always make sure I am fed and have water and will do fun stuff...and she promises me that she will find snow for me, SOMEWHERE! She doesn't know how but she wants me and Shelby to have fun in the snow!

Ohhhh and hey hey hey if anyone wants question, WOO!!!!


Maddox Answers Zim!

Good evening everyone--Mom and I are ready to answer the questions finally! Sorry it has taken so long, Zim, but yesterday, I was Going Nutsy and Needed To Go Walk and Be Worn Out. Hmph. And she got home really late, so that she was very tired to deal with that, but felt better after the walk, like I told her she would. I am smart.

But tonight has been great! She got home early, with a new bag of Canidae. (yay!) Shelby and I are playing nicely (much more nicely!) tonight, so she says she has Her Sanity and can help me answer.

1. I heard you just got "fixed". How did you get broken?

Zim, I am very puzzled by this, too. I felt fine, no fever, no broken bones or anything, and Mom took me to the Place With Stacked Crates, and LEFT me there! I awwooooeeed so hard for her to come back and she didn't until after I took a Big Big Nap.

When I woke up? Not only was I "fixed" for unknown reasons--there were two little blue stitches, um, *DOWN THERE* was there was this evil horrid horrible THING on my head! It was awful!!! Look!!!

Mom says that now Everyone in the house is fixed, at least those of us with four white paws each, and she can relax. Why she couldn't before, I don't know.

2. You live with two "Springers". Does that mean they can jump real high?

Mom says that when Claire was younger, she DID spring! Boing boing boing! She is about 8 now though, so she just bounces a bit. Mom said that if Claire hadn't been so sick and taken so long to recover from when she was thrown over a fence, dying, at the Houston Humane Society, that she would've been great for agility. But she says Claire doesn't have proper Stamina--whatever that is. Scotty is just a doofus.

3. It is totally cool that you've played with Steve & Kat at your dog park! How fun was that?

It was soooo much fun!!! I was still very very little, and before they got there, Mom thought I had to go to the baby side. I scared everybody! They were AFRAID of me!!! One little puppy cried and cried when he saw me! Then Kat and Steve came and they said Oh woo, come over to the big dog side, you'll be fine! So I did! And I ran and played and and and...Mom just reminded me that I was really kinda scared at first, and it took me awhile to get going. Steve was great and showed me the ropes and how to play in the pool, and Kat zoomed at me and rolled me like a doodlebug. We got Shelby and she got fixed and then I did, so we haven't been able to meet with them again, but Mom hopes that we can go back soon.

4. Do you have a favorite toy?

Well, I was a ropey spider, but SHELBY took the stuffing out of it and now, sob, it has been thrown up to stuffy heaven (Mom here--over the washer and dryer is a shelf, and there are now six dead stuffies up there, I am going to try and fix).

5. How did you get your name?

My boy named me and I don't know why he liked it but it really fits except Mom calls me Mad Maddox sometimes. Hmph! Mom just asked him and he saw it on the internet. He says it has nothing to do with anyone famous, no. She said to tell you Shelby got her name when he was scrolling through his cell phone girl friends and passed up all sorts of silly names until he hit Shelby. So the silly thing is we have a Shelby and Claire and so does her sister! Isn't that silly?

Thanks, Zim, those were fun to answer!

If anyone wants to answer questions, just woo here! It may take us a few days to get organized but we will.

Next will be Holly's questions! But I guess since they will be answered last they'll come up first.

Maddox, happy not to be a conehead anymore

Monday, October 8, 2007

Well, this is weird

Maddox will have to post the answers to his questions tomorrow, as he and I are very tired and are going to bed early. I promise his answers will be better answered with a clear head--from the both of us!

I have a question--is this a reverse sneeze like Sitka does? Maddox has been doing this for awhile, usually after a heavy play session with Shelby. Or is he just being weird? Think I have cause for concern? I need to look back on SibernetL and Husky4Life for the reverse sneeze posts.

Any thoughts are welcome! He mostly does it at the beginning because I sat and watched him for a minute or so before realizing I should film it.

How DID I live without this amazing cell phone?

Saturday, October 6, 2007


This will do for now. I changed templates, and made the areas wider. Changed pictures on Maddox but don't have a good one of Claire that works--no matter what size I redo it, she always looks funny! Oh well! I am much happier with this now and am content with it. EDIT! I changed pictures completely--just gave IN!!! LOL. Oh well.

Thanks for the help guys--it DID me decide I would try to fight one of the other templates. LOL! There are some cool ones out there available--skins, that is--but the only Husky one I found was for Xanga. Ah well. This will work just fine and dandy.

And, just for grins, I leave you with today's video. I filled up Maddox's water bucket, and the hose wasn't on tight, so it made a nice mess underneath the spigot. To my surprise Shelby wanted no part of getting dirty. Sigh. Maddox has no such qualms about making a mess, and yes, he got a nice bath afterward. I may just have to invest in one of those dryers for them after all.

In other news--today was a beautiful, perfect day with Shelby with the other three all day long. I couldn't be happier!

Oh, and the first bag of Canidae will have lasted 11 days it looks like. Not bad! I am pleased thus far. Shelby is eating the Bark at the Moon for now so that is 3 dogs, 11 days.


A quiet Saturday

Carolyn here, as everyone else is asleep. It's been a lovely Saturday, with Shelby and Maddox finally getting to play again. He still has a couple of little stitches but there just was no keeping him contained anymore. So, with supervision of course, I let him and Shelby reunite.

What fun it was! I just laughed as the two raced around and around in the backyard, then after they'd calmed some, I let them in here to wrestle. I put Scotty up in Maddox's crate because he kept pawing at them, whining. He didn't like being ignored!

I have a question. How can I make this blog pretty? It is so plain and boring! Maddox doesn't care but Shelby thinks it could look better. Is there a place on blogspot to learn how to make things pretty?

And--I can't figure out why those pictures of Maddox and Claire look so darn--goofy. I can't figure out why they are so distorted. Any thoughts would be great.

I guess that is it for now. I am about to push Shelby over, grab a blanket, and take a short little nap. *yawn* Supervising pups at play is so tiring!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Shelby Hijacking!

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I've hijacked this blog away because Maddox is at the Dogital getting his microchip. And something else, kinda like what I got a couple of weeks ago except the boy version. Scotty tried to tell me about it, but I don't care really. I just want him to come back. I'm BORED and Mom Person has a cold and didn't feel like taking me for a walk tonight.

First, I want to show off my tail. My mom loves it, says I am the most beautiful girl Husky she's ever had. (Aren't I the only one she's had?) She loves my tail to pieces and this is why. I guess it is pretty enough. It goes from dark to light.

I want Maddox to come home. I kinda miss the little squirt. Maddox is right. Those Springers don't know how to play. I tried so hard to get them to and they just looked at me. Claire kinda did a funny thing with her mouth, even though I play-bowed at her. Hmph.

And Scotty, oh wow, does he act like an old man or what? I know he is, but Mom says when he was younger, he would've played with me. Now his teeth are not so good anymore, and I am to be sweet to him. I really like him, and rub under his neck like a cat would. He just isn't sure about that but I think he likes it. I know he likes me better than he does Maddox!!!

One last thing, Mom says I am 'very talkative' tonight. I guess I am sorta. She thought I was so funny and she was so happy that I have stopped being toy aggressive (whatever that means) that she took this film of me wooing.

She is right, btw. I do like to be filmed. Because I am PRETTY!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Decisions Decisions and How to be a Good Breeder

C writing tonight, as Maddox is too busy playing with Shelby. Shelby says it isn't fair that this is MADDOX'S blog, and why can't it be Shelby, Maddox and the Springers? Or better yet, Shelby and Maddox and the couch potatoes. Hmmm...

Well, tomorrow I take Sir Puppy in for You Know What. I have debated and debated when to do this. I hear so many different thoughts on getting the Big N done. Some say now, some say should've already, some say do it later... Maddox is just about 5 months old, and he is getting it done tomorrow, and is getting his microchip. Done is done, and I am done with it. If he grows a bit taller, then so be it. He is healthy as a horse, and he is strong and I think pretty hefty already for his baby age.

Is this a bad thing to do now? A good thing? It is a necessary thing--that is without doubt. The world doesn't need any more pet-quality pups, which Maddox is and I knew he was when I bought him from his breeder. Recently, someone new posted on a list I'm on (hmmm one of two) and though I am sure she is a nice person etc., she has bred her two sibes and has puppies and, well...I could literally hear teeth gnashing on that list when she asked how to be a good breeder.

How to be a good breeder? Get your dogs fixed unless they truly, truly have lines of high value to the breed.

I love my two kids--Shelby, my puppy-mill girl (and I was able to trace her back to her foundling day, Miss Petland is She) and Maddox, my nicely-bred pup, though not nicely enough bred to warrant his genes being carried onward. Of course not. But their genes do not need to carry on. A friend asked if I was going to breed them just because oh neither were fixed and I nearly dropped the f'bomb. Okay Okay I did drop it. Mentally, anyway. Maybe that attitude is what pushes me to go ahead and do the Big N with Maddox now.

Ahhhh I learned the term Hairy Eyeballs today. I just broke up a too vigorous 'fight' with the Sibes. A sharp "stop" didn't help--but smacking my hands together sure got their attention. I made them sit down and SIT and look at me, then sent them to their corners so to speak.

Everything is calm now. I am learning just how important it is to Be Boss and Be Obeyed.

If I could just get everyone 100% housebroken, I'd be happy 100%. Sigh...


Thursday, September 27, 2007

A new kind of peace - a long post, but am just thinking

Maddox's mum here. I decided to write the post tonight first to thank everyone for helping me so much first with Maddox, and then with Shelby. Saturday it will be two weeks since she started living with us. It has has its ups and downs and violent moments (mostly thanks to pesky puppy boy. Any impressions of his toughness are appreciated.) Here's a video from tonight's play session in the kitchen. Okay, it is below. Dang it.

After awhile, I separated them. Shelby still has the stitches and I don't want those ripped out on accident. She's done great with those, has been leaving them alone completely. The incision looks nicely healed, and I am sure she will get a clean bill of health on Saturday. I swear she is already putting on weight.

Maddox gets neutered Tuesday. I had debated about when, not if, to do this, and have decided that now is the time. I know there is a lot of discussion on when it is the right time to do this, so any thoughts on the matter are appreciated. Everyone has a different opinion, I know. I posted a note to Sibernet-L too about the matter though of course it is ultimately my decision as to when.

Been reading an awful lot about nutrition, and feeding dogs, coming up with what works best for my pack. I've developed a ritual for breakfast and lunch. Really for the whole day.

Who needs an alarm clock with a pup like Maddox? While Claire sleeps next to me most of the night, Maddox and Scotty sleep on the floor. Around 5:45 a.m., I am awoken by a puppy with a full bladder and lots of licks and kisses and snuggles. It is an amazingly sweet time, pleases me enormously how loving he is. And, how regular he is with this part of our ritual. I get up, toss the three outside, leave the door open a bit, then crawl into bed until 6:30. Get up and go get Shelby, toss HER out just with Maddox, then go back to bed. No... just kidding. I usually start to struggle awake. While the two wild ones are outside, I get breakfast ready for the dogs, put Shelby's upstairs, and then shower, THEN let the others inside. When we leave, Maddox and Shelby go to their crates with their food, and the two Springers to the back room.

In the evenings, the ritual is pretty much the same. Everyone outside, I take Shelby's food upstairs, let everyone in, Shelby goes upstairs to her crate, then I feed the other three. I have not tested the waters re: food aggression, and don't intend to anytime soon. I prefer feeding her and Maddox in their crates--Scotty is a food stealer, always thinks he is starving, so this makes sure the Sibes get what they need.

I started adding hot water to the dry food and it seems to be a real hit. Canidae itself is a HUGE hit. I shake my head that Shelby just didn't like the barking at the moon. I may try her again on it, adding some of it, but the canned Innova Evo is adored. Scotty especially seems to like that even though he only gets a spoonful. I think he likes the softer meal because of his teeth. I had absolutely no problem switching everyone to the Canidae. No tummy problems, no diarrhea, nothing. It went flawlessly. But now I have this very expensive Barking at the Moon sitting in my kitchen.

I swear that Shelby is already gaining.

So, there's been some adjustment that had to be made by adding the fourth dog, but it hasn't been that bad at all. Moving her crate upstairs and keeping her separate at night from the others keeps the peace. The only other problem I've had with her was with the toy I gave her. She went ballistic when Maddox tried to play with it, and I took the toy away. No other toy seems to be a problem, maybe because the others have the scent of everyone on them. I don't know. But out of sight out of mind seems to work in this case. Too bad as it is a very cool toy.

Tonight I sat in the kitchen with the dogs and just watched them. It really is fascinating to observe how they move around each other, interact, and interact with me. I admit I still do not trust Shelby 100% like I do the others, so I got up on the counter to watch. I know that we are still in the process of establishing ranks in the house.

Scotty, the goof, is pretty obviously bottom of the totem pole in the house. He is still quite fascinated with Shelby. She seems to like him just fine, and they get along well. He is not an aggressive boy though he does try to dominate--to no avail. He is always the outsider with Claire and Maddox when they play, but Shelby seems quite interested with playing directly with him. He just doesn't seem to know how to handle that! Maddox always dives in and breaks up the fun. Silly puppy.

All problems between Claire and Shelby do seem to be pretty well resolved. No one seems to be messing with Claire. She sits off to the side, regal and aloof. There has not been any snarling from Shelby now that she feels better. I've been doing some things different with the dogs all around, like how I treat them when they are around me, the noises I make, even the way I pet them, and when. I no longer give any treats--at least not now--of the food kind. It all seems to be coming together, at least for now. As Maddox grows and Shelby gets stronger, I know things will change, and Maddox is giving some interesting signs already of wanting to be dominate over Shelby. He is a very strong little fellow (but my baby).

Anyway, here's the video from the kitchen. I tried to put it up THERE (points up) but don't seem to know how. LOL.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maddox and the Springers...Still...

Mom Person says she thinks Shelby likes being up with the boy all the time, and she thinks we'll still be Maddox and the Springers.

Maybe once Shelby is allowed to play with me, it will be different, but I don't know. She likes to lay around alot, and on the Boy. Guess I'll just keep yanking Claire's ears.

MP says I'm 'a little beast' tonight and I need to be tossed outside to run and I am being too hard on Claire tonight and I need to calm down and why was I such a quiet puppy last night and tonight my name should be MadMan not MadDox?


Monday, September 24, 2007

Vehicle Tag!

Holly Bolly the Malamute Extraordinaire tagged me and Shelby Woo too to play Vehicle Tag. We thought about it lots and we came up with this!

First of course is me. Mom says I am, without doubt a Karmann Ghia. She had one years ago, Cherry Red like this, and she said just like me it was sporty, silly, fun, and made lotsa noise.

Shelby says this one was EASY! She IS a Shelby!!! SEE??? It even has her name on it! And she likes the color cuz it is a dark version of her one blue eye. It is tough and growly! Although she is turning out to be really sweet, the Boy says, now that she is eating and feeling better. Her snarky growls are turning into happy growls. Makes us ALL happy.

And of course, there are the Springers. Old, Reliable, packs a lot of weight...what else can you say about Volvos and Springers? Alot alike. *nods* Don't you think?

Oh, and.... Out with the old:

And in with the new!

The pretty blue bag is for Shelby. Why does she get the pretty stuff? Hmph.

Maddox, waving to his new friend Ivy!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mom Person is HAPPY!!!

Yay, Shelby Woo ate today! Mom Person got LOTS of great advice from everyone on Sibernet-L and Husky-4-Life about Shelby and how she was starving herself to death. So, since nothing else worked, this morning Mom Person went to the store and got some Cheap Chicken and cooked it for Shelby. In the meantime, she made her breakfast--and me too but hmmm, I didn't get the exact same thing, not fair. But Mom says I am 'just the right weight' and I don't need to gain extra.

Anyway, this morning, Shelby got eggs, cheese and dog food moistened with hot water. She ate about half of it. Mom celebrated!!!!

Tonight Mom made her the chicken with the chicken broth heated up and poured over her food, and added chicken. I got my puppy food with the hot water over it and so did Scotty and Claire (they didn't get puppy food, they got their food)...and then of course it was cooled off, and we gobbled it up! SO DID SHELBY! Mom was SO HAPPY!!! She danced around like a crazy person and made me BARK!!!! Tomorrow, she's going to get us Canidae. She says she is very excited that we will all eat the same thing. I am too. Does that mean I get chicken broth on my food, like Shelby does?

Everything has been going a bit better. Mom read a really cool thing called No Free Lunch (silly title huh) and some thing about the Joy Method and she is using it on us. She says it is really helping the girls with their snarky attitudes. Of course, we boys are just fine with everyone. Girls are so silly. She is making us WORK to get ANYTHING. I had to sit to get my food sit to go out sit to go on a walk, sigh, but she didn't make me sit to come in. She is very proud of me. I use the bells on the back door ALL the time now. She grumbles, something about Slave to the Dog but it works great.

Now to teach Shelby. Turns out she is not housebroken!!! I AM!!! Well, almost.

The Boy was just here! With Shelby! They came downstairs and cuddled with us! Aren't we ADORABLE together????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (Mom says 'ignore that clean laundry there on the bed please.)

That's the Boy's hand. He learned something today--do not blow in a dog's ear. It makes her snap. He nearly lost his nose, but mom showed him where it says on the internet that that is like a 'knee jerk reflex' and he is not to do that again.

And last, because I am the most adorable puppy in the world, here is MEEEE being CUTE!!!!! I love my bucket of water!

Oh and Juneau is my friend, yes he is he is, HI JUNEAU!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

And Shelby Makes Four

Well, it is for real now, Mom Person has told the Adopt a Husky Person Cecily (she thought I was cute) that we want Shelby to stay with us.

Well, that is all well and good, but I think Mom Person is kafoozeled. I mean, Shelby is pretty and all, but she is so grumpy! She left us for two whole days, and came back tonight, and won't play with me! And worse, Mom Person told me that we couldn't play for a whole week!


Mom Person said that Shelby has an ouchie on her tummy that will keep her from having puppies ever, and she is grumpy because it hurts, and she is still a little sick from something called animalesia. Hmmm. Mom Person says I am lucky because I have boy bits and those are Much Easier to do something about than Shelby's innards.

Well, okay, but why won't she play with me?????

The vet person said it would be a WEEK before she can be out of the crate much and it is MY FAULT. Because I might get Too Rough and Hurt Shelby and Stretch her Stitches or Something.
I am sad.

So, I guess I am stuck being with the Springers. Mom Person said I was Wound Up and Crazy Bad tonight. Hey, it isn't MY fault she left her red leather shoe out so I could find it...

Maddox, pouting

Monday, September 17, 2007

Shelby Woos

Mom Person started laughing at my subject line. Says she thinks Shelby Woo is a kid detective of some sort. But this is for real--Shelby DID woo this morning! Mom Person was so surprised! Oh, and she says, sigh, if you notice the doorway and the door to her room, is scarred? Scotty did that when he was trapped on the wrong side of the door from Claire. Mom Person was Very Very Unhappy about that.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Quiet Day -- Day Two with Yala

Well, today has been kinda different. It's been a quiet day, really, around here. Everything is pretty peaceful with everyone as long as Yala doesn't get on Mom's bed. Claire doesn't like that AT ALL. Right now I can't imagine Claire and Yala EVER playing. That worries Mom, too. Claire gets mad when Mom pets Yala. Pushes herself between and growls. Yala sometimes growls back. Yala COMPLETELY ignores Scotty. It is as if he doesn't exist!

Most of the day, Yala decided she didn't want to be with me. Pout. Mom says it is because she has been through alot, and is very tired. She's also underweight and still isn't eating much. Mom says she is worried about that and is wanting to ask for advice as Yala is just not that interested in eating. Mom gave her one of the treats that I got in my third place win and she only wanted one, and really didn't care that much about it. Maybe because it was green? Mom is willing to put Yala on a special food all for her--she says why not, everyone else is on their own food. What is one more?

What did Yala do all day? Well, twice she caused some excitement. Mom had her downstairs, and was doing stuff. She walked out to the car a second and came back in and was going to close the big door but then... well... Mom got to do some early-morning jogging she hadn't expected to do. Mom hates the glass front door now.

The second time, Mom turned around later and uh oh, once again, No Yala!!! Mom freaked out, because of that early morning jog. Mom called for her and a voice called down from the Loft. "She's up here asleep on my couch."

Yup, she'd gone upstairs, jumped on the couch, curled up and was fast asleep. She stayed there for HOURS and HOURS!!! ALMOST ALL DAY LONG!!!! The boy says he likes her!!! What is up with that? She would come downstairs to go Outside, but then, upstairs she went! She hardly paid any attention to me except once when she played with me for awhile outside, but then back upstairs she went!!! Boo woo! AND SHE JUST DID IT AGAIN!! The Boy came down just now for some homework, she came with him, he went upstairs and SHE WENT RIGHT BACK WITH HIM!!!!!

And, he changed her named to Shelby. Chose it from his girl friends' names on his cell phone. What is up with that? What kind of name is SHELBY? Mom says he had a Shelby when he was a little kid--a HAMSTER. Sigh. Mom says since he wants to call her Shelby we should let him call her Shelby. Since she is here On Trial for a couple of weeks, to see if she fits and we like her, that is a Positive Step for her.

I am worried that Shelby just thinks I am a pain. I want someone to play Siberian Rough with, like I do with Steve. But Mom says we have to be patient and give Shelby time to Adjust. She is soo very very beautiful, and very sweet (except to Claire). Mom says if there can be peace between the girls it will all be okay. Shelby and I did have fun doing the zoomies outside. Mom loved seeing that, and thinks Shelby will warm up in time. I hope so because we look beautiful together.

Shelby goes this week to be Fixed (whatever that is) and will have to be quiet for awhile after that, but right now it seems I am just going to keep playing with Claire. Claire loves me and played with me outside. Mom filled a big bucket with water for us (and for the birds apparently). Mom says she will share the video as soon as she gets it off the other email thingy.

Thank you to everyone new who has said hi! I will get Mom to add you asap!!!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

What a hot exhausting crazy day

Mom Person is very very tired, and has a headache, and is watching House, so she told me I could go ahead and make the post and tell everyone about Yala, and the Bow Wow Pow Wow, which did NOT have an Ow, because she said, "It is so hot and miserable, Maddox, we will wait to do the Ow until later."

I still don't know what the Ow was! But she said it is something good and important so I guess I'll get it later.

Anyway, it took ForEver to get to The Colony. A whole hour! Mom Person talked to Nick the whole way, so I took a nap. We finally got there and by the time we did it was so hot!!! 92 degrees outside, yucky.

Mom Person parked the car and we walked over to where all the fun stuff was going on. So many dogs! First ones we looked for of course were Steve and Kat and WHEW they were already there. It was great to see Steve, but Kat was kinda gripey. I think she wasn't too happy about being hot. Sniff.

I still think she is beautiful though.

So... Kat's mom Valerie told us she and Kat had signed up for the kissing contest. Now, that sounded like something I could do! So MP and I went and signed up. Then, we went over to the Adopt a Husky booth. Mom was feeling kinda nervous and not sure about this. All those Huskies looked so BIG!!! But I was happy to see everyone.

There was one Mom Person really really liked. Her name was Anna, and she was being adopted! Her new Mom Person was driving up from San Antonio. She was very very nice. And big. And Fluffy. VERY Fluffy.

We then met all the other huskies who were looking for homes. Vasha and Jordan--Mom had really seriously considered them both. But...well, neither really seemed to like me much. Sniff. It might've been the heat but... Well.

Then, there was this girl husky there. Her name's Yala, and she is a bewootiful red and white. Like me, she has bi-colored eyes, blue and AMBER!!! She has a pretty nose, and is very very nice. Mom Person and she and I and Vasha and Jordan all went to the play area, where of course I played with different dogs than the ones I was supposed to.

Now, the bad thing about this makeshift dog park was that there were both little and big dogs in there. Well, see, Yala sorta went after a little one that zoomed past her. It wasn't HER fault, it was the zooming dog fault. And then Vasha scared a little dog, and well... We all ended up back on our leashes. That actually as a good thing, as Mom Person then saw that it was Yala who she really wanted to get to know better. Yes, Yala had been quite interested in that little puppy, but heck Scotty is the same way. Other than that, she really showed she got along with all the dogs there.

Mom Person told me just now that this is a House MARATHON! OH good, that means I get to sleep under the coffee table a bit longer.

ANYWAY. So, we went back to Steve and Kat as the kissing contest was about to start. We were number 44. Kat and her Mom Person were competing, and Steve and his Dad Person took pictures. Kat didn't wanna kiss. Remember I said she was kinda gripey. She really wanted to just stay in the water and cool off I think. When it was my turn, I kissed Mom Person enough to get a few Awws. YAY! It was kinda scary up there on the stage though. I think it would've been better if we'd been able to do it on the ground.

OH there was a Malumute there!!!! He woudn't kiss his Dad Person but the emcee made a bad joke along the line of "We can tell by that tongue he's gotta be a good kisser."

So, guess what! In the end... I WON THIRD PLACE! YES I DID!!!!!!!! I got beat out by this one I don't know what it was, but sigh, he really did love kissing his little girl.

I took my winnings back to the Adopt a Husky tent, and Anna snitched one of my stick treats. It was funny. Mom Person gave Steve one later.

Mom Person asked me then if I would like Yala to come live with us. I said I guess I did. We were so hot and tired that we really didn't do anything much together, but Mom Person said she thought we were so calm together that it was as if we'd been together awhile.

Yala came home with us! She's coming for a Trial Run to see How It Goes. I'll tell you how THAT went after the pictures. I know this is a very long post but this is fun.

First, a picture of beautiful me being a very good boy in the car on the way back. Aren't I adorable? I know I am. And I am a good kisser, too.

OH Steve and Kat, we overheard your Mom Person saying Sonic Ice Cream so we got some too! The girl who served us watched us eat it. It was funny. Mom just hopes it won't upset my tummy tonight. Thank you for that idea!

And here she is, on our kitchen floor!

Aren't her eyes pretty? This is her in the car. She rode GREAT in there. It was so hot in there at first though that we had the a/c going full blast and we all just sat there, feeling horrible. Sonic helped lots and then the car was finally cool. Mom Person grumbled at her black interior, again. She does that alot.

This picture makes us sad. You can see how skinny Yala is. She needs to eat! But look how pretty her fur is. We really love the color of her fur.

And this is after she played with me, and was all tired.

Well, Mom Person THOUGHT she took a great video of us playing, but sigh--it isn't there. I am sure we will show in another post, probably tomorrow.

Mom Person says what is amazing was how the Springers accepted her. Or rather, she pretty much ignored them! Right now she is resting in her crate, which she really really likes. In fact, she likes it so much she growled at all of us when we tried to bother in there, so Mom Person shut her door. Everything else went great, though Mom Person was kinda freaked at how NOISY we were when we played, especially with Scotty freaking out because Yala wouldn't play with him!!!!

And now, we are all very tired, and are going to finish watching House, and go outside one more time. I kinda got in trouble. I, uh, just peed on the carpet. Mom groaned, BIG. I didn't mean to, I just...forgot to go ring the doorbells.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Search Has Begun

Mom Person told me today that the search has begun.

"What search?" I asked her, suitably confused.

When she answered, I was amazed, and a little dazed.

"The search for a new friend for you."

A new friend. A new friend! Yes, it is true, Mom Person and the Boy have decided that the Springers really aren't all that good at pretending to be Siberian Huskies, so that means that soon, very soon maybe, a REAL pup just like me will come and live with us!!!

She warned me it might take awhile, that we must wait for The Perfect Fit (whatever that means), but that we will start visiting pups this very weekend. I am so excited! And nervous, too. I'm pretty spoiled now and hope that whoever this new pup is, she doesn't Take My Life Over.

Then again, if she plays with me all the time, then I might not mind. And yes, Mom Person says she wants a girl for some reason. I guess that would be okay, but then she told me it is really up to me. We will know when the right Siberian Husky--girl or boy--finds us.

So, stay tuned as The Search Continues!!! Mom Person says she will post Saturday after we get back from where we're going, someplace called The Colony 2nd Annual Bow Wow Pow Wow Ow. Steve and Kat will be there!


PS. Here are some pics MP took last night. She says I was "being way too curious" in the first one but I like to watch the fish, so I put my paws on my crate so I could get closer.

And here, of course, is me tearing up Tissue #247! (I don't know why she keeps track, but she does)

And last, she loves this one because she says she can tell my ears are growing again, and she can "see shades of the handsome boy you will someday become." I think I am handsome NOW!!!

But I can see what she means. Can't You?

WAIT!!! What is that other one down there??????

MOOOMMMM!!! You're EMBARRASSING MEEE!!!!!! Take this one OFF!!!!!!!

*blushes* Can't a tired pup relax in peace without the pupparazzi snapping every second?????

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Me and the Springers, Um Playing. Sorta.

Mom Person took this video tonight to show everyone why she is thinking I need someone to play with. She says, "Scotty is actually pretty frisky in this video." She and the Boy Person talked tonight some more about finding me a friend. It can't be just anypup, she has to meet 'Cer-Tain Cri-Teria." I am not sure what that means. It sounds like a place to eat, which is pretty silly.

I didn't get to go on a walk tonight but we played in the backyard a long time, so that was nice. Mom Person is gonna 'make it pretty' back there, but she and the Boy have different ideas of what to do. I for one want a Big Giant Playpool! Doesn't that sound great?

I want to make more friends here. I have four so far! Kat, Steve, Royale and Schlappi, who lives Far Far Away in Germany. Kat and Steve are the best and I can't wait to see them again this weekend when we go to some bow wow ow thing. I think the 'ow' part is because I am supposed to get something called a MicroChip. I have to get it NOW because two weeks ago when we found that sick Siberian Husky girl, she had a MicroChip but her people didn't ever register her. She's in a better place now though, with six Husky brothers and sisters. I am glad she got a new forever home.

Anyway, let's see if I can help get this video thing figured out. It looks so complicated! Wish us luck!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

I am a very bad boy

I am so sorry I haven't posted in so long. My paws were growing so fast I was too clumsy to type and Mom Person had no time, she said, because she was too busy dealing with me.

Last night we went to the dog park for the first time. I got to meet Steve and Kat, who were really fun. Steve was nice to me and Kat rolled me lots but she didn't scare me. She is so beautiful, woo! Mom Person laughed at me running all over and took a video which she is trying to figure out how to upload. She's not too sharp in that regard but I know she will get it.

Here are some pics of me last night at Fort Woof. That is Kat, and me in the water. It was weird to be allowed in water because Mom Person ALWAYS gets growly when I try to get all in my water bowl. She says she will never have dry tile again in the kitchen. I don't see a problem with that, do you?

That is me, watching Steven and Kat in the water as someone else's Mom Person fills up the pool. The other dog, I don't know his name. You can see through the fence to the small dog and puppy side. I should be over there, but I have so much energy I scared some of the little ones so when Steve and Kat arrived, I went to the big dog area. Much much better!

Mom Person calls this picture BLUR. I zoomed LOTS!! It was so much fun once I figured out it was okay to run and run and run!!

And this is me last night. I was sooo tired, I'd played and run so hard! Happy sigh. Mom Person calls this picture Maddox LongLegs because it shows how long my legs are now. I am still not Big though, like the other dogs out there. There was one dog I really liked named Shiner, an all white Greyhound with a patch over his eye. Think that is how he got his name. He was lotsa fun and I hope he is back. There was also a beautiful green-eyed dog mom says is a Weimersomething. I can't remember, but she is in the video mom will try and upload next.

Mom made me pose to show how tired I still was. She said, "What a nice, quiet evening for a change!" Wonder what she meant by that?

That's all for now. Mom Person says now that she has this new camera phone, she'll take more pictures. I wonder if I can go back to Fort Woof soon? I miss it already!


Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Very Busy Day!!!


This is my new penpal! Or is that pawpal? Schlappi is his name and isn't he handsome? He lives Far Far FAR away, in someplace called--oh that Someplace called Germany. He is sooo handsome! He looks lots like my daddy except black! Maybe he is Husky too!!!?????

He's got a floppy ear. I had floppy ears when I was a baby but now that I am a big boy of 7 whole weeks and 8 lbs. (Mommy guesses) I have standy-uppy ears. I wish I could play with Schlappi. Sigh. Maybe he could come visit when Nick comes? Could he? COULD HE?

PLEEEAAAASSEEEE???? I'd let him sleep in my crate!!!

Schlappi looks like he could climb mountains. I think he has to have some Husky in him because EVERYONE knows Huskies like to climb things. I do, but Mommy won't let me. Pout.

Mommy Person thought this was funny. I fell asleep on a hand weight. I was TIRED! Exercise is hard work, you know.

I don't know why Mommy uploaded this one, she says she didn't mean to but might as well leave it. This is looking out of her office. Whatever an office means. It is raining raining raining raining.

Well, I survived a WHOLE WEEK with my new persons! It's been alot of fun! I don't even know where to start. I guess today, where I met the new Girl Person.

I went with my Boy and his Mommy to a place called The Airport. I am not sure what that means except it was lots of fun to stand on my Boy's knees and zoom down the big long road.

When we got there, my Boy handed me to his Mommy and we went inside this building where this giant silver thing went round and round. All these people wanted to TOUCH me! What was up with that? My Boy's Mommy explained over and over to them what I was. I was told I was beautiful and what a great watch dog I would be but EVERYONE knows that Huskies are not watchdogs, we love everyone! I licked lots of faces.

This is the Girl Person! (She liked me, but I know she really doesn't like dogs much. She likes PEOPLE. She is no fun. But at least this way she won't Take Me Away from my Boy. I was soooo tired and scared!!!!

I was sooo tired that I fell asleep right against the Girl Person's very soft and warm chest. Mommy took the picture while she was driving. She did not crash. Whew.


There are a lot of People in the house right now, the Girl's friends. Mommy was getting annoyed with how they were passing me around when I wanted down and so she took me away. Whew, I am glad.

I found a brush waaayyy under her bed and now I am attacking it. Mommy is just shaking her head and letting me. It feels good on my gums. She says she is going to get me a Nylobone tomorrow to chew on but right now this brush handle is alot like those and so I am chomping away.

Tonight, Mommy took me out front and there were BIG BOOM THINGS going off in the sky! Fireworks, she said, and I was scared. I was kinda pretty though.

I guess that is it, yawn, Mommy wants to go to bed and get some Good Sleep. I can't go in my crate though for awhile because of those people in there so Mommy is sighing and is going to let me stay in here. Those people are NOISY!!!!! (I heard Mommy say "Oh, how sad am I that this peaceful week is over!")

I will write more later!