Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Search Has Begun

Mom Person told me today that the search has begun.

"What search?" I asked her, suitably confused.

When she answered, I was amazed, and a little dazed.

"The search for a new friend for you."

A new friend. A new friend! Yes, it is true, Mom Person and the Boy have decided that the Springers really aren't all that good at pretending to be Siberian Huskies, so that means that soon, very soon maybe, a REAL pup just like me will come and live with us!!!

She warned me it might take awhile, that we must wait for The Perfect Fit (whatever that means), but that we will start visiting pups this very weekend. I am so excited! And nervous, too. I'm pretty spoiled now and hope that whoever this new pup is, she doesn't Take My Life Over.

Then again, if she plays with me all the time, then I might not mind. And yes, Mom Person says she wants a girl for some reason. I guess that would be okay, but then she told me it is really up to me. We will know when the right Siberian Husky--girl or boy--finds us.

So, stay tuned as The Search Continues!!! Mom Person says she will post Saturday after we get back from where we're going, someplace called The Colony 2nd Annual Bow Wow Pow Wow Ow. Steve and Kat will be there!


PS. Here are some pics MP took last night. She says I was "being way too curious" in the first one but I like to watch the fish, so I put my paws on my crate so I could get closer.

And here, of course, is me tearing up Tissue #247! (I don't know why she keeps track, but she does)

And last, she loves this one because she says she can tell my ears are growing again, and she can "see shades of the handsome boy you will someday become." I think I am handsome NOW!!!

But I can see what she means. Can't You?

WAIT!!! What is that other one down there??????

MOOOMMMM!!! You're EMBARRASSING MEEE!!!!!! Take this one OFF!!!!!!!

*blushes* Can't a tired pup relax in peace without the pupparazzi snapping every second?????


Tucker said...

Hi Maddox! I saw your comment on the Ao4 Digest.

My Human Assistant says you're cute. Me, I just don't have the energy to be around puppies anymore. I'm trying to get rid of the one we have now. (She's not a Sibe, though.)

I hope you like your new home! It's hard to move. But it's good to feel at home.

And I hope you get a buddy to play with! That's what our puppy needs. The H.A. thinks she may get one soon. But not here. In a new home.

Be sure to talk Sibe a lot! The humans like that.

The Army of Four said...

Oh, Maddox! I LOVE your ears! When I was in that growth spurt, I got my middle name/nickname - Zichick. It's Ukrainian for "rabbit" or "hare". Hmm.
That's really exciting that you're going to get a Siber-sibling! AND that you get to see Steve & Kat!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We have tons of things in common. First, you're one handsome dude like me. Second, my ears also grew faster than my head so my mom called me her little rabbit. Third, I also like to sleep in that same position! It's so free and stuff. See you tomorrow!


Holly said...

That happens all the time here. Alway snapping that camera flashy thing at us! They wouldn't like it if we did that to them when THEY were trying to sleep!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


How did today's 'hunt' go???

Find any SibeSisSib potentials???

I had sooooo much fun at Tails On The Trail - I saw SOOOOOOO many other Sibes - and even some other khanines!

AND I saw three puppies! KHUTE doesn't begin to describe 'em - so make sure you keep that hu-mom of yours on the trail to get you a playpal!



Bama said...

Wowoooo Maddox, what pawsome news! You're gonna get a pup of your very own to play with! Lots of luck on your search, we just know you'll find the perfect sibesib!
Bama & the RHP
PS. fur a while my ears were so big the humans were convinced I'd never grow into them! It's just a Sibe thing....