Saturday, October 13, 2007

Maddox the Excavator

Maddox is too busy being, well, busy these days to write in his own blog, so I am for now. He has been a real pest the last few days. I think he has Husky Fever or something--the cooler air is making him be sooooo bad!!! LOL. Okay, actually he is just being a typical huskyboy. Nothing wrong with that. He is five months this next week, and is starting to show shades of the beautiful boy he is becoming. His ruff is thickening, and his guard hair is pretty long though I don't see him as fluffy. He weighed in at 27.5 lbs. yesterday at the vet's. I thought it would be well over 30 by now, and in fact the vet said if he was hitting around 35 by his 5 month mark, he'd probably be over 50 lbs. He's not gonna make it, and really that is fine. Shelby is 43.4 lbs. at last weigh in and she is just lovely. Still needs a few pounds though...

I love how they look when they run in the backyard. I really don't need to take them to the dog park, they have their own back here. LOL. I still wish there was one close by, sigh. Fort Woof is about thirty minutes from my house, so isn't convenient.

Anyway--pic spam! Okay only 4 pictures, but... I took this picture last night, and was really struck by his features, how strong they are. My baby is gonna be very handsome!

Maddox, the Puppy King

On this one, they heard the boys making noise in the other room. I was trying to get a still picture of them playing with the dinosaur, as they were playing so sweetly together, so quietly, but oh well. But what I like about this is the shape of the back of the heads, and how it can be seen that despite being younger and weighing less, Madddox's front part is so big compared to delicate Shelby. It looks like if they'd be the same size getting up, but they aren't.

Oh I had this one, too. Kissy faces! These two truly adore each other. I think Claire may be a bit sad, as she has been thrown over for Shelby. But Maddox was getting too rough with her, too hard on her, and I had to keep her from getting hurt. What cracks me up is my daughter said today "Shelby is actually pretty mellow. She's not a bad dog at all." Apparently she thought I was getting another wild man like Maddox, another baby, ready to tear up the world. Nooooo!!! LOL. One crazy Sibe is enough. Maybe it is a boy thing? In any case, Shelby fits, Shelby is beautiful, and Shelby is polite. I love that! And very sweet, too.

And lastly, this is Maddox's digging hole. It is not the best place, but I guess if he is going to dig, this is the easiest place to clean up, and so far he's left under the fence alone. Shelby does not appear to be a digger, but he gets her dirty. He is so bad!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Maddox Answers Holly!

Hi Holly! Thank you for your questions! Mom says it is fun to answers these and it beats housework. She did clean the kitchen though, cuz the Boy finally brought all his dishes downstairs. It was Very Disgusting.

Shelby and Mom just ran to the mall to pick up the Boy. It is not fair, I had to stay in the crate while SHE got to go. Mom told me that tonight was Spend Time with Shelby, and that it was good for her, for bonding. So, she got to go shopping, I guess. Hmph.

Okay now for the answers.

1. What is the most expensive thing, so far, you have destroyed?

Well, Mom says she was Warned Big Time to watch out for this, so had the expensive stuff put up. But there is something I destroyed almost that is priceless. Mom says she is gonna go take a picture of it and will be right back.
Okay, she took a picture. It is a poem that her daddy's daddy wrote to his wife. They were made to marry, and though he loved her from the first, she did not love him for awhile. She wanted to go to college and was forbidden, but he was so good to her she fell for him and later she studied and did stuff because he wanted her to. Pretty sniffy, huh. Mom says she loved her Papa, and wished he had lived longer, until she was older and could've appreciated him more.

It did have all this curlicue stuff around it, that Mom's Mom who is gone now put on it with some lace from the wedding gown. It was kinda tacky, Mom says, but it meant alot to her. I pulled it off a shelf and it destroyed itself under my paws. I felt very very bad about it.

Dec 7, 1920. The jeweled scepter in the hand of the monarch nor the crown on her head above can equal the joy bliss and sweetness of my own first love! She was as beautiful as the dawn of morning, this wonderful girl of mine, and her eyes reflected the goodness and purity and loveliness of an angel divine.

That is how it starts. So, it wasn't expensive, but it was priceless to her.

2. How do you feel about having Shelby get so much attention?

Shelby loves me, and I love her, and she was really sad, really really sad when she got here, but she's all better now and we play and run and play hard and she got to go to the mall tonight but Mom said it was because it is important we each get alone special time.

3. What do you like most about blogging?

YOU, Holly!!!! and Kat, Zim and the Army, Tucker, Steve, Mayamarie, Bama, Juneau, Lacy, Khyra, Samuel, Dustydoodles...and my German friend Schlappi who hasn't written in awhile but he reads my blog when he can.

4. What irritates you most about your humans?

That she goes to work and leaves me alone!!!! And she made me stop my Flying Leap of Joy! And she makes me GET MY NAILS CUT!!!! Wail! I hate that!!!

5 What is your favorite thing about living in you r home with your family (fur and non-fur)?

Oh this is easy. It is FUN! And warm and safe, and my Mom is never ever ever EVER mad at me, or mean to me, or anything! I have the Springers to watch over me (Claire loves me!) and Shelby to play with, and my Mom promises I will be here Furever and she will protect me and love me and buy me more stuffies and always make sure I am fed and have water and will do fun stuff...and she promises me that she will find snow for me, SOMEWHERE! She doesn't know how but she wants me and Shelby to have fun in the snow!

Ohhhh and hey hey hey if anyone wants question, WOO!!!!


Maddox Answers Zim!

Good evening everyone--Mom and I are ready to answer the questions finally! Sorry it has taken so long, Zim, but yesterday, I was Going Nutsy and Needed To Go Walk and Be Worn Out. Hmph. And she got home really late, so that she was very tired to deal with that, but felt better after the walk, like I told her she would. I am smart.

But tonight has been great! She got home early, with a new bag of Canidae. (yay!) Shelby and I are playing nicely (much more nicely!) tonight, so she says she has Her Sanity and can help me answer.

1. I heard you just got "fixed". How did you get broken?

Zim, I am very puzzled by this, too. I felt fine, no fever, no broken bones or anything, and Mom took me to the Place With Stacked Crates, and LEFT me there! I awwooooeeed so hard for her to come back and she didn't until after I took a Big Big Nap.

When I woke up? Not only was I "fixed" for unknown reasons--there were two little blue stitches, um, *DOWN THERE* was there was this evil horrid horrible THING on my head! It was awful!!! Look!!!

Mom says that now Everyone in the house is fixed, at least those of us with four white paws each, and she can relax. Why she couldn't before, I don't know.

2. You live with two "Springers". Does that mean they can jump real high?

Mom says that when Claire was younger, she DID spring! Boing boing boing! She is about 8 now though, so she just bounces a bit. Mom said that if Claire hadn't been so sick and taken so long to recover from when she was thrown over a fence, dying, at the Houston Humane Society, that she would've been great for agility. But she says Claire doesn't have proper Stamina--whatever that is. Scotty is just a doofus.

3. It is totally cool that you've played with Steve & Kat at your dog park! How fun was that?

It was soooo much fun!!! I was still very very little, and before they got there, Mom thought I had to go to the baby side. I scared everybody! They were AFRAID of me!!! One little puppy cried and cried when he saw me! Then Kat and Steve came and they said Oh woo, come over to the big dog side, you'll be fine! So I did! And I ran and played and and and...Mom just reminded me that I was really kinda scared at first, and it took me awhile to get going. Steve was great and showed me the ropes and how to play in the pool, and Kat zoomed at me and rolled me like a doodlebug. We got Shelby and she got fixed and then I did, so we haven't been able to meet with them again, but Mom hopes that we can go back soon.

4. Do you have a favorite toy?

Well, I was a ropey spider, but SHELBY took the stuffing out of it and now, sob, it has been thrown up to stuffy heaven (Mom here--over the washer and dryer is a shelf, and there are now six dead stuffies up there, I am going to try and fix).

5. How did you get your name?

My boy named me and I don't know why he liked it but it really fits except Mom calls me Mad Maddox sometimes. Hmph! Mom just asked him and he saw it on the internet. He says it has nothing to do with anyone famous, no. She said to tell you Shelby got her name when he was scrolling through his cell phone girl friends and passed up all sorts of silly names until he hit Shelby. So the silly thing is we have a Shelby and Claire and so does her sister! Isn't that silly?

Thanks, Zim, those were fun to answer!

If anyone wants to answer questions, just woo here! It may take us a few days to get organized but we will.

Next will be Holly's questions! But I guess since they will be answered last they'll come up first.

Maddox, happy not to be a conehead anymore

Monday, October 8, 2007

Well, this is weird

Maddox will have to post the answers to his questions tomorrow, as he and I are very tired and are going to bed early. I promise his answers will be better answered with a clear head--from the both of us!

I have a question--is this a reverse sneeze like Sitka does? Maddox has been doing this for awhile, usually after a heavy play session with Shelby. Or is he just being weird? Think I have cause for concern? I need to look back on SibernetL and Husky4Life for the reverse sneeze posts.

Any thoughts are welcome! He mostly does it at the beginning because I sat and watched him for a minute or so before realizing I should film it.

How DID I live without this amazing cell phone?