Thursday, September 20, 2007

And Shelby Makes Four

Well, it is for real now, Mom Person has told the Adopt a Husky Person Cecily (she thought I was cute) that we want Shelby to stay with us.

Well, that is all well and good, but I think Mom Person is kafoozeled. I mean, Shelby is pretty and all, but she is so grumpy! She left us for two whole days, and came back tonight, and won't play with me! And worse, Mom Person told me that we couldn't play for a whole week!


Mom Person said that Shelby has an ouchie on her tummy that will keep her from having puppies ever, and she is grumpy because it hurts, and she is still a little sick from something called animalesia. Hmmm. Mom Person says I am lucky because I have boy bits and those are Much Easier to do something about than Shelby's innards.

Well, okay, but why won't she play with me?????

The vet person said it would be a WEEK before she can be out of the crate much and it is MY FAULT. Because I might get Too Rough and Hurt Shelby and Stretch her Stitches or Something.
I am sad.

So, I guess I am stuck being with the Springers. Mom Person said I was Wound Up and Crazy Bad tonight. Hey, it isn't MY fault she left her red leather shoe out so I could find it...

Maddox, pouting

Monday, September 17, 2007

Shelby Woos

Mom Person started laughing at my subject line. Says she thinks Shelby Woo is a kid detective of some sort. But this is for real--Shelby DID woo this morning! Mom Person was so surprised! Oh, and she says, sigh, if you notice the doorway and the door to her room, is scarred? Scotty did that when he was trapped on the wrong side of the door from Claire. Mom Person was Very Very Unhappy about that.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Quiet Day -- Day Two with Yala

Well, today has been kinda different. It's been a quiet day, really, around here. Everything is pretty peaceful with everyone as long as Yala doesn't get on Mom's bed. Claire doesn't like that AT ALL. Right now I can't imagine Claire and Yala EVER playing. That worries Mom, too. Claire gets mad when Mom pets Yala. Pushes herself between and growls. Yala sometimes growls back. Yala COMPLETELY ignores Scotty. It is as if he doesn't exist!

Most of the day, Yala decided she didn't want to be with me. Pout. Mom says it is because she has been through alot, and is very tired. She's also underweight and still isn't eating much. Mom says she is worried about that and is wanting to ask for advice as Yala is just not that interested in eating. Mom gave her one of the treats that I got in my third place win and she only wanted one, and really didn't care that much about it. Maybe because it was green? Mom is willing to put Yala on a special food all for her--she says why not, everyone else is on their own food. What is one more?

What did Yala do all day? Well, twice she caused some excitement. Mom had her downstairs, and was doing stuff. She walked out to the car a second and came back in and was going to close the big door but then... well... Mom got to do some early-morning jogging she hadn't expected to do. Mom hates the glass front door now.

The second time, Mom turned around later and uh oh, once again, No Yala!!! Mom freaked out, because of that early morning jog. Mom called for her and a voice called down from the Loft. "She's up here asleep on my couch."

Yup, she'd gone upstairs, jumped on the couch, curled up and was fast asleep. She stayed there for HOURS and HOURS!!! ALMOST ALL DAY LONG!!!! The boy says he likes her!!! What is up with that? She would come downstairs to go Outside, but then, upstairs she went! She hardly paid any attention to me except once when she played with me for awhile outside, but then back upstairs she went!!! Boo woo! AND SHE JUST DID IT AGAIN!! The Boy came down just now for some homework, she came with him, he went upstairs and SHE WENT RIGHT BACK WITH HIM!!!!!

And, he changed her named to Shelby. Chose it from his girl friends' names on his cell phone. What is up with that? What kind of name is SHELBY? Mom says he had a Shelby when he was a little kid--a HAMSTER. Sigh. Mom says since he wants to call her Shelby we should let him call her Shelby. Since she is here On Trial for a couple of weeks, to see if she fits and we like her, that is a Positive Step for her.

I am worried that Shelby just thinks I am a pain. I want someone to play Siberian Rough with, like I do with Steve. But Mom says we have to be patient and give Shelby time to Adjust. She is soo very very beautiful, and very sweet (except to Claire). Mom says if there can be peace between the girls it will all be okay. Shelby and I did have fun doing the zoomies outside. Mom loved seeing that, and thinks Shelby will warm up in time. I hope so because we look beautiful together.

Shelby goes this week to be Fixed (whatever that is) and will have to be quiet for awhile after that, but right now it seems I am just going to keep playing with Claire. Claire loves me and played with me outside. Mom filled a big bucket with water for us (and for the birds apparently). Mom says she will share the video as soon as she gets it off the other email thingy.

Thank you to everyone new who has said hi! I will get Mom to add you asap!!!