Monday, September 24, 2007

Vehicle Tag!

Holly Bolly the Malamute Extraordinaire tagged me and Shelby Woo too to play Vehicle Tag. We thought about it lots and we came up with this!

First of course is me. Mom says I am, without doubt a Karmann Ghia. She had one years ago, Cherry Red like this, and she said just like me it was sporty, silly, fun, and made lotsa noise.

Shelby says this one was EASY! She IS a Shelby!!! SEE??? It even has her name on it! And she likes the color cuz it is a dark version of her one blue eye. It is tough and growly! Although she is turning out to be really sweet, the Boy says, now that she is eating and feeling better. Her snarky growls are turning into happy growls. Makes us ALL happy.

And of course, there are the Springers. Old, Reliable, packs a lot of weight...what else can you say about Volvos and Springers? Alot alike. *nods* Don't you think?

Oh, and.... Out with the old:

And in with the new!

The pretty blue bag is for Shelby. Why does she get the pretty stuff? Hmph.

Maddox, waving to his new friend Ivy!


Tucker said...

Maddox, those are neat cars!

Human Assistant says Karmann Ghias were "just Volkswagens" but still pretty cool! A Wikipedia article reminds him that Agent 86 drove one in Get Smart! And it was in some neat movies.

Good thing Shelby didn't have to find a Tala automobile!

H.A. says he liked the square Volvo station wagons. Being half-Swedish and all.

Shelby gets the bag with the silly name on it. Well, the name that doesn't sound like dog food, anyway. Don't worry, yours is cool too!

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hiya Maddox,
Mommy is going to do some new postings this afternoon when she comes home from work. Great vehicle picks. Tell your mom that I weigh 31 pounds; Cosi weighs 49. Everybody thinks that I'll be bigger than him. What day in May is your birfday? Mommy & Daddy adopted my bruther, Cosmos, from MAPAW this past Feb. When he was placed in a foster home, he had tummy problems. They tried various dog foods & then put him on Canidae dog food. He did great on that. I have been on it the very first day I was brought home. Good stuff! I liked the video of you doing the backstroke in the water. I do that in our water bowl all around the kitchen. Mommy yells, Cosi smiles. I'm quick - she hasn't been able to get it on film yet. I so love to lay in the wet & take a nap. Feels cool! Talk to you real soon.

Holly said...

Wow, great cars!! I love that Shelby has her own with her name on it! This is WAY cool!

Nice to see you have picked some new great food! I hope you like it! I liked the Barking at the Moon, but mom took it away from us cuz Kona has allergies to the fish, so now we all just eat Samuel's Duck and Potato. It's very tasty, and helps with any allergy problems any of the rest of us might get (or already have)


Lacy said...

woofies maddox, claire, shelby, and scotty!!!!nice to meet u all..the cars r fabooolous..i b new here sooo i sniffin everdog and hamsterrier out...


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I like all of your car picks. Shelby's is really cool. How do you like your new food?


Maddox with Shelby said...

Maddox and I have a question--do we just answer here, and hope y'all find the response? We don't know yet how this works, exactly.

****shoves MP out of the way

Hi, Tucker! MP (mom person, though I like H.A. too) says she LOVES Get Smart and says the movie is coming out soon. She's gonna see it for sure.

Nope, no TalaYalaAuto. Whew.

Hiya, Juneau! I was born May 17th. Shelby weighs 49, Claire weighs 55 (all that fur)and Scotty is 65. He is 'solid as a rock' MP says.

Last weigh-in, exactly two days before I turned 4 months, I weighed 27.4 lbs. But MP says she swears I am 'packing it on, fast.' Tell Cosmos I feel his pain, I had those tummy problems. They were probably feeding him Cow Food, like Science Diet or something. (MP made that mistake but I have forgiven her).

MP says to tell you to tell your mommy that I've stopped doing that to my water bowl now that I have my own big tub but she can relate to the always wet floors.

Holly, Shelby won't eat the Barking at the Moon! She turned her nose up at it! I think my mom told your mom already about that. MP is grumbling because it 'was not cheap.'

Steve and Kat(or Khat if Khyra is around), we LOVE the Canidae. MP was bad. She put us on it cold turkey and NONE of us had a problem with it. Not one bit. And...tonight, growling at Shelby she gave her some too, but added some Innova Evo canned stuff. Ohhh that smelled good and I wanted some too but she said No, only for Shelby.



Maddox with Shelby said...

Hi, Lacy! Thanks for leaving your pawprint! I will go visit your blog!