Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Brother, Sirius

Mom told me tonight that she's been talking with The Breeder Kim, you know...where mom and dad are? Down by Lake Travis? Anyway, tonight Kim also heard from my brother Sirius!! I am so excited! Mom asked Kim to pass along my blogspot info to Sirius's family. I hope he drops by. I would love to know how my brother is doing!

I also am going to have new brothers and sisters soon! Yup, mom and dad (Ice and Blizzard) are gonna have puppies soon. Mom is all excited but says NO MORE PUPPIES... At least, not right now. She confesses she kinda would like another one of my parents' puppies someday, especially if she could get a white one like my daddy. But she always says NO MORE PUPPIES so I do not know why she says this.

In any case, we're all doing great, though Mom sure has been strict lately. Hmph. She watches me like a hawk! I can't pee ANYWHERE but....OUTSIDE!!!! I tried tonight, to sneak a pee in front of the door but she caught me! She FORBADE ME! She even said...NO!!! Geesh! I peed right there when I was a baby, so why not now?


Shelby and I spent LOTS of time zooming out in the back yard this weekend. It was so beautiful out there, that Mom let us just play and play and play. Tonight though I was pretty tired--that hairy eyeball thing happened and she sent Shelby upstairs at 8. Earlier than usual because she said I was overtired. I said, "But I am a HUSKY!!! I can't get tired!" And she said well--you've been snoring all evening at my feet, so...

She is kinda worried though, about the next three weeks. The Boy is taking something called Driver's Ed, and it is two hours every single night for three weeks straight. That means me and Shelby barely get out of our crates before we have to go right back in. Mom is thinking about letting us stay Outside during those two hours she and the Boy are gone, but is Scared. She says she doesn't trust us not to try to dig to the center of the earth in those two hours. Sigh.

She says 'We will figure it out.' I say she could take us with her but she said no, Barnes and Noble won't allow Huskies. That is so not fair.

That's it for now... and Mom promises Khyra that she will work on the Dogster pages for us when she can.

Woo woo to all!



Bama said...

Howroooo Maddox, Shelby, Claire & Scotty!
The southern Cracker here, and I just had to stop by to say a special "woowoo" to Shelby. She left such a nice compliment for me, please tell her I think she's a little hottie herself. You can't see it, but I'm sending her my best flirty sexy bedroom eyes look. Shelby grrrrl, would you consider doin me the honor of bein mah grrrlfriend? I'll admit to previously askin Holly, but she's already in a committed relationship with Dave of the AO4, so I'm a single southern gentleman with no other commitments. two red & whites would make a very strikin couple, dontcha think?
Husky Hugs & Sexy Winks from,
The Southern Cracker

Tucker said...

Barnes & Noble? Maybe she should be taking Sled Driver's Ed while the Bo-Bo is taking Car Driver's Ed.

You guys could race around a parking lot with a bike or a scooter or something!

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hiya Maddox,
If you lived near me, you all could come & play while yur mommy was out. Ohs well, it was a nice thought. Cosi said that I am sleeping over at Met Vet on Thurs. & I am getting fixed. I didn't know I wuz broken! I don't want to leave my mommy. Does it hurts bad?!? I knows you had yur procedure a few weeks a go. Did they make you all fixed up?
Let me know cuz all Cosi is doing is going around snickering. He can make a puppy so mad, all I want to do is jump on him. Let me know.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

WOOHOO - it is in print - Maddox's hu-mom is gonna make him AND MsSHelbyWoo a dogster page!!!

As for the no puppy thing -

I khan't believe that - I mean, she's khaptured such GREAT things from your time with her - I KHAN'T BELIEVE she wouldn't want to go thru that AGAIN!!!

BTW - I think MsSHelby should let 'The Southern Khracker' khome a khortin' her -

Waitin' for your dogster warship to khome in,


P.S. My hu-mom doesn't think she'd be able to do a pup thing either so don't be tooooo hard on your hu-mom!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Hi Maddox! You should suggest that they hold drivers ed at the dog park. Maybe we could come to the park as well to keep you and Shelby company while your boy is learning how to drive.


Maddox said...

*bats eyelashes*

Why Cracker, ah'd be thrilled to be courted, or khourted like Khyra says, Mr. Cracker. Such a gentleman--I'd always feel safe on your...paw.

Woo woo!!! You bet we make a striking couple! Red and white rocks!


Tucker, Shelby's and Maddox's mom here--there is no snow here, so no sled driver's ed. I feel bad for them, and am already contemplating how to get them to the snow this year. Somewhere. Somehow. Someway! Even just for a weekend!!!


Juneau, hiya!!! Oh no, you are getting fixed too? Quick--can you figure it out, what is 'broken' on you?? They dope you up really good and you get LOTS of hugs and kissies from all the cute girls and if you are not adverse, handsome guys at the vetplace. No cookies though cuz, I hate to tell ya, you can't eat before the surgery and afterwards you will not wanna!

But you'll get lotsa good sibey dreams so that is good. Tell your mommy to let you take a blankie or something so you can smell her.

But about that thing they put on you. Did you see MayaMarie? She just got 'fixed' too! And has a conehead! I hated it! I ate mine! Mom felt sorry for me and leashed me to her chair and took it off and I was very good so she left it off.

Tell Cosi to go JUMP I bet he is FIXED TOO!!!



Khyra, Khracker I mean Cracker is SO HANDSOME! Swoo woo woon!!!!


Maddox back--I keep having to push Shelby away. Girls. Hmph. Steve, Mom says we can't go to the dog park yet, cuz of Obligations. And yeah, I think driver's ed would be great fun in the park! Did you know they are doubling the size of it? Sniffwoo you guys are moving but Mom saw all the plans for the whole park and the trails and bigger doggie park (no word yet if there will be a cool pool) and equestrian trails (whatever that is) and she can't wait! And canoeing! Whatever that is. Canoing, mom says.

Maddox (and Shelby when she butts in cuz of Cracker...this is MY BLOG!!!)

Bama said...

Woowoo's MY Shelby-grrrl,
Cracker here, just wanted to stop by an say a speshul howroo to mah beawootiful new grrlfriend, Ah'm so glad woo agreed to be mahn. Any chance your humom would bring ya ta Florie-duh this weekend? Ah'd just love to escort ya to the Husky Howl at our park, Dogwood Park. I don't know if'n its still true, but when our park opened it was the largest dogpark in the country, lots & lots of room to run an sniff. There'll be lots of other huskies there so Maddox could find plenty of new friends and you & Ah could spend time playin & makin eyes at each other, an we could go skinny dippin in Lake Bowwow.
An we're hopin they raise lots of money for SHRF (Siberian Husky Rescue of FL). Mama's even gonna make some speshul treats from the HTHNBR cookbook for the raffle table. It's gonna be a wooing good tahm, but so much better if'n ya could be here! (Ah almost won the fastest husky race last year, but got sidetracked halfway through the race, if'n you were at the other end, Ah'd run straight to you an win fur shur!)
The Southern Cracker