Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Maddox Answers Zim!

Good evening everyone--Mom and I are ready to answer the questions finally! Sorry it has taken so long, Zim, but yesterday, I was Going Nutsy and Needed To Go Walk and Be Worn Out. Hmph. And she got home really late, so that she was very tired to deal with that, but felt better after the walk, like I told her she would. I am smart.

But tonight has been great! She got home early, with a new bag of Canidae. (yay!) Shelby and I are playing nicely (much more nicely!) tonight, so she says she has Her Sanity and can help me answer.

1. I heard you just got "fixed". How did you get broken?

Zim, I am very puzzled by this, too. I felt fine, no fever, no broken bones or anything, and Mom took me to the Place With Stacked Crates, and LEFT me there! I awwooooeeed so hard for her to come back and she didn't until after I took a Big Big Nap.

When I woke up? Not only was I "fixed" for unknown reasons--there were two little blue stitches, um, *DOWN THERE* was there was this evil horrid horrible THING on my head! It was awful!!! Look!!!

Mom says that now Everyone in the house is fixed, at least those of us with four white paws each, and she can relax. Why she couldn't before, I don't know.

2. You live with two "Springers". Does that mean they can jump real high?

Mom says that when Claire was younger, she DID spring! Boing boing boing! She is about 8 now though, so she just bounces a bit. Mom said that if Claire hadn't been so sick and taken so long to recover from when she was thrown over a fence, dying, at the Houston Humane Society, that she would've been great for agility. But she says Claire doesn't have proper Stamina--whatever that is. Scotty is just a doofus.

3. It is totally cool that you've played with Steve & Kat at your dog park! How fun was that?

It was soooo much fun!!! I was still very very little, and before they got there, Mom thought I had to go to the baby side. I scared everybody! They were AFRAID of me!!! One little puppy cried and cried when he saw me! Then Kat and Steve came and they said Oh woo, come over to the big dog side, you'll be fine! So I did! And I ran and played and and and...Mom just reminded me that I was really kinda scared at first, and it took me awhile to get going. Steve was great and showed me the ropes and how to play in the pool, and Kat zoomed at me and rolled me like a doodlebug. We got Shelby and she got fixed and then I did, so we haven't been able to meet with them again, but Mom hopes that we can go back soon.

4. Do you have a favorite toy?

Well, I DID...it was a ropey spider, but SHELBY took the stuffing out of it and now, sob, it has been thrown up to stuffy heaven (Mom here--over the washer and dryer is a shelf, and there are now six dead stuffies up there, I am going to try and fix).

5. How did you get your name?

My boy named me and I don't know why he liked it but it really fits except Mom calls me Mad Maddox sometimes. Hmph! Mom just asked him and he saw it on the internet. He says it has nothing to do with anyone famous, no. She said to tell you Shelby got her name when he was scrolling through his cell phone girl friends and passed up all sorts of silly names until he hit Shelby. So the silly thing is we have a Shelby and Claire and so does her sister! Isn't that silly?

Thanks, Zim, those were fun to answer!

If anyone wants to answer questions, just woo here! It may take us a few days to get organized but we will.

Next will be Holly's questions! But I guess since they will be answered last they'll come up first.

Maddox, happy not to be a conehead anymore


Holly said...

Those are great answers to Zim's questions! I like your name! It's very cool! Any my mom's sister use to have a shepherd mix named Shelby who was VERY sweet!


The Army of Four said...

Great answers, Maddox! We're all fixed here, too, though none of us remembers being broken. Isn't it wierd how that works? Mom said it's healthier for us in the long run, so it must be. Mom's fairly smart. She's no Stormy, (who is?), but she's fairly smart!
I know a Bassett Hound named Shelby. She's really cool.
Play bows & thanx for a great interview!

Tucker said...

Yeah, if it's such a good deal, when are the humans going to get themselves fixed?

Maddox said...

Tucker, LOL--Mom says well... she IS fixed (do tubes tied count?).

Lotsa Shelby dogs in this world, aren't they? A shepherd mix is good--Mom's sister's Shelby is a husky-shepherd--but a BASSETT??


DustyDoodles said...

All puppies are broken and only the vets can fix them. At least that's what Da momma says.