Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shelby Woo Investigations

Shelby Woo here. Hmm. I can't figure out why it is all in underline.

EDIT: The brilliant Tucker helped me figure out why there was underline--now it is gone!! Thank you Tucker! Oh and your H.A. too!

Anyway...tonight I had an adventure! Everything in the backyard was peaceful and quiet, when I heard a strange sound in the back corner.

Now, Mom Person doesn't like me in the back corner. As you can see, she spoiled all my digging fun by putting a big trunk and a big evil stone and a piece of a crate so I couldn't dig anymore.

But tonight...I didn't care!

I ran lickety split for the back corner, to see if I really heard that strange noise.

I sat for the longest time and waited and waited...I was sure my pointy little ears didn't deceive me. SOMETHING WAS THERE!!!

After changing positions again and again, Maddox came over to see what was going on. And look, the underline is gone. Woo!


And then....before I could properly examine it in order to determine what manner of creature it was (it was slimy, tasted funny in my mouth, and was quite ugly--that is all I could figure out in just under a minute) *WOOWHINE* Mom Person came and spoiled our fun, and threw it over the fence!


Maybe tomorrow it will come back, and we (me and my sidekick, Sir Maddox) can reinvestigate the matter. Shelby Woo will never give up trying to figure out what that thing was!!!


HEY SHELBY! *woo'd Maddox*

*bumps her out of the way*

Hey, this IS my blogspot you know....

Mom Person says yes it is my turn. Look what she took pictures of--my top-secret hidey-hole!!! Now, someone will come steal my treasures. I am quite disturbed by her revelations. Sigh, but what is anypup gonna do, right?

Anyway, I guess I have no choice but to show you all the way cool stuff I've collected. Shelby says it is a waste of time, as Mom Person will just throw it all away, but it is fun to gather my secret treasures and put them in my hidey-hole.

Now, though, if anything goes missing.... I know it will have to be someone HERE! Grrrr!

Another picture of me with my stuff:

See that green thing behind me? I wish Mom Person would buy more flowers as they give you that great gift with them every time--cool plastic thingies that are so much fun! I have flattened that one. I need another one, Mom! *whine*

I like to put my butt in the hole. Mom says I am silly, but says she is grateful the hole isn't bigger.

Just wait, Mom.....

Those stuffies are some of the ones Shelby Woo used to fight everyone over. Pretty silly, huh. They look nothing like babies!! She is over that now though. Almost. She won't let Claire near any of them but what Shelby doesn't realize is Claire DOES NOT CARE!! She doesn't like stuffies!

Sometimes I try to pick two up at once. I guess I need a bigger mouth (like Shelby's!)

And last, Mom Person took this tonight--compare it to the picture of Shelby a post down and you can really see how much she has gotten FATTER. *snort snort wooo* Mom Person says to Hush, that Shelby is beewootiful now and we should be grateful she was saved by from the Shelter she was in cuz they might've done The Unmentionable to her! (I am glad they didn't get the chance and so is Mom Person!)

And that is all, folks! I had a great morning with Mom Person. She took me to Pets West to get my Canidae (but I ate too many treats there and urped in the car later, oops) and then to Pet Smart where I showed SOOO many of those dogs exactly how a pup should walk properly on a leash. Hmph. Morons!!!! Of course, Shelby won't do it right either...that is why *I* am the one who gets to go everywhere with Mom Person.

Happy Woos to everyone!!!!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We're Back--Sort of

Carolyn writing in tonight as the two kids are outside zooming in the crisp air. It has been quite a couple of weeks. While we've been able to keep up on Sibernet-L and Husky-4-Life, there hasn't been much time because of my son's driver's ed obligations every single night and work demands to stay up to date everywhere.

Have also had my hands full with changes in the house--a few posts ago I naively wrote how "Shelby doesn't seem to want to challenge Claire for top dog..."

Well, HA! So much for THAT statement.

There is now a new Queen in my house, and her name is Shelby Woo.

A special thanks go out to Holly's mom Jan for helping me figure out what to do with the situation and how to handle it all--I got a lot of conflicting advice, but knowing how wonderwooful Hollybollybananaboo is, now, I felt good about her and her Mumsy helping me out. Things are a settling down somewhat...but Claire definitely is dethroned, and is very sad about it. Me too. Breaks my heart, but I am doing as Holly advises and letting Shelby be what she has become...but not letting her hurt Claire again (she initially attacked Claire--fortunately I as there and stopped it. Handy ice water again).

So, it has been a tough few days. We will survive though and come out on the other side. Shelby Woo continues to fatten up and sleeken up and she is so good with Maddox and Scotty and all humans... She just is still intent on keeping Claire down where she's got her. She's not been vicious to her again, but I see The Eye rear up on occasion. Claire is playing it down, keeping out of Shelby's way, head down, tail wagging... *cries* My baby girl, what did I do to you???

But CLAIRE is the one who sleeps with Mom. And always will. Shelby's bed is upstairs with my son.

In other fantastic news--MADDOX IS HOUSE BROKEN AT LAST! A full 7 days without an accident! I am so freakin' RELIEVED!!!!!

And in other news--there is a gorgeous little bi-eyed husky mix on's 'other location' page.... she is such a cutie and thankfully is in a foster home now, but if I wasn't at full capacity here... It is all I can do not to say I am coming to get her. But she has some fear issues, is uber submissive (submissive wetting issues) and is under quarantine sorta to make sure she is healthy before she gets spayed. But oh... she is adorable, just adorable.... No no I cannot afford five dogs! I CAN"T!!!! :) And, no more girls.

What else--that is all. No new pictures, I am afraid, though Mr. Maddox is growing like crazy. He'll be six months on the 17th and I can hardly believe it. I love him so freakin' much-- I can't wait to be done with driver's ed so we can have our evenings together back, and I can get him into obedience at last.


Carolyn (and the kids who surely must be done with their zooming by now?)