Saturday, September 15, 2007

What a hot exhausting crazy day

Mom Person is very very tired, and has a headache, and is watching House, so she told me I could go ahead and make the post and tell everyone about Yala, and the Bow Wow Pow Wow, which did NOT have an Ow, because she said, "It is so hot and miserable, Maddox, we will wait to do the Ow until later."

I still don't know what the Ow was! But she said it is something good and important so I guess I'll get it later.

Anyway, it took ForEver to get to The Colony. A whole hour! Mom Person talked to Nick the whole way, so I took a nap. We finally got there and by the time we did it was so hot!!! 92 degrees outside, yucky.

Mom Person parked the car and we walked over to where all the fun stuff was going on. So many dogs! First ones we looked for of course were Steve and Kat and WHEW they were already there. It was great to see Steve, but Kat was kinda gripey. I think she wasn't too happy about being hot. Sniff.

I still think she is beautiful though.

So... Kat's mom Valerie told us she and Kat had signed up for the kissing contest. Now, that sounded like something I could do! So MP and I went and signed up. Then, we went over to the Adopt a Husky booth. Mom was feeling kinda nervous and not sure about this. All those Huskies looked so BIG!!! But I was happy to see everyone.

There was one Mom Person really really liked. Her name was Anna, and she was being adopted! Her new Mom Person was driving up from San Antonio. She was very very nice. And big. And Fluffy. VERY Fluffy.

We then met all the other huskies who were looking for homes. Vasha and Jordan--Mom had really seriously considered them both. But...well, neither really seemed to like me much. Sniff. It might've been the heat but... Well.

Then, there was this girl husky there. Her name's Yala, and she is a bewootiful red and white. Like me, she has bi-colored eyes, blue and AMBER!!! She has a pretty nose, and is very very nice. Mom Person and she and I and Vasha and Jordan all went to the play area, where of course I played with different dogs than the ones I was supposed to.

Now, the bad thing about this makeshift dog park was that there were both little and big dogs in there. Well, see, Yala sorta went after a little one that zoomed past her. It wasn't HER fault, it was the zooming dog fault. And then Vasha scared a little dog, and well... We all ended up back on our leashes. That actually as a good thing, as Mom Person then saw that it was Yala who she really wanted to get to know better. Yes, Yala had been quite interested in that little puppy, but heck Scotty is the same way. Other than that, she really showed she got along with all the dogs there.

Mom Person told me just now that this is a House MARATHON! OH good, that means I get to sleep under the coffee table a bit longer.

ANYWAY. So, we went back to Steve and Kat as the kissing contest was about to start. We were number 44. Kat and her Mom Person were competing, and Steve and his Dad Person took pictures. Kat didn't wanna kiss. Remember I said she was kinda gripey. She really wanted to just stay in the water and cool off I think. When it was my turn, I kissed Mom Person enough to get a few Awws. YAY! It was kinda scary up there on the stage though. I think it would've been better if we'd been able to do it on the ground.

OH there was a Malumute there!!!! He woudn't kiss his Dad Person but the emcee made a bad joke along the line of "We can tell by that tongue he's gotta be a good kisser."

So, guess what! In the end... I WON THIRD PLACE! YES I DID!!!!!!!! I got beat out by this one I don't know what it was, but sigh, he really did love kissing his little girl.

I took my winnings back to the Adopt a Husky tent, and Anna snitched one of my stick treats. It was funny. Mom Person gave Steve one later.

Mom Person asked me then if I would like Yala to come live with us. I said I guess I did. We were so hot and tired that we really didn't do anything much together, but Mom Person said she thought we were so calm together that it was as if we'd been together awhile.

Yala came home with us! She's coming for a Trial Run to see How It Goes. I'll tell you how THAT went after the pictures. I know this is a very long post but this is fun.

First, a picture of beautiful me being a very good boy in the car on the way back. Aren't I adorable? I know I am. And I am a good kisser, too.

OH Steve and Kat, we overheard your Mom Person saying Sonic Ice Cream so we got some too! The girl who served us watched us eat it. It was funny. Mom just hopes it won't upset my tummy tonight. Thank you for that idea!

And here she is, on our kitchen floor!

Aren't her eyes pretty? This is her in the car. She rode GREAT in there. It was so hot in there at first though that we had the a/c going full blast and we all just sat there, feeling horrible. Sonic helped lots and then the car was finally cool. Mom Person grumbled at her black interior, again. She does that alot.

This picture makes us sad. You can see how skinny Yala is. She needs to eat! But look how pretty her fur is. We really love the color of her fur.

And this is after she played with me, and was all tired.

Well, Mom Person THOUGHT she took a great video of us playing, but sigh--it isn't there. I am sure we will show in another post, probably tomorrow.

Mom Person says what is amazing was how the Springers accepted her. Or rather, she pretty much ignored them! Right now she is resting in her crate, which she really really likes. In fact, she likes it so much she growled at all of us when we tried to bother in there, so Mom Person shut her door. Everything else went great, though Mom Person was kinda freaked at how NOISY we were when we played, especially with Scotty freaking out because Yala wouldn't play with him!!!!

And now, we are all very tired, and are going to finish watching House, and go outside one more time. I kinda got in trouble. I, uh, just peed on the carpet. Mom groaned, BIG. I didn't mean to, I just...forgot to go ring the doorbells.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


GOOD Woos for you!!!

Sorry your day was so stinking hot - I would have been khranky too!

Khan't khompletely blame K(h)at for that!

Some good food -KHANIDAE - just ask Steve and K(h)at and she'll be FINE!

Paws khrossed!!!





Maddox said...

Yes, Mom Person says it was STOOPID to get a black interior. She also wishes now that there are 16 paws in the house that she'd kept the Highlander and not traded it in on the Corolla, even though it is Very Sporty and Zooms.

Mom says that one of the names she is thinking of for Yala cuz we don't like her name that much is Kharis. I bet you would like that, Khyra! But she is not sure yet.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Yala looks so happy in your house. We are really happy for you. And Sonic ice cream too!! That's pawsome. We didn't end up stopping for ice cream. Dad was really thirsty so he stopped at the first place he found which was a QT and Mom bought us a 1.5 liter water which we guzzled down in no time.

We vote for a name for Yala that starts with "M" so you can be M&M. That would be cute. We'll have to see if we can think of some good suggestions and send them your way!

Steve and Kat

PS. Our mom messed up her camera and forgot to put the SD card back in it this morning, so it ran out of internal storage just when your turn at the kissing contest started. She feels really bad and hopes you're not mad. We both watched you and you were great on stage.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...


Still thinking... (We gotta go shopping on Amazon!)

Maddox said...

Khyra is so silly. But Mom Person agrees with you and Kat and Steve that her name should begin with an M, too. Then we can change it to "M&M and the Springers!*


Holly said...

Oh, she is sooo pretty! She looks a lot like Amber of the Ao4!!

Mom likes the names Fiona and Ava. Both are so pretty, that they need a pretty girl like Yala to take one of them.

I'm so happy things are working for you all and I hope you can fatten her up! She looks as skinny as I did when I came to live with my mom!


Maddox said...

Holly I hope you see this--she can't be Amber cuz Mom has a good friend Amber, just like she has a Holly, and her co-worker's daughter is named Ava, so that doesn't work,and she likes Myah but her best friend Tammie's dog is named Maya and that is almost the same... But I like Myah. That is so pretty.



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


We like Kharis but we like Myah/Mya for some reason too!

Wonderwooooo why?!?

BUT we want YOU - Maddox - to be happy with it!

After all, you will hear your hu-mom and The Boy say it ALOT!!!

Playbow her fur me!!!



The Army of Four said...

Ooooh, hi and welcome, Yala!!! You're very pretty - Holly is so sweet to say you look like me! :) I was almost named a lot of names before they hit on "Amber" -- Mom really wanted to call me "Nutmeg"! You could use that and go by "Meg" for the "M"! Stormy's really smart; I'll ask her for more ideas!
Our mom drives a Celica with a black interior. Not a real good choice, either!
Congrats to ALL of you - and good luck!

The Brat Pack said...

Hey there!

We came over from Steve & Kat's blog, nice to meet you all. It looks like a great day out there, wish we could have made it. Mom would have had to pull me in a wagon though.

Yala is gorgeous, good job.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We saw on the internet that Maiya was a Russian spelling of "Mya". That could be good since she is Siberian!!

Steve and Kat

Bama said...

Hoowhooowhoo, what a great day. Congrats on placing in the kissing contest Maddox, that would have been lots of fun, mom says I'm a great kisser too. And we're so excited for you and Yala (tho we don't much care for that name either, we like the M&M idea). Hope she works out grrrreat fur you and the rest of your pack! How 'bout Molly, or Megan? We know you'll figure out the perfect name for her.
Bama & the RHP