Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It came! It came! It is here!!!!

Hi everyone! It's Maddox! Yes I am wearing Shelby's leash. Mum made me so I would appreciate it if no one made fun of me. Thank you. *rolls eyes*

In any case, I have something to share with you!

The other day a HUGE BOX arrived at our front door step. A man with a brown outfit dragged it into the living room, and there it sat for a couple of days.

I wanted to pee on it but Mum said no....



Finally it got opened, and inside was...you guessed it, my new Sibe Walker!!!!!

Here's a super bad picture of it! Mum apologizes for the quality. That used to be our kitchen. Now it is the Sibe Walker room.

When Mum told me that I would be using it--I was so excited! She took a very terrible video of me walking on it for the second time. Not the first time, because she was scared I'd get hurt, so she made me practice awhile. Tell me what you think! Aren't I amazing? (She says I am!!!) Oh and I didn't get hurt when I forgot to walk--the treadmill is very long. Mum chose it for that reason. I just had to scrabble to get back in place. I wasn't scared at all!

Not bad for only my second time, don't you think? Someday, I will be as good as Maya! (A shout out to Bee, who gives us great treadmill advice! Not too bad so far, am I, Bee?)

Here's a link to the amazing Maya. Isn't she GORGEOUS? Someday I hope to do as well on the treadmill as she does!

Oh and Mum wants to know how do you all make that link be a word, like "Maya?" Instead of the link thing. That is ugly. Never mind! Khyra called and taught Mum how to do it! Thank you Khyra!!!