Saturday, June 30, 2007

What a Long Long Exciting Long Long Day!!!!

I'm not so scared anymore.

I'm really really tired so my Boy's Mommy Person said she would help me with the picture post because I don't know how to use cameras.

So since Mommy Person is not a dog but a person she insists that she post these landscapey thingies cuz she said ooo it is so pretty and everyone should see how pretty Texas is. Texas being where we live, I think.

Mommy Person didn't take these pictures, my Boy did. His name is Kelly. I like him LOTS!!! He hugs and pets me and plays with me and feeds me and he took me outside and I was so happy that I pooped and peed for him! Yay me!!

Anyway, this is a pretty picture driving in the thing on wheels which was really neat but put me to sleep. See, Mommy Person says? Texas IS pretty, hmph!!!

These are deer. They are everywhere where my Mommy lives-- MY MOMMY! OH GOSH I MISS MY MOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I am better, Mommy Person put a picture of my Mommy here so I would smile.

Anyway, these are deer. Not dogs, deer. I would like to eat them, apparently, but they know they are not in Deer Season and so Cannot Be Eaten and Are Safe.

Whatever Deer Season is, I think I'd like it--nooooo... Mommy Person says Deer Hunting is BAADDD and YUCKY and deer meat sucks.

Pretty though aren't they.

This is me!!!!! I am cute, sitting on my Boy's lap in the car. He says I kept putting his legs to sleep. Whatever. I say his legs kept putting ME to sleep.

See??? Legs = Me = Sleep.

Legs = Me = Sleep. I really like my Boy. He is nice to me.

Sigh, Mommy Person insists on this picture cuz it shows rain clouds coming AGAIN and is very pretty and blue like my one eye is blue.

Okay this one too--Texas skies = beautiful.

So she got to put those in so I said I want this in, aren't I cute???

I really like the thing my Persons called an air conditioner. It blew such nice cold air on my face! I liked it lots!!!!

My blue eye. Ooooo!!!!

I really like my Puppy Bottle. It is fun to chew on.

I'm cute I'm Cute I'M CUTE!!!!!

Blue skies AGAIN!!! Mommy Person is weird.

Okay this one is kinda scary. Mommy Person says it is PRETTY!!!

I am in my Boy's loft!! I am home! It was so good to be at the new place!!! My new home my new home, he took me upstairs to play for awhile while Mommy Person (maybe I should call her MP?) took The Other Furries outside. I heard them, but wasn't sure what they were. I was really worn out because They took me to a fireworks store where all these squealing teenage girl Theys fussed all over me and made me scared and I hid under Mommy Person's chin and held on real tight. And then they took me to some store for animals and there were all these barkey noisy things in cages and I didn't like them AT ALL and all these Persons touching me and bothering me and and I WAS SCARED!!! So my Boy took me outside while MP bought me lotsa stuff. She was mumbling something about me costing her lotsa lotsa, and I don't know what she meant. She bought me this fun toy though. I like it lotsa lotsa.

Aren't I CUTE??????? My MOMMY's Male Person said that my ears will warn everyone that I am growing again. They will grow bigger, and then I will grow bigger.


I got lotsa toys.

Gulp. I got kinda nervous again when it was time to meet my Uncle Scotty and She Who Rules. Uncle Scotty is FUN! He likes to play and pawed me and sniffed me and is great! Mommy Person kept One Eye on him though to make sure he didn't get rough with me. But he didn't, though somehow he managed to push me round lots with his paw. He's got big paws.

Can you see me under him? I wasn't scared at all. Not once. I like Uncle Scotty.

My Boy! This is him! MY BOY! That is She Who Rules, giving him a kiss. I give him kisses too. Kissing a Human's face is a sign of submission and is a Very Good Thing. My Mommy told me to do it as it makes Humans happy. I can't wait to lick Nick's face.

Even though I don't know who Nick is really other than he lives Far Far Away in a Magical Land called GERMANY.

Uncle Scotty playing with me and Mommy Person is sighing that the carpet needed vacuuming but she didn't get to do so yet. She says she is the only person who seems to know how to vacuum in this house. I don't know what vacuuming is but I think she does it LOTS and will do more and more now that I am here.

Me being sniffed by Uncle Scotty and that is She Who Rules and my Boy.

Now they are both checking me out. They sniffed me LOTS!!!!

Scotty likes me and I like him!!!

The Other Person in the house is a girl and this is her friend Christian who came to see me. She didn't bring me any presents though. Hmph.

I fit under the coffee table!!! My Boy and Claire are watching me and I am watching them.

A book! Will I learn to read?? I wanna!!!

She Who Rules aka Claire is really silly and was rolling on her back. I like to chew her fur.

She was rolling around like an idiot, Mommy Person says. I thought it was funny.

We are all dark and white but they are called Liver and White and I am Black and White.

That makes me superior, doesn't it??? They are both sniffing me under the coffee table.

I am sitting on an X Box under the coffee table. Mommy Person thinks it is funny.

That stuff is GRASS! I never saw it before! I tried to eat it! It is all wet because of the skies leaking so much. But I like it! They have this huge big backyard full of it! COOL!!!! That is Uncle Scotty's toy. He got in trouble for taking it outside and now it is all wet and icky.

Uncle Scotty watching me. She Who Rules ignored me outside.

He was whispering in my ear but I don't speak Springer yet.

He wanted me to play but I wanted to sniff the grass.

I was so tired after the long day that my Boy and I curled up and took a long nap. Or at least I did.

And now I am in my crate, and my Mommy Person says she is going to write to you now. Goodnight!


Whew, he had lots to say didn't he? Busy day. He is upstairs now in his crate next to Kelly's bed and you wouldn't believe the howling and crying and whining! Oh my gosh! The breeders warned us that he would carry on and sound like his whole world was falling apart, but to stay strong. Kelly got ear plugs so I hope he is able to stay strong. He is doing puppy howling right now and it is so sad!!! I am just waiting to hear that Kelly let him sleep with him. Sigh. Poor baby!! It sucks but this is the way it needs to be until he is potty trained at least. Poor baby.

I was very very happy with how Scotty and Claire did with him. We'll keep doing the little puppy-big dog play times until they are completely used to him. That may take awhile but really so far so good. Scotty is very disturbed by the puppy's crying though. Poor thing!!!!!! I hope he goes to sleep soon. Sniff.

I will tell him about his new Pup Pal Schlappi tomorrow. I am sure Maddox will write him a post!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I don't wanna go! - June 28th, 2007

I don't wanna go!!!!

They're coming. Mommy told me that they're coming to take me away. I am so scared. I tried to hide under Daddy but he just told me to be brave. I had to be brave, it was the way of things and what I must do.

WHY? Why do I have to go?????????????????????????

I'm happy here!!!!!! I don't want to leave my brothers and sister. I don't want to go to Someplace Up North with those...those...people. They already have two dogs! Mommy's Person said it, I heard her! Why do they need another one? I want to stay here!

It's not fair.

It's not.

I'm going to take a nap. Cry myself to sleep.



Awake now.

Sirius is scared, too. The others are pretending like they aren't, but they are, I know it. I'll be the first to go! I heard more about Them while I was supposed to be sleeping. One of the cats taught me how to Cat Nap. Good way to spy, except if I close my eyes I fall asleep but I did hear some things.

There are three of Them. Two of Them will be here two Long Nap Times from now to take me away. A boy and his mom. I'm supposed to like this boy, and I just don't know if I will. I mean, why can't I be the MOM'S? But noooooo.... she has two dogs already. Something like Springers or something--they are British? I don't know what that is but it means they are from Far Far away, too. The third Them is Far Far Away and won't be home much and it is HER fault that the Mom Them told the Boy Them that they could have me.

I don't think I'm going to like the Girl Them. It's all her fault.

Gotta go pee.


Mommy looked at what I'd put on here and she said there is no reason to be scared, that They are good people, else her Person wouldn't let me go to them. We'll see.

Mommy said pictures would cheer me up. I guess she could be right so I guess I'll put the pictures of everyone up now.

I'll start with Mommy because she is sooo beautiful and I look lots like her.

Her name is Blizzard.

Isn't she beautiful?

Then there is Daddy.

His name is Ice. He is kinda silly.

And now here is my sister, Cadee. She's bossy. (I really don't care if she is going away somewhere else. Girls, ewwww!!!)

And my brothers Sirius (I think we're Secret Twins, I wonder if I can convince Them to take him too?)

Hyder, who frankly is pretty bossy too,

Codee, (he gets real upset if you mention his funny mask so be nice)

and Nameless. He isn't adopted yet, but some family in Canada might want him. He'd get to play in the SNOW!!!!! He said he'd mail me some! That would be NEAT!!!!!! Hmph. One of the cats is laughing, says that won't work. What does SHE know. Cats are stupid.

Okay and now are the pictures of ME ME MEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Baby pictures! One day old! Aren't I cute???

And this is me at three weeks old. Aren't I adorable??? Mommy says it is THIS picture that made Them want me. Wish I'd known.... I would've hidden behind the blinds or something.

Can't see it but there's a cat there, laughing at me.

and at four weeks! Look at my ears! Yes I am cute, I am cute I am cute cute cute!!!!

Okay that is all the pictures I have for now. I guess They are going to take more pictures because apparently, Daddy says, the Mom They has some friends in Germany who want to see me grow up or something. Don't know why but then I don't know what Germany is anyway. Or where it is. Except Mom They goes there Lots for some reason. (I do know one of them, Evelyn--isn't that a pretty name?--likes dogs LOTS and is owned by one herself, but the other one? Nicholas? He is not so sure about dogs, I hear, though he likes Evelyn's dog. But he will love ME...yeah! I'll just lick him lots and lots when we meet and he will love me! Mommy says ALL guys like doggy kisses so it is a great plan. So yeah. Works for me!!)

I am tired again. I guess Mommy was right, and I do feel better. Sigh...

I still don't wanna go though, Saturday. It's Just Not Fair, you know?

Guess I'll try to write more tomorrow but I might not get to until They take me away and back to wherever they live with the two English dogs. Mommy says they are English, not British, but isn't that the same thing? Or something???

Whatever. I want my blankie.