Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Texas Trio it is!

Thanks and special woo's go out to Khyra for her suggestion of the Texas Trio. We are using it!

Now just need to find a good layout, or someone to do it for Mom. Heck she says she's even willing to pay for a layout if it doesn't cost too much.

Maybe I should start talkin' with a Texas twang from here on out. Mom does it real good, but always says I should talk proper-like. I kinda like twang-ing though, it's fun.

Okay we're fixin' to take our naps! See y'all later!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

*waves* We Haz Ice Cream...and other news

Hi Everypup--it's me, Shelby Woo, reporting in. Yes, I know, it has been three months since we posted last, but me and Maddox have been busy. Alot has been going on in our house, some good, some not so good.

First the good. Mum's friend from Germany was here for three months...and I was in Hog Heaven. So many tummy rubs, so much attention...with M here, Mom and M were able to walk us both together. We had lots of late-evening adventures as a result! We also got to go to the dog park lots, and once even took Claire! Now M is gone, back to Germany, and I am VERY sad about that. Mom can't handle us both alone for some reason...so we're back to playing dog park in the backyard.

Now the bad. Or the first one. We got ROBBED! Many of you know that already, that Mom's computers, the Boy's guitars, and all sorts of other things were taken. It took Mom FOREVER to get re-set up on computers again...insurance just doesn't pay out the full value like one would think. But now we've got TWO new computers--one laptop, and this one, which I like cuz it has a 22" monitor! WOO WOO!!!!!

Now the second bad, which is the saddest thing of all. We're no longer Sixteen Paws. Mom helped Scotty over the Bridge about six weeks ago. It was his time, she said, and the Vet agreed. Mom said it was peaceful and beautiful, and though she cried like crazy, it was a beautiful gift to be there for Scotty. He was fifteen, which is WAY old for a Springer.

So now we're down to--uh, what is that...Twelve Paws. Doesn't that sound stupid?

Because it does, Mom is going to redo our blog over Thanksgiving. Doesn't know how yet, or if it will stay here or be different elsewhere, because after all, I am THE SHELBY and not MADDOXTEXAS. Hmph. That makes me grrr. I think it should be SHELBYTEXAS at the very least!

We'll keep y'all posted, and Mom says there are tons more paw-friends to add (even some cat named Huffle!) and she'll be getting to it next weekend.

In the meantime, anyone got a suggestion for a new blog name? Would be mighty welcome.

Shelby Woo