Friday, January 4, 2008

A Peaceful Friday Night

Well, finally, I am here to write a post. I really hate how busy Real Life keeps me, robbing me away from all the fun stuff, like sharing about how Maddox and Shelby are doing. All is well, I've got a fire going, the Christmas Tree is lit (yes yes it is still up! I will take it down Sunday), Shelby is folded over my toes, Maddox in front of the door where he likes to lay. Claire is upside down and feeling much better--she, um, developed a girlie infection, and has meds now and is much happier. *blush for her* She's also had about ten pounds of hair removed. Oy, Springers! They shed AND have to be shaved! Sibes are NOT THAT BAD!!!!

Let's see, I have saved a couple of things for this post. First, I want to ask darling Khyra if she has been to Fort Worth or something? Seems I saw her trademark talk at a new restaurant I went to. Check this out:

Also, I am very proud and happy to have been able to share my story about Shelby with of Plano, Texas--the folks we got Shelby from. I thought it would be good to post about her, as y'all know she took a bit of work to make happy here and part of the family. She is perfect now--it is amazing what a different girl she is! But what if I had given up on her? I mean... I know lots of people would've. But I had to believe that we had lots of reasons to make it all work. Here's her story though:

And lastly, have to share Maddox's new passion. I plugged in my humidifier for the first time this winter--I always get such dry skin, this thing is heavenly. Maddox flipped over it! He thinks I am the greatest Mom in the world for giving him cool steam right in his face! Goofy. Gosh I love him and YES everyone--I am buying him a new crate this weekend. I can't believe how big he's become! Next weekend will take him to be weighed as I need to get heartworm meds for him and I know he has to be over 50 now. Little porker. :)

One more thing--I am considering moving this blog to my regular, unused one--the one hooked up with the gmail addy I use the most. I think it would be easier for me, though a real pain to move everything. So I will let everyone know if that happens. I may just make that one Shelby's blog--not sure. Yes--I am just lazy, I know! I will decide this weekend.

Goodnight all! I am really happy about all the good pup news this week, for Flurry and Guapo *fingers crossed Stormy gets him* but my heartbreaks every time I think of Jet and her nine puppies. Sigh.

Love to all--you guys make me laugh and smile so much! So glad I got a Siberian because of all the cool people attached! :)

(and Shelby and Maddox, both asleep, so they don't even know I am writing to you all)