Monday, October 1, 2007

Decisions Decisions and How to be a Good Breeder

C writing tonight, as Maddox is too busy playing with Shelby. Shelby says it isn't fair that this is MADDOX'S blog, and why can't it be Shelby, Maddox and the Springers? Or better yet, Shelby and Maddox and the couch potatoes. Hmmm...

Well, tomorrow I take Sir Puppy in for You Know What. I have debated and debated when to do this. I hear so many different thoughts on getting the Big N done. Some say now, some say should've already, some say do it later... Maddox is just about 5 months old, and he is getting it done tomorrow, and is getting his microchip. Done is done, and I am done with it. If he grows a bit taller, then so be it. He is healthy as a horse, and he is strong and I think pretty hefty already for his baby age.

Is this a bad thing to do now? A good thing? It is a necessary thing--that is without doubt. The world doesn't need any more pet-quality pups, which Maddox is and I knew he was when I bought him from his breeder. Recently, someone new posted on a list I'm on (hmmm one of two) and though I am sure she is a nice person etc., she has bred her two sibes and has puppies and, well...I could literally hear teeth gnashing on that list when she asked how to be a good breeder.

How to be a good breeder? Get your dogs fixed unless they truly, truly have lines of high value to the breed.

I love my two kids--Shelby, my puppy-mill girl (and I was able to trace her back to her foundling day, Miss Petland is She) and Maddox, my nicely-bred pup, though not nicely enough bred to warrant his genes being carried onward. Of course not. But their genes do not need to carry on. A friend asked if I was going to breed them just because oh neither were fixed and I nearly dropped the f'bomb. Okay Okay I did drop it. Mentally, anyway. Maybe that attitude is what pushes me to go ahead and do the Big N with Maddox now.

Ahhhh I learned the term Hairy Eyeballs today. I just broke up a too vigorous 'fight' with the Sibes. A sharp "stop" didn't help--but smacking my hands together sure got their attention. I made them sit down and SIT and look at me, then sent them to their corners so to speak.

Everything is calm now. I am learning just how important it is to Be Boss and Be Obeyed.

If I could just get everyone 100% housebroken, I'd be happy 100%. Sigh...



Tucker said...

[mr_ed writing]:

You're doing fine. Don't worry!

How to be a good breeder (my version):

1. Learn the heck out of genetics;
2. Learn your breed's major lines;
3. Line up a mentor or two;
4. THEN start looking for dogs.

Yeah, right. :-)

-- Ed

The Army of Four said...

Totally cute picture!
For what it's worth, we think you're doing the right thing by having Maddox neutered. All of us are "fixed" ... though we don't remember being broken. Hmm...
I house-broke Amber and Zim in no time flat. Dave was house-broken when he got here. Want me to come over and help out?
Tail wags,

Jer said...

Both of my "girls" are spayed. Quincy, the beautiful yellow lab, turns out to have a pelvic bladder and I was advised to not let her have puppies. I said, "No worries about that." And Cookie, our beautiful rescue chocolate lab mix, was fixed at the shelter when I got her. I'm happy as a clam. They appear to be also.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We think you're doing a great job, Maddox Mom! We're fixed and we think Maddox will be all the better for it!

Steve and Kat

Maddox said...

Tucker, you are so smart, and so right. I would think that Siberians worth breeding would be worth thousands. Maddox was 500, but he did come with over a 100 bucks worth of stuff including a crate, and my breeder had done a great job with all the shots, much to my vet's pleasure. Shelby Woo of course wasn't fixed even at 2, so I am glad it looked like she never had any pups.

I keep putting my hand down, thinking my baby Maddox will be there. I am being silly but dang it, I want to pet him!

Shelby is entertaining me though--she is a pretty funny girl.

Thank you Army of Four. Hey I have four now, but with two Springers, there is no way they'd be called an Army... LOL. I am sure none of you were broken.

Jer, see you have two girls who get along great. They are just beautiful. I wonder if I can get my four to pose for a picture together... probably not. LOL.

And Steve and Khat--Maddox can't wait for you to meet Shelby. Once HE recovers... DOG PARK!!!

Bama said...

Oh, woo is us! Poor Maddox puppy, we hate those stoopid conehead torture devices that make us look like some kind of retarded sattelite dish....Don't worry, hopefully woo won't have to wear it long.
Shelby, good for woo keeping your mom company & entertained. Of course woo're funny, that was the furst gene DOG added when he designed us! Soon woo'll all be back up on your 4-feets all at the same time, then let the husky 'lympics begin!!!
Bama & the RHP