Thursday, September 20, 2007

And Shelby Makes Four

Well, it is for real now, Mom Person has told the Adopt a Husky Person Cecily (she thought I was cute) that we want Shelby to stay with us.

Well, that is all well and good, but I think Mom Person is kafoozeled. I mean, Shelby is pretty and all, but she is so grumpy! She left us for two whole days, and came back tonight, and won't play with me! And worse, Mom Person told me that we couldn't play for a whole week!


Mom Person said that Shelby has an ouchie on her tummy that will keep her from having puppies ever, and she is grumpy because it hurts, and she is still a little sick from something called animalesia. Hmmm. Mom Person says I am lucky because I have boy bits and those are Much Easier to do something about than Shelby's innards.

Well, okay, but why won't she play with me?????

The vet person said it would be a WEEK before she can be out of the crate much and it is MY FAULT. Because I might get Too Rough and Hurt Shelby and Stretch her Stitches or Something.
I am sad.

So, I guess I am stuck being with the Springers. Mom Person said I was Wound Up and Crazy Bad tonight. Hey, it isn't MY fault she left her red leather shoe out so I could find it...

Maddox, pouting


Holly said...

Don't worry Maddox, I'm sure the time will go very quickly. And, it's in her best interest that she heal fully! So, as hard as it is, be patient!!


Tucker said...

Maddox, it is NOT YOUR FAULT that Yalaby has to stay in her crate! You were right to do something to that shoe! The humans did not tell you the truth!

A female dog can mess up her stitches all by herself without any wrestling. She could do it just running up the stairs hard.

I'm sorry you had to have another dog move in. And then when it's a Sibe you can't play.

But. Find lots of things around the house and yard to keep you busy. More shoes and stuff.

The days will go fast. And then you can see about playing with her.

Bama said...

Awwwwoooo Maddox, it's gonna be okay, we promise! It's really not your fault she doesn't feel good, or that she can't play with you, she just has to be very careful til her ouchie heals, then she'll be better than new, and might even stop making your mom take unplanned, unprepared and unexpected jogs. I know it seems forever in puppy time, but it'll be over before you know it. (make super sad eyes at your humans to get extra treats and playtime from THEM.) I don't know what kind of door your mom has on her closet, but I figured out how to push the pocket door with my nose and go shoe shopping any time I want. (now they keep the bedroom door closed unless they're in there, NO FAIR).
Sympathetic manykisses,
Bama & the RHP

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Hey Maddox, I'm sure Shelby will be back to her old self soon enough. I have experience with having sewing on my tummy and trust me, it's just as hard for Shelby to not play with you as it is for you not to play with her!


-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hiya Maddox,
My name is Juneau. I saw yur comment on Steve, Kat, & Wilbur's blog. Do ya want to be blogging buddies? I am a 4 month old black & white Sibe. My BD is May 6, 2007. So we are both Taurus Huskies. Come visit me & my big bruther, Cosmos, on our blog page. I'll have my mommy put you on our dog blawgs & friends sites. I hope you do the same wif ours. Talk to you again real soon.

Holly said...

Hey Maddox, I have tagged you for a new game! Stop over at my blog to check it out!