Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Maddox Answers Holly!

Hi Holly! Thank you for your questions! Mom says it is fun to answers these and it beats housework. She did clean the kitchen though, cuz the Boy finally brought all his dishes downstairs. It was Very Disgusting.

Shelby and Mom just ran to the mall to pick up the Boy. It is not fair, I had to stay in the crate while SHE got to go. Mom told me that tonight was Spend Time with Shelby, and that it was good for her, for bonding. So, she got to go shopping, I guess. Hmph.

Okay now for the answers.

1. What is the most expensive thing, so far, you have destroyed?

Well, Mom says she was Warned Big Time to watch out for this, so had the expensive stuff put up. But there is something I destroyed almost that is priceless. Mom says she is gonna go take a picture of it and will be right back.
Okay, she took a picture. It is a poem that her daddy's daddy wrote to his wife. They were made to marry, and though he loved her from the first, she did not love him for awhile. She wanted to go to college and was forbidden, but he was so good to her she fell for him and later she studied and did stuff because he wanted her to. Pretty sniffy, huh. Mom says she loved her Papa, and wished he had lived longer, until she was older and could've appreciated him more.

It did have all this curlicue stuff around it, that Mom's Mom who is gone now put on it with some lace from the wedding gown. It was kinda tacky, Mom says, but it meant alot to her. I pulled it off a shelf and it destroyed itself under my paws. I felt very very bad about it.

Dec 7, 1920. The jeweled scepter in the hand of the monarch nor the crown on her head above can equal the joy bliss and sweetness of my own first love! She was as beautiful as the dawn of morning, this wonderful girl of mine, and her eyes reflected the goodness and purity and loveliness of an angel divine.

That is how it starts. So, it wasn't expensive, but it was priceless to her.

2. How do you feel about having Shelby get so much attention?

Shelby loves me, and I love her, and she was really sad, really really sad when she got here, but she's all better now and we play and run and play hard and she got to go to the mall tonight but Mom said it was because it is important we each get alone special time.

3. What do you like most about blogging?

YOU, Holly!!!! and Kat, Zim and the Army, Tucker, Steve, Mayamarie, Bama, Juneau, Lacy, Khyra, Samuel, Dustydoodles...and my German friend Schlappi who hasn't written in awhile but he reads my blog when he can.

4. What irritates you most about your humans?

That she goes to work and leaves me alone!!!! And she made me stop my Flying Leap of Joy! And she makes me GET MY NAILS CUT!!!! Wail! I hate that!!!

5 What is your favorite thing about living in you r home with your family (fur and non-fur)?

Oh this is easy. It is FUN! And warm and safe, and my Mom is never ever ever EVER mad at me, or mean to me, or anything! I have the Springers to watch over me (Claire loves me!) and Shelby to play with, and my Mom promises I will be here Furever and she will protect me and love me and buy me more stuffies and always make sure I am fed and have water and will do fun stuff...and she promises me that she will find snow for me, SOMEWHERE! She doesn't know how but she wants me and Shelby to have fun in the snow!

Ohhhh and hey hey hey if anyone wants question, WOO!!!!



Holly said...

Thank you for answering my questions! You had GREAT answers!
I just wanted to say I think that is a beautiful letter your great grandpa wrote to your great grandma! You just don't find tht sort of thing these days. Your mom is very lucky to have had such loving grandparents. I'm sorry your mom lost her dad. My mom lost her dad when she was only 28 and he was 51. Way too young!

Thanks for answering my questions!


Tucker said...

You guys can come visit here when it snows! You have to be quick like bunnies, though. It usually doesn't last very long.

You know those pictures the Human Assistant took of me in snow up to my nose? That was much more than we usually get.

See if some of you can gang up on the humans and get them to come visit!

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hiya Maddox,
How are you feeling? Cosmos won't tell me how you got fixed, I did't think you wuz broken. He said that I will soon find out & grins. We're back to blogging. I hopped on when mommy moved away from the puter for a bit. Thanx fur yur get well wishes for mommy. She is on the mend, too. I had a horrible, puppy day yesterday. Stop by to read alls about it.
Talk to ya soon,

Maddox said...

Hollybollybananaboo, you are most welcome!! Sniff, yeah, it was--the rest of it is pretty khool too. Mom is glad that I at least didn't eat that part, so she forgave me, and then whispered "it is gonna be even better now." Mom lost her husband three years ago, when her khids were 12 and almost 15, but she has a new love of her life now. He lives Far Far Away and we haven't met him yet but she is happier now than ever. I say it is because of me!!!! (She says yes, in part, but because of Nick too, LOL). Khids are doing great but it is hard to lose a daddy so young.

TUCKER my Mom LOVES LOVES LOVES that picture of you in the snow!!! You have the khutest face ever! She says sounds like you get snow like we get here. WIth the khrazy weather these days, we may just get blizzards this year. She hopes so cuz she has a new coat.

Juneau, oh man... you are broke too?? We will come right over to your blog and see about the horrid puppy day. We are soooo sorry to hear that!

Maddox, kinda wordy tonight and pretty tired--Mom says Shelby gonna stay upstairs, no play tonight cuz I'd probably get the Hairy Eyeball thing.

Kapp pack said...

Great answers! Thanks for visiting our blog. We will add you to our list of doggy friends!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Lacy said...

woofies maddox!!! dat was bute ti fulls dat letter...my mamas says dat she might b ables to fixes it, dey do a lots of crafts project at the hgtv website...iffin she wants dey addy my mamas can give it to her...happies u feelies betters after ur hmm surgery!!!!!

b safe,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Very good answers Maddox. Are you going to Barktoberfest tomorrow at Fort Woof? We wanted to go, but we can't because Mom and Dad are getting ready for our birthday pawty on Sunday. Mom said she has to bake a human cake and two canine cakes as well as clean fur. I understand that she has to make cakes, but cleaning fur is so unnecessary.


Tucker said...


Here are Shelby's five interview questions:

1. Your name was Yala before you came to this house - what was it like to have your name changed? Were you confused, maybe, or angry, or what went on?

2. What comments do you get about being red and white instead what people are used to, black and white or gray and white?

3. Who's top Sibe in your house?

4. What's your favorite thing to do that drives humans crazy?

5. You've never seen snow - what do you think it's like?

Tucker said...


I'm not sure which picture your mom likes - the one here with my posts or the one on my blog. That one isn't so cute, though.

There are more photos on a page about the Big Snow that the Human Assistant made.

For quite a while they were about the only pictures he had of me. Now he has enough so that he should update my dogster page.

I've been here almost a year!

Tucker said...

Doh! I guess both pictures are on my blog page - the bigger one and the profile one.

Hey, keeping track of that stuff is the Human Assistant's job! ;-)