Saturday, July 26, 2008

We Has BOX!

It is Khristmas in July! And as you can guess, Khyra was our Santa Khlaus!!!! And she spoiled us beyond rotten!!!

Maddox sniffing--he swears he smells Khyra...she has such pretty handwriting!

There wasn't just one box, but two--one for us and one for Mom!

A WUBBA!!! It is all soft! But Mom said, "No, that is for Shelby!"

But I got the Orange Cuz. MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is what Mom got but she won't share...I told her, "One for you and one for me!"

Shelby says the candle smells nifty! Mom hasn't burned it yet though. Pout. (Maybe tonight!)

And bookmarks for mom, cuz she likes to read! There's one for Springers too!!!

Then there was this gorgeous BALL! Mom said, "No Maddox, this one is MINE!!!" But that's okay, there were lotsa tennis balls in there too. Khyra is SO NICE!!! Isn't this pretty though?

Shelby luvs her Wubba!!!!!

Thank you so much Khyra! You are the bestest and most generous Siberian Husky we know!

Maddox and Shelby