Saturday, June 7, 2008

An Opinion, Please

Hello, everybody! Maddox here. We need some help from our friends to clear up a little something. Mum has decided that we are getting lazy. She says that every time she wants to take a picture of us, we are lazing around, never doing anything. We say that she is blowing things out of proportion. What do you guys think? Do we look lazy to you?

Obviously, in this picture, I am thinking about new ways to deposit my hair on mom's rug.

And in this one, I am practicing making shadow sibes.

Shelby says that she is actively warming the end of mom's bed. Not lazy, at all.

Me, being a good puppy keeping mum company while watching European Soccer.

And lastly, Shelby keeping an eye on the house while everyone else is busy. She is very scary, isn't she? Intruders would definitely think twice after seeing her.

So see? We aren't lazy. Every minute of the day, we are busy, as all good Huskies should be. Closed eyes are all part of the plan. Mum is so silly, isn't she?

Maddox, signing off