Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Sad Day

We had vowed to make a happy update post today, but now we are just not feeling like it. We will over the weekend, as we do have much to say.

Goodbye, sweet Thrawn. We are so glad we got the chance to know you, if only a little bit. Run wild, run free. You will be missed.

Carolyn, and the Sixteen Paws...four of which are rather muddy at the moment


Bama said...

This is the saddest news of the season, our hearts go out to Maryanne and her pack. Kinda puts things in perspective, & how we wish we were closer so we could give them lots of husky hugs & kisses. Run free sweet Thrawn!
Sorrowful kisses,
Bama & the RHP

Check out our previous blog for a message to Shelby-woo from her Southern Gentleman. He's had a traumatic week, but is doing great & thinkin of his grrrlfriend, as his picture shows.
We've missed woo all.

Holly said...

I just can't believe this. I am still crying. I know just how she feels, and it is devastating. My heart goes out to Maryann.

Jan and Holly

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Our thoughts are with Maryann & her family. That is such sad news about sweet Thrawn. I can't believe that 1 yr. has passed that our Shanna crossed the Bridge. Maybe they have already met & are running around pain free! We have so little time with them!
-Marlene & The Mullin Clan-

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Woo know how we feel here in PA -

Thanks for the khomments there young Master Maddos -

Please go khlaw your hu-mom KHAROLYN fur me please!



Bama said...

we tried to email this to you, didn't want to clog up you comments section, but the email bounced back undeliverable, so....

Cracker says "Oh mah Dog, Sweet Girl Ah thought you'd either found another beau, or somethin turrible wuz goin on at yur place. Ah've bin SO wurrryd! Ah'm so glad to hear from y'all! Merry Christmas to all y'all, humans too!Please have your momperson send our mom an email note so we have your address, we want to send you a Christmas card we made for all our blogging buds. We luv y'all very much, y'all were amongst our furst bloggin buds, (an Ah never had a grrrlfriend before....blush)

Nudge, nudge...
Chili here. That was toxic to a diabetic! In answer to your question, the Bamonster hasn't been weighed properly since the middle of October. She was 49 pounds then, within just a couple of pounds of overtaking me (I admit it, I'm pleasingly plump and don't seem to lose weight no matter how much mom & dad cut my rations) Back to the subject, we're guessing her to be somewhere between 60-80 pounds. She looks more like 60-65, but is surprisingly solid for as long and gangly as she is. Mom says she's jealous of her muscle definition, howrooroo, and she's always weighed more than she looks, so we're guessing between 70-80. When she stands on her back legs she can put her front legs on moms shoulders with ease, without raising her nose the top of her head comes to the bridge of moms nose, if she lifts her snooter she can smear moms glasses in a heartbeat. Mom is 5'6. We haven't seen our BoogieBoy since Thanksgiving day, but we're pretty sure she's as big as my boy, he'll be 12 in March!
We all wish you a very Merry Christmas, and hope that everything is ok with your pack! We know Maddox started puppy school & figured you were busy, we've been hoping that was all it was and everyone is in good health and enjoying the season.
Christmas Kisses,
The River Hill Pack

Bama said...

We're at hans822 at bellsouth dot net...

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo you two. We still miss Thrawn so much. Mom keeps hoping she will wake up from a bad dream and that he will still be with us.

Sitka (and Tia)