Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mom Person is HAPPY!!!

Yay, Shelby Woo ate today! Mom Person got LOTS of great advice from everyone on Sibernet-L and Husky-4-Life about Shelby and how she was starving herself to death. So, since nothing else worked, this morning Mom Person went to the store and got some Cheap Chicken and cooked it for Shelby. In the meantime, she made her breakfast--and me too but hmmm, I didn't get the exact same thing, not fair. But Mom says I am 'just the right weight' and I don't need to gain extra.

Anyway, this morning, Shelby got eggs, cheese and dog food moistened with hot water. She ate about half of it. Mom celebrated!!!!

Tonight Mom made her the chicken with the chicken broth heated up and poured over her food, and added chicken. I got my puppy food with the hot water over it and so did Scotty and Claire (they didn't get puppy food, they got their food)...and then of course it was cooled off, and we gobbled it up! SO DID SHELBY! Mom was SO HAPPY!!! She danced around like a crazy person and made me BARK!!!! Tomorrow, she's going to get us Canidae. She says she is very excited that we will all eat the same thing. I am too. Does that mean I get chicken broth on my food, like Shelby does?

Everything has been going a bit better. Mom read a really cool thing called No Free Lunch (silly title huh) and some thing about the Joy Method and she is using it on us. She says it is really helping the girls with their snarky attitudes. Of course, we boys are just fine with everyone. Girls are so silly. She is making us WORK to get ANYTHING. I had to sit to get my food sit to go out sit to go on a walk, sigh, but she didn't make me sit to come in. She is very proud of me. I use the bells on the back door ALL the time now. She grumbles, something about Slave to the Dog but it works great.

Now to teach Shelby. Turns out she is not housebroken!!! I AM!!! Well, almost.

The Boy was just here! With Shelby! They came downstairs and cuddled with us! Aren't we ADORABLE together????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (Mom says 'ignore that clean laundry there on the bed please.)

That's the Boy's hand. He learned something today--do not blow in a dog's ear. It makes her snap. He nearly lost his nose, but mom showed him where it says on the internet that that is like a 'knee jerk reflex' and he is not to do that again.

And last, because I am the most adorable puppy in the world, here is MEEEE being CUTE!!!!! I love my bucket of water!

Oh and Juneau is my friend, yes he is he is, HI JUNEAU!!!!!


Tucker said...

Mad Dog Maddox! You are cute with that water! Digging holes in it was good!

We're very glad to hear that Yala is eating, even if she has to eat Shelby's food instead of her own.

That's a sweet picture of you together - I hope that you rolled around and got the clean laundry Siber-ized!

Take care of your new sister!

C said...

Tucker, pssttt... I snuck onto Mom's blogspot. Don't tell I will get in trouble.

Yala IS Shelby, you know? The boy changed her name.

Isn't Shelby a silly name? I mean...we know TONS of Shelby dogs.

Sigh. OH well.


Ivy said...

hey hey maddox! of corse you can be my friend. it is always nice to meet a sibe becuz so many nice huskies haf adopted me as a keeshond-who-mite-haf-sum-husky-in-her dog. tee hee!

wowie that chicken for dinner sounds yummy! i wunder if stopped eating if my peepol wud cook chicken for me? nah... better not risk it. i hate to miss a meal! i am so glad that everyone is eating and your mom is a crazy dancing person.

luv ivy

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I know Little Mad Dog Maddox - Shelby just doesn't seem right - my hu-mom and I wanted Mayah or something 'M'y' BUT

If it keeps Khelly happy, I guess we khan live with it -

She'll furever be MissShelbyWoo - GONG SOUND HERE!

Keep lovin' her little pal!

I bet you khan't wait until her needle and thread work is out and you and MSW khan go play with Steve and K(h)at!



P.S. Please promise to leave your momma's leather FURniture intact!!! I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night hearing a shriek from Texas

Holly said...

Way to make yourself comfy on the bed with all the clothes! You and Shelby looks sooo cute together!

I love your water video! Your human needs to get you pool!!


-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hiya Maddox,
It's always great to have new friends! I still have accidents in my crate. But, I'm pretty good around the house & let one of the humes know when I have to go out. But sometimes I just get caught up in what I am doing, & oops - sorry mommy! I do try real hard to make it outside alls the time.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh Maddox, that is a super cute picture of you and Shelby. I think you should get chicken broth on your food too. And I think I should get to eat all of those things Shelby eats. So I have decided that everyday for breakfast, I'm going to run over to your house. Is that okay?


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh, and I'm not going to tell my mom so I can get my normal breakfast here as well.


Maddox with Shelby said...

Steve, you are one smart guy. I'll keep the front door unlocked...


Bama said...

Woo look like woo were having SO much fun! Mom says must be a husky thing cause all 4 of us liked to play in our water bowl! Can I come play too?
Bama & the RHP