Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shelby Woo, Dawgtective!!!

Shelby Woo reporting once again from North Texas.

I have come across some further evidence in my quest to prove my suspicions. What are those? You don't remember?

Well, I will tell you.

I have reason to believe...that Maddox is not a Siberian Husky!

And this is why!

I present Exhibit A. Fetching.

Yes fellow Sibes, it is true. I have it right here, the proof that Maddox fetches toys! Everyhusky knows that Siberian Huskies do not fetch! I know it is hard to believe. But I am sad to say, well, that... It is too painful to say it. Just look for yourselves at the evidence. (And that is me yes chasing him, trying to tell him to stop acting like a labrador!!!! But he would not listen!)

For your viewing:

All right now. Now you have seen the evidence, an original, uncut, documented video of Maddox chasing a toy. What do YOU think? I say it is STRIKE ONE against Maddox Rogers, don't you?

And here I present to you the next video that firmly seals, at least in my mind, that Maddox is not a Siberian Husky. I mean, what Siberian Husky is jealous of a Springer? I mean, come on! I, Shelby Woo, know better. But here it is in brilliant color (if not a little shaky).

I present: Exhibit B Jealousy over brushing:

I know, like me, you are speechless. Sigh. I will continue to gather evidence against Maddox and his ability to keep his Husky Card. It is only a matter of time, I am afraid.

Until then....

Shelby Woo, Dawgtective


I woke up this morning, feeling both sad and happy at once. Sad that sweet Durango lost his battle with Parvo, and glad that Thunder found his forever home, and woke up this morning to his new life. The battle to save these dogs is one I never thought I'd care so much about, but there is something about this breed that makes me care, deeply. Maybe it is the people? After yesterday I realized just how many truly special people I've met through Sibernet-L, and the smaller list I bounce around on, Husky4Life. Both are very different lists but both have very caring people who just want to help.

It is frustrating to see how hard some try to make it work with their dogs, only to see someone just give up, say "I can't do this" because her dog 'refuses' to act essentially like a Labrador. I fear for that one's life, frankly. Instead of celebrating the Siberian Husky uniqueness, I see a person coming to hate it. I just hope that she follows through and finds this girl another home--but though she 'doesn't think the dog likes me' as she puts it, she is wrong. This dog is blessed with living in the wilderness practically, with true room to run. She has a warm safe bed every night, and regular food. Just because she doesn't sit there and thump her tail and smother her owner with kisses (okay like mine both do lol) doesn't mean she doesn't love her owner. But... that's not good enough. Not good enough. I guess we'll never know if she gets a new good home or not. Sigh. It sucks.

These dogs to me are a breeze, because just like with my kids, smile, I love them for who they are. Sure they are different, very, from my Springers--and I celebrate that!

By this time next year, I hope to be with a fostering program. I am so looking forward to that, even though my kids will screech. A little. Mostly cuz they'll be afraid I'll want to keep every dog that comes in here. But that is not the case. I have the backyard and the desire to help pups on their way to good lives, so I think I should. Even if I only save one, isn't that a wonderful thing? I think so.

Give me dog people any day, by golly. People who care about helpless creatures. People who aren't afraid to take a raw dog and work to make them happy. I am GLAD that Shelby challenged me, made me work to integrate her into this household--she's taught me a great, great deal about so many things. She's a success story, 100%. I couldn't have done it though without help from people like you guys, especially Peg from Husky4Life who helped me keep from happening in my house what happened with hers. I keep thanking her but dammit, I really do thank her! Her advice was just what I needed, for my situation.

I know that this is why I get so GROWLY at those refusing to give their dogs time, refuse to work with who they are. A week of 'trying' is NOT going to be enough time to turn things around. ARGH!! It took several months! And oddly, what kicked everything into final place was boarding Shelby, then retrieving her and bringing her back home--since then, HEAVEN! Geesh. Growl. Snarl. PFFT! (oh wait that is a kitty cat sound!)

Yesterday, Maddox and I took a nice walk in the park by my vet's office. I had him weighed and he only was only a half pound more than he was a month ago. I was surprised! He is taller and longer though--but just stayed the same weight. He'll be eight months on the 17th. Hard to believe!!!

When we were walking we saw this doggie watching us. Isn't he cute? He is lucky, his owners made him not one but two of these portholes so he could watch people walking by. We went up and talked to him. He is very sweet. He is either a Husky mix or a Very Big Husky or a Small malpal but he wasn't heavy enough for that. LOL. In any case he and Maddox had a nice talk and when I walked back by later, an older gentleman was talking to him. I have a feeling he is a favorite place to stop for the regulars. It was a nice park. The houses on one side, and on the other, a nice stretch of water with duckies and gulls. There's a retirement center there so lots of regulars. It's only a 3/4 mile walk one way, so not nearly long enough, but it sure was nice. We'll go back.

Sweet doggy.

Guess that is it. I just hope the FiveHappyHounds (sigh) are doing okay today. Maryann, if you see this? Just let me know when you want to meet. I know you must be really wiped out but Maddox and I would love to meet you and yours someday soon.

Carolyn and the Crew