Monday, November 26, 2007

Wow, A Miracle!

Do you see that? Do you see who is on the bed at the same time? It is kinda dark but we hope you can see. It is Claire and Shelby, on mom's bed TOGETHER!!! Isn't that amazing? The girls are getting along better, though it was kinda dicey when the Girl was home from college. She just doesn't understand Sibes, and Shelby thought she'd get away with some lousy bad girl behavior and tried to be mean to Claire again. But Mom got help and advice from her wise friends (i.e., Siberian Peeps) and figured out what was going on. Things have calmed down again. Phew. Mom said she was about to toss us all outside forever if they didn't straighten up, and could be seen walking around the house muttering something about 'girls being such a pain.'

Well, I am a boy, so I know it wasn't about me. I am a GOOD boy.

I start obedience on Friday night, too. It is about time! Now I can prove to the world how smart I am!

Maddox, off to see how everyone is doing--and special paws crossed for Bama's family