Thursday, January 10, 2008

Both a good and a bad week.

EDITED TO ADD: Here I have just been all whiney about family troubles, when something far more important has been going on. Little Durango, the newest member to the Bratt Pack, has Parvo. Not only is he fighting for his life, but his new family is in danger too, and has had to lose all their toys and bedding, etc., just in case. I agree with Khyra that it is Not Fair. So everyone, pull on the power of the SiberWorld to wish this little fellow well. Another Sibe special to many but whom I don't know (yet) is Rudi, or RudiRudiRudi as Khyra khalls him. He has evil lumpy things in his liver, and his family is waiting to see what happens next. RudiRudiRudi and Durango, get well!

Now back to the previously posted post:

We have to thank Holly and Prince and Summer for nominating us for the You Make My Day award!!!!

Y'all make us feel special, and loved! Thank woo thank woo!!!! You made OUR day TODAY!!! Mom needed it. She wants to write next so we're turning over the compawtur to her now. M&S

Hi Everyone, T\this has been a rough week, and yet an amazing one, too. First the good--Flurry! Thunder! It is awesome that both these Siberians have found their forever homes thanks to Sibernet-L. I really like Flurry's mom Carol alot. She has a huge heart, and has opened it to include that poor hurting little baby girl. I can't believe what a difference Flurry's life has been compared to Maddox's, though they are about the same age. Maddox has not and never ever will know the sadness that Flurry has, and yet... The newest pictures of Flurry show a spark returning already, a perkiness of the ears of Hope itself. She is pretty furless but what fur she has promises to be really rich and gorgeous. It will be great to follow her progress. Flurry's the reason why I at last got on the ball and got those Dogster pages done. Yay! Please friend us or paw pal us or whatever if you have the chance.


Then there is THUNDER!!!!!! Formally Guapo, he will soon be winging his way via Thelma and Louise (tee hee) to his new home. I think Thunder is one of those lucky lost pups--he doesn't look like he's in bad shape at all. In fact, he is beautiful and looks like he's known love. That is a great thing and I imagine and hope that his entry into Stormy's and the Pompoms' lives will be smooth and easy.

The bad week comes from a decision of one of my SIL's to tell the other SIL that I said things about 2nd SIL's husband, who is in Iraq, that I did not. I am very, very upset and disappointed, as it looks like actions of #2 has ruined my relationship with the others. A long history of problems with this family--when my husband was sick with his heart problems, well, the siblings and spouse of the one did not know about it until after he died. It was his choice due to their pettiness and I think he might've had the right idea. Still, I'd hoped... Foolish me.

Wonderful folks like Shelli and Jan, so willing to hop into the car and drive forever to deliver Thunder, and Carol for taking in Flurry, and all those amazing folks who have really stepped it up and tried to help, like Ed and others, are just amazing and go a long way to restore my faith in people. There ARE good folks and they happen to have dogs... Hmmm. Neither SIL has dogs. I'm telling you, there maybe something to that. Think?

In any case, I am still sad about it all, and angry for being maligned, but there is nothing for me to do but turn to good stuff. So tonight, I went SHOPPING!!!!!!!

Shelby came to us from, in Plano, and friends Steve and Kat put out the word that collars were desperately needed. I'd seen some inexpensive collars in Walmart the other day, so thought oh, I could get a few of those. Well, tonight I stopped in Walgreens, and WOW, found a whole bunch of pretty collars and leads for CHEAP! Only FIVE DOLLARS A SET!!! So I bought all the big ones and one littler one for a pretty girl sibe (the pink one). I know it will really make the pups looking for homes stand out with those new collars and matching leads. Just a small thing but it was easy, and I'm going to try and keep doing that every month.

Shelby, the silly, thought when I brought the Walgreens bag into my room and dumped it on the bed that I had bought new STUFFIES!!!! She was disappointed, until she realized what and who they were for.

Those sure are funny looking stuffies, Mom.

Later, just throwing this in to grin about how much better Claire and Shelby are getting along, I was sitting at the computer looking at the Dogster page for Beau. Just like Blue he is missing. Beau was stolen, Blue slipped out during a really sad day unnoticed until it was too late. Both Beau and Blue are gonna come home someday, they are just gonna. (It made me sigh to have Blue's website name known by heart). Anyway, there I was with Claire, all cozy, when up jumped Miss Shelby who THREW herself across my lap. The girls no longer fight, but they do wanna be the one closest to me. Silly girls, but life with those two vying to be #1 Girl is funny sometimes. (Of course they are BOTH #1 girls to me!)

Ha ha Claire, I am CLOSER to Mom than YOU ARE! HA!

I did notice that whenever I take a picture of Shelby, she looks at me with that single blue eye of hers as if to say, "Sigh, another picture? Don't you have enough?" But I especially adore the one below. Can you tell I am mad for this girl? She has turned, like Claire, into my Shadow. She, like Claire, thinks her place is RIGHT HERE if she is not playing with Maddox. Maddox is Everybody's Dog, whereas Miss Shelby Woo has planted her paws firmly on MY heart. She likes my son, sure, but she LOVES me. It is amazing and wonderful. I also put this as my pic on my cell phone. :)

Now to Mr. MadMaddox. He is getting HUGE!!! Holly's mommy predicts he is going to be BIG! He's already passed his daddy up by five lbs. maybe more, and is not quite 8 months. One more week! WOW! I will be taking him to be weighed for his heartworm preventative (a must here) and can't wait to see how much he weighs.

Gimme it! Gimme it NOW!

Holly, do you recognize it? Do you do you? That is the COOL BLUE BALL you gave me for Christmas! Thank WOO so much! MP (the silly) did NOT realize it was in with the treats, and gave it to me tonight! I love it! Thank woo thank you.... Do I have to share it???? `` Maddox