Saturday, September 15, 2007

What a hot exhausting crazy day

Mom Person is very very tired, and has a headache, and is watching House, so she told me I could go ahead and make the post and tell everyone about Yala, and the Bow Wow Pow Wow, which did NOT have an Ow, because she said, "It is so hot and miserable, Maddox, we will wait to do the Ow until later."

I still don't know what the Ow was! But she said it is something good and important so I guess I'll get it later.

Anyway, it took ForEver to get to The Colony. A whole hour! Mom Person talked to Nick the whole way, so I took a nap. We finally got there and by the time we did it was so hot!!! 92 degrees outside, yucky.

Mom Person parked the car and we walked over to where all the fun stuff was going on. So many dogs! First ones we looked for of course were Steve and Kat and WHEW they were already there. It was great to see Steve, but Kat was kinda gripey. I think she wasn't too happy about being hot. Sniff.

I still think she is beautiful though.

So... Kat's mom Valerie told us she and Kat had signed up for the kissing contest. Now, that sounded like something I could do! So MP and I went and signed up. Then, we went over to the Adopt a Husky booth. Mom was feeling kinda nervous and not sure about this. All those Huskies looked so BIG!!! But I was happy to see everyone.

There was one Mom Person really really liked. Her name was Anna, and she was being adopted! Her new Mom Person was driving up from San Antonio. She was very very nice. And big. And Fluffy. VERY Fluffy.

We then met all the other huskies who were looking for homes. Vasha and Jordan--Mom had really seriously considered them both. But...well, neither really seemed to like me much. Sniff. It might've been the heat but... Well.

Then, there was this girl husky there. Her name's Yala, and she is a bewootiful red and white. Like me, she has bi-colored eyes, blue and AMBER!!! She has a pretty nose, and is very very nice. Mom Person and she and I and Vasha and Jordan all went to the play area, where of course I played with different dogs than the ones I was supposed to.

Now, the bad thing about this makeshift dog park was that there were both little and big dogs in there. Well, see, Yala sorta went after a little one that zoomed past her. It wasn't HER fault, it was the zooming dog fault. And then Vasha scared a little dog, and well... We all ended up back on our leashes. That actually as a good thing, as Mom Person then saw that it was Yala who she really wanted to get to know better. Yes, Yala had been quite interested in that little puppy, but heck Scotty is the same way. Other than that, she really showed she got along with all the dogs there.

Mom Person told me just now that this is a House MARATHON! OH good, that means I get to sleep under the coffee table a bit longer.

ANYWAY. So, we went back to Steve and Kat as the kissing contest was about to start. We were number 44. Kat and her Mom Person were competing, and Steve and his Dad Person took pictures. Kat didn't wanna kiss. Remember I said she was kinda gripey. She really wanted to just stay in the water and cool off I think. When it was my turn, I kissed Mom Person enough to get a few Awws. YAY! It was kinda scary up there on the stage though. I think it would've been better if we'd been able to do it on the ground.

OH there was a Malumute there!!!! He woudn't kiss his Dad Person but the emcee made a bad joke along the line of "We can tell by that tongue he's gotta be a good kisser."

So, guess what! In the end... I WON THIRD PLACE! YES I DID!!!!!!!! I got beat out by this one I don't know what it was, but sigh, he really did love kissing his little girl.

I took my winnings back to the Adopt a Husky tent, and Anna snitched one of my stick treats. It was funny. Mom Person gave Steve one later.

Mom Person asked me then if I would like Yala to come live with us. I said I guess I did. We were so hot and tired that we really didn't do anything much together, but Mom Person said she thought we were so calm together that it was as if we'd been together awhile.

Yala came home with us! She's coming for a Trial Run to see How It Goes. I'll tell you how THAT went after the pictures. I know this is a very long post but this is fun.

First, a picture of beautiful me being a very good boy in the car on the way back. Aren't I adorable? I know I am. And I am a good kisser, too.

OH Steve and Kat, we overheard your Mom Person saying Sonic Ice Cream so we got some too! The girl who served us watched us eat it. It was funny. Mom just hopes it won't upset my tummy tonight. Thank you for that idea!

And here she is, on our kitchen floor!

Aren't her eyes pretty? This is her in the car. She rode GREAT in there. It was so hot in there at first though that we had the a/c going full blast and we all just sat there, feeling horrible. Sonic helped lots and then the car was finally cool. Mom Person grumbled at her black interior, again. She does that alot.

This picture makes us sad. You can see how skinny Yala is. She needs to eat! But look how pretty her fur is. We really love the color of her fur.

And this is after she played with me, and was all tired.

Well, Mom Person THOUGHT she took a great video of us playing, but sigh--it isn't there. I am sure we will show in another post, probably tomorrow.

Mom Person says what is amazing was how the Springers accepted her. Or rather, she pretty much ignored them! Right now she is resting in her crate, which she really really likes. In fact, she likes it so much she growled at all of us when we tried to bother in there, so Mom Person shut her door. Everything else went great, though Mom Person was kinda freaked at how NOISY we were when we played, especially with Scotty freaking out because Yala wouldn't play with him!!!!

And now, we are all very tired, and are going to finish watching House, and go outside one more time. I kinda got in trouble. I, uh, just peed on the carpet. Mom groaned, BIG. I didn't mean to, I just...forgot to go ring the doorbells.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Search Has Begun

Mom Person told me today that the search has begun.

"What search?" I asked her, suitably confused.

When she answered, I was amazed, and a little dazed.

"The search for a new friend for you."

A new friend. A new friend! Yes, it is true, Mom Person and the Boy have decided that the Springers really aren't all that good at pretending to be Siberian Huskies, so that means that soon, very soon maybe, a REAL pup just like me will come and live with us!!!

She warned me it might take awhile, that we must wait for The Perfect Fit (whatever that means), but that we will start visiting pups this very weekend. I am so excited! And nervous, too. I'm pretty spoiled now and hope that whoever this new pup is, she doesn't Take My Life Over.

Then again, if she plays with me all the time, then I might not mind. And yes, Mom Person says she wants a girl for some reason. I guess that would be okay, but then she told me it is really up to me. We will know when the right Siberian Husky--girl or boy--finds us.

So, stay tuned as The Search Continues!!! Mom Person says she will post Saturday after we get back from where we're going, someplace called The Colony 2nd Annual Bow Wow Pow Wow Ow. Steve and Kat will be there!


PS. Here are some pics MP took last night. She says I was "being way too curious" in the first one but I like to watch the fish, so I put my paws on my crate so I could get closer.

And here, of course, is me tearing up Tissue #247! (I don't know why she keeps track, but she does)

And last, she loves this one because she says she can tell my ears are growing again, and she can "see shades of the handsome boy you will someday become." I think I am handsome NOW!!!

But I can see what she means. Can't You?

WAIT!!! What is that other one down there??????

MOOOMMMM!!! You're EMBARRASSING MEEE!!!!!! Take this one OFF!!!!!!!

*blushes* Can't a tired pup relax in peace without the pupparazzi snapping every second?????

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Me and the Springers, Um Playing. Sorta.

Mom Person took this video tonight to show everyone why she is thinking I need someone to play with. She says, "Scotty is actually pretty frisky in this video." She and the Boy Person talked tonight some more about finding me a friend. It can't be just anypup, she has to meet 'Cer-Tain Cri-Teria." I am not sure what that means. It sounds like a place to eat, which is pretty silly.

I didn't get to go on a walk tonight but we played in the backyard a long time, so that was nice. Mom Person is gonna 'make it pretty' back there, but she and the Boy have different ideas of what to do. I for one want a Big Giant Playpool! Doesn't that sound great?

I want to make more friends here. I have four so far! Kat, Steve, Royale and Schlappi, who lives Far Far Away in Germany. Kat and Steve are the best and I can't wait to see them again this weekend when we go to some bow wow ow thing. I think the 'ow' part is because I am supposed to get something called a MicroChip. I have to get it NOW because two weeks ago when we found that sick Siberian Husky girl, she had a MicroChip but her people didn't ever register her. She's in a better place now though, with six Husky brothers and sisters. I am glad she got a new forever home.

Anyway, let's see if I can help get this video thing figured out. It looks so complicated! Wish us luck!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

I am a very bad boy

I am so sorry I haven't posted in so long. My paws were growing so fast I was too clumsy to type and Mom Person had no time, she said, because she was too busy dealing with me.

Last night we went to the dog park for the first time. I got to meet Steve and Kat, who were really fun. Steve was nice to me and Kat rolled me lots but she didn't scare me. She is so beautiful, woo! Mom Person laughed at me running all over and took a video which she is trying to figure out how to upload. She's not too sharp in that regard but I know she will get it.

Here are some pics of me last night at Fort Woof. That is Kat, and me in the water. It was weird to be allowed in water because Mom Person ALWAYS gets growly when I try to get all in my water bowl. She says she will never have dry tile again in the kitchen. I don't see a problem with that, do you?

That is me, watching Steven and Kat in the water as someone else's Mom Person fills up the pool. The other dog, I don't know his name. You can see through the fence to the small dog and puppy side. I should be over there, but I have so much energy I scared some of the little ones so when Steve and Kat arrived, I went to the big dog area. Much much better!

Mom Person calls this picture BLUR. I zoomed LOTS!! It was so much fun once I figured out it was okay to run and run and run!!

And this is me last night. I was sooo tired, I'd played and run so hard! Happy sigh. Mom Person calls this picture Maddox LongLegs because it shows how long my legs are now. I am still not Big though, like the other dogs out there. There was one dog I really liked named Shiner, an all white Greyhound with a patch over his eye. Think that is how he got his name. He was lotsa fun and I hope he is back. There was also a beautiful green-eyed dog mom says is a Weimersomething. I can't remember, but she is in the video mom will try and upload next.

Mom made me pose to show how tired I still was. She said, "What a nice, quiet evening for a change!" Wonder what she meant by that?

That's all for now. Mom Person says now that she has this new camera phone, she'll take more pictures. I wonder if I can go back to Fort Woof soon? I miss it already!