Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Shelby Hijacking!

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I've hijacked this blog away because Maddox is at the Dogital getting his microchip. And something else, kinda like what I got a couple of weeks ago except the boy version. Scotty tried to tell me about it, but I don't care really. I just want him to come back. I'm BORED and Mom Person has a cold and didn't feel like taking me for a walk tonight.

First, I want to show off my tail. My mom loves it, says I am the most beautiful girl Husky she's ever had. (Aren't I the only one she's had?) She loves my tail to pieces and this is why. I guess it is pretty enough. It goes from dark to light.

I want Maddox to come home. I kinda miss the little squirt. Maddox is right. Those Springers don't know how to play. I tried so hard to get them to and they just looked at me. Claire kinda did a funny thing with her mouth, even though I play-bowed at her. Hmph.

And Scotty, oh wow, does he act like an old man or what? I know he is, but Mom says when he was younger, he would've played with me. Now his teeth are not so good anymore, and I am to be sweet to him. I really like him, and rub under his neck like a cat would. He just isn't sure about that but I think he likes it. I know he likes me better than he does Maddox!!!

One last thing, Mom says I am 'very talkative' tonight. I guess I am sorta. She thought I was so funny and she was so happy that I have stopped being toy aggressive (whatever that means) that she took this film of me wooing.

She is right, btw. I do like to be filmed. Because I am PRETTY!


Holly said...

Excellent effort Shelby! Too bad your human didn't figure out that you were trying to tell her to HELP you get the toy away from Scotty! Humans, sometimes they are just too stupid to figure out what we are telling them, but WE know what they are saying! WE know who the more intelligent species is!


Bama said...

Oh Shelby girl, you woowoo so beauwootifully! Mom says you sound a lot like our Cracker, he does that kinda gargly talk thing too, specially when he's trying to tell her somethin really important!
Bama & the RHP

The Army of Four said...

Just jump in there and grab the toy, Shelby! You're a girl Siberian - you're in CHARGE! Or at least send your mom a mind meld message to take it away from Scotty for you!
Tail wags,
PS: How soon 'til Maddox comes home?

Lacy said...

woofies shelby, heehee..u put up a good fight for the toy and maddox will b home b4 ya know it..

b safe,

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Once again, Miss HBBB is the devine furacle -

She woos wisely and with some oooompf

Hey - I do that with my paws too - I lay on my side and just kind push at the air AND I like to lean on things!

Be nice to Maddox fur the next few days - he's missing some bits of things - but he'll be MUCH better fur it!

You khan playbow ME!!!



P.S. I got my new khollar today - it is Wolfpak purple like HBBB's Dreamboat Dave!


Jer said...

Quincy does the same thing. She whines to let me know that Cookie has a toy that she wants. Of course she only wants toys that Cookie has. Ah, sisters!

Tucker said...

That does look like a cool toy. I can see why you wanted it! Besides somedoggy else having it, of course.

You are a pretty girl! It was good to see a movie of you!

Maddox said...

*Shelby Bows*

Thank you thank you... I got the toy later, and then Mom gave me a BETTER toy.

Maddox is home but he is no fun. He has to stay in his crate, with this ugly cone thing on his head. Mom says she can't take it much longer with that thing on him (hmmm, well, mom here and I did take it off--am watching over him and he is fine).

Khyra, my collar is ORANGE. It is the one I came with from adoptahusky.org. What color would look pretty on me?


Lacy said...

woofies, yesss it is truly beautiful...i gonna try to get the pics a little bigger..we will c how it goes...

b safe,
;)lacylulu (aka mama)