Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pretty Sled Dogs

Tonight Mom Person and I watched Pretty Sled Dogs, FINALLY!!! As you can see, I am very intent when I watch the telly, and I didn't want to miss a single second of the show in case I missed something cool. I sat right on top of the clean laundry so I could see even better. I especially loved it when the sled dogs howled and woo'd and talked and sang and everything. And the sledding part? That was the best!!!! M.P. says if anyone here hasn't seen it, to get it. It just made her cry later to learn which one it was who passed away the next year. She knew one had, but didn't want to know until after she watched which one it was. I gave her lots of puppy kisses to make it all better. I love my Mom! And she loves me, LOTS! (and, she says, the best...)

She made a video of me because she thought it was pretty cool how I paid so much attention to what was going on. The video is a little shaky and she says sorry about that.

And, the funniest thing happened tonight! Well, Mom Person didn't think it was funny. It was food prep time, and usually she has us all outside while she fixes the food for us cuz it takes about five or so minutes cuz she puts hot water on our food to make it taste all better, and if we know that she is doing that, we drive her crazy.

But tonight for some reason she didn't care if we were inside. We were glad cuz the greatest thing happened! Mom Person picked up the bag of Canidae--and the bottom busted! The food went EVERYWHERE!!!! It was great! Well, great for SHELBY....she was being selfish and wouldn't let me eat some too!!! So I sat and watched while M.P. got the stock pot and put it all in there. She had to pull out the fridge too as a bunch got under there.

Shelby is gonna get fat if she doesn't stop eating so much.


Kapp pack said...

WOW!!!! You hit the jackpot!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Kapp pack said...

You were wondering about the annoying one. It's Canyon our huskador, and no unfortunately he's still here ;-P

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Tucker said...

Do you have a mouse that chewed the bottom of the bag?

Ivy said...

wowie!! i wish that wud happen to me sumtime. but my peepol keep my food in a giant rubbermaid bin so it doesnt ever break open and i dont get to smell the wunderful dog food smells unless it is open. wut a stupid container huh?

i hope your food bag breaks open again so you can get your fill. hurray for dog food!

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

That Shelby better watch it or she'll lose her trim figure & get fat! We have a huge container for the 40 lb. bag of Canidae in the basement. Daddy has the lid on it pretty good. Mommy fills a container wif it & keeps it ontop of the fridge. We are always waiting if it will gets knocked down. Our mommy is a little klutzy! Juneau is the piglet in our family. That lil demon eats all of his food & still wants mine!

No I am not a piglet lil demon - I am just a growing pup, who I might add, is as tall as you now!!!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I would be in heaven if that happened with our Canidae bag. Too bad Dad pours it into a plastic thing once he opens the bag.


The Army of Four said...

WOWZERS! Let me come help with clean up! We keep our supper-dupper in this: It makes it easier for Mom to serve us that way!
Play bows,

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Mine just sits in the pantry - I leave it be....

Dear DRs Maddox and SHelby Woo,

is there something wrong with me?



P.S. It is KHanidae!

Holly said...

I loved watching you watch the video!! I think you might be born to be a sled dog, by how intently you were watching! I think Karen would even be impressed with your intenseness!

What I wouldn't give to have mom drop food all over OUR floor! I would probably act the same way as Shelby!


Maddox said...

He loves, loves loves that video. I played it for him again, this time on the big telly, tonight. He is HOOKED!

Maddox blushes at the thought of THE KAREN seeing him!!!

Team Husky said...

Hey Maddox, Shelby, Clare & Scotty!!!

We're presenting you with the "Be the Blog" award! Please stop by our blog for details!
Kisses & Woo Woos
Summer & Prince - Team Husky

Bama said...

Howroooroo Maddox!
Cracker here, just had to drop ya a note. I'm the same way when I watch TV, I'll watch almost any show with animals, but really pay close attention to anything with dogs, wolves, or Cesar Milan. Yesterday I was out in the sunroom & heard his voice on the box, I came running to see my favorite show, but it was a rerun so I went back out to play with the rest of the pack....
Please tell my Shelby-grrl I sent her winks & slurps, I've been dreaming 'bout her lots.
Cracker (& the River Hill Pack)