Friday, June 20, 2008



It's Me, Maddox!!!!

And me, Shelby!!!!!

We are so happy to be home! Mommy is happy we are home, too--when she came to get us, she had leaky eyes when we raaaaannn into her arms. I licked her all over and hugged her and Shelby woo'd with joy.

Looky looky at our gorgeous new fence Mom paid 'mega-bucks' (whatever that is) for, just for us! It is more beautiful than she thought it would be. The only thing is now we can't see through it. We can't see Charlie, the Doxie next door anymore. We can hear him barking though.

Shelby inspected the new gate and found it SOLID. Darn it! It is metal reinforced, too--I'm checking the bottom, to see if there is a way to dig out from underneath. THERE IS!! But Mom says "No, Maddox, I'm not done yet!" She's going to 'reinforce' the dirt so we can't dig under. She says it gives her The Terrors to think of us digging under the gate. She worries too much. I mean, so we like to do walkabouts now and think. No big deal, right?

Shelby did this to Mom's foot. It wasn't me--no, not MY claw, no way.... (Mom here--I don't know which one it was, but when I finally took their leads off, one of them raked across my foot--OUCH!!!!)

Shelby and I decided it would be great fun to play wrestle on mom's bed. She gave up on the pretty stuff for some reason, and uses N's blankie. N wants a NEW blankie for some reason... Don't know why, he loves Shelby and Shelby's fur is all over it... Sounds perfect to me!

The last three days were really tough at The Vet's. Never mind that they spoil us rotten, baby us, give us baths, kiss our snooters, play with us, rub our bellies.... We are so very glad to be home!

Shelby here for a second--I need thoughts. Mom says "Shelby, you need to go on a diet." I have no idea what this means, but she showed me this today. I am not sure--what IS this, anyone know? Should I be worried? What do you guys think? Green beans???? Why is she showing me this?

Okay that is all, pups and peeps! I think Shelby has the right idea, don't you? Nite all!!!

Oh one more thing--a video of us enjoying our new backyard!!!!!!! Mom is crazy on it--and our neighbor, Doug, who built the Puppy Prison for us, is in it too. :) (Mom here--I sound out of breath cuz I'd just been hauling tree limbs to the gate--there were so many though, I decided to let the kids out for a bit... :)

The Khids' Mom Here

Sigh. This has been the longest week of my life. I had to take the khids to the vet's--Tuesday. Why? Because the fence guys were coming! That in itself is great news of course--I have been waiting forever to be able to redo the fence. The bad news? It is Friday, the khids are still at the vet's because of STORMS!!!!! The fence guys got everything done but putting up the boards when the STORMS hit! Yes we need the rain, but geesh, can't it wait until I get my babies safely home?

Apparently not. So, the last two and a half days, my backyard has looked like this:

It will be awesome when it is done but can you imagine what the huskydoos would do with THAT set up? OY!

I have been amazed by how sad and lonely my house is without the puppies. How LAZY I am. LOL. The only good thing to this I suppose is the extra time I'm giving Scotty, whose health is deteriorating rapidly. With the backyard like the above, I can normally just let the springers out and they'll trot back in when done--still true of Claire, but not Scotty. I have to take him out on leash because he is confused. And watching him move around in the backyard has made me realize something--he is going blind. I knew his eyes were clouding up, and he is totally deaf already, but watching him out there, bumbling around, just added to the rottenness of things of the week. Yes, I keep putting off taking him to the vet. He's not ready for that last drive just yet--but I know it will be soon.

I want my huskies HOME! A house without huskies is just not a home. Not anymore, not for me. :*(

Can I just write off this week?