Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We're Back--Sort of

Carolyn writing in tonight as the two kids are outside zooming in the crisp air. It has been quite a couple of weeks. While we've been able to keep up on Sibernet-L and Husky-4-Life, there hasn't been much time because of my son's driver's ed obligations every single night and work demands to stay up to date everywhere.

Have also had my hands full with changes in the house--a few posts ago I naively wrote how "Shelby doesn't seem to want to challenge Claire for top dog..."

Well, HA! So much for THAT statement.

There is now a new Queen in my house, and her name is Shelby Woo.

A special thanks go out to Holly's mom Jan for helping me figure out what to do with the situation and how to handle it all--I got a lot of conflicting advice, but knowing how wonderwooful Hollybollybananaboo is, now, I felt good about her and her Mumsy helping me out. Things are a settling down somewhat...but Claire definitely is dethroned, and is very sad about it. Me too. Breaks my heart, but I am doing as Holly advises and letting Shelby be what she has become...but not letting her hurt Claire again (she initially attacked Claire--fortunately I as there and stopped it. Handy ice water again).

So, it has been a tough few days. We will survive though and come out on the other side. Shelby Woo continues to fatten up and sleeken up and she is so good with Maddox and Scotty and all humans... She just is still intent on keeping Claire down where she's got her. She's not been vicious to her again, but I see The Eye rear up on occasion. Claire is playing it down, keeping out of Shelby's way, head down, tail wagging... *cries* My baby girl, what did I do to you???

But CLAIRE is the one who sleeps with Mom. And always will. Shelby's bed is upstairs with my son.

In other fantastic news--MADDOX IS HOUSE BROKEN AT LAST! A full 7 days without an accident! I am so freakin' RELIEVED!!!!!

And in other news--there is a gorgeous little bi-eyed husky mix on's 'other location' page.... she is such a cutie and thankfully is in a foster home now, but if I wasn't at full capacity here... It is all I can do not to say I am coming to get her. But she has some fear issues, is uber submissive (submissive wetting issues) and is under quarantine sorta to make sure she is healthy before she gets spayed. But oh... she is adorable, just adorable.... No no I cannot afford five dogs! I CAN"T!!!! :) And, no more girls.

What else--that is all. No new pictures, I am afraid, though Mr. Maddox is growing like crazy. He'll be six months on the 17th and I can hardly believe it. I love him so freakin' much-- I can't wait to be done with driver's ed so we can have our evenings together back, and I can get him into obedience at last.


Carolyn (and the kids who surely must be done with their zooming by now?)


Tucker said...

It is hard for humans when the pack changes. The Human Assistant understands how you feel very well. So sorry it makes you sad!

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hi Carolyn,
Me & the boys wondered what was going on since you haven't updated your blog for a while. Juneau is the more dominant one in the house. (Maybe, hopefully, when all of his doggie hormones are out of him, he will settle down more.) What Cosi wants, he wants. If Cosi is chewing on a bone, Juneau will go for it. They'll do sniping back & forth with the full teeth showing, but then Cosi gives in. Cosi has gotten some pretty good nips from Juneau. But, when they just play & wrestle it is so much fun to watch. Especially when they both fall asleep on the wall on the side-run. Juneau has to have his head on Cosi & be next to him. I just wish Cosi would stick up for himself & put the little guy in his place.
Take care,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh, I hope things are going better with Shelby and Claire. I know that is not fun. (Well, I was kinda the bossy one, but my mom and dad say that it wasn't fun to have two bossy girls in the house together for a month when Ulee was staying with us.) Hopefully you're not too stressed with four pups and work and drivers ed!


Maddox said...

I am using the HBBB method to keep everyone happy. I was stunned that Claire jumped on my bed, then Shelby--Shelby tried to get bossy ut I told her to cool it. She did, reluctantly. Claire was quite nervous though, then Shelby inched her way in between us! She is a character! I adore her though, absolutely. She is soooo pretttyyy....and is upstairs with my son so Claire can sleep with me, as a fluffy cuddly Springer is supposed to.

Thanks for the shout outs M and the boys-- and Steve and Kat. I remember how Ulee was! She had to wear a leash all the time, didn't she. It isn't too bad here because Claire is just not that strong of a girl. I promise to be more with it now--just ONE more night of Driver's Ed, yes!!!

And Tucker--can you send us some of that snow???