Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello Everypup!

Hi guys, I know, I know, it has been a month since I wrote. Or rather--since Shelby wrote. Mom has been "too busy" to post, mostly cuz over the those sibermal folks and because she was getting all ready for a visit from Somebody Furry Special from Germany. That's a country far far far away from here, but closer to where we have our roots than Texas.

The furry special friend (FSF) came not knowing much about having dogs in the bed, but knows aaaallll about how much FUN to cuddle it is, and how very good I am at it.

Anyway--this is just a short short post to show you the present that I got!!! The FSF got it JUST for MEE!! (Shelby here--I scream FAVORITISM!! NOT FAIR!! though the FSF DID give me a fortunate cookie leftover from Chinese food, yummy!!!!)

Go away, Shelby!!! This is MY POST!!!! Grrrr.

ANYWAY--here is me and my new toy! Isn't it cool? Aren't I cute????

That's all for now. The FSF is very tired, something about flying almost sorta halfway across the world in less than a day (I don't see any wings though--not sure how THAT was accomplished) and so we have to have quiet movie time now. Which means--MORE CUDDLE TIME! YAY!!!!