Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Texas Trio it is!

Thanks and special woo's go out to Khyra for her suggestion of the Texas Trio. We are using it!

Now just need to find a good layout, or someone to do it for Mom. Heck she says she's even willing to pay for a layout if it doesn't cost too much.

Maybe I should start talkin' with a Texas twang from here on out. Mom does it real good, but always says I should talk proper-like. I kinda like twang-ing though, it's fun.

Okay we're fixin' to take our naps! See y'all later!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

*waves* We Haz Ice Cream...and other news

Hi Everypup--it's me, Shelby Woo, reporting in. Yes, I know, it has been three months since we posted last, but me and Maddox have been busy. Alot has been going on in our house, some good, some not so good.

First the good. Mum's friend from Germany was here for three months...and I was in Hog Heaven. So many tummy rubs, so much attention...with M here, Mom and M were able to walk us both together. We had lots of late-evening adventures as a result! We also got to go to the dog park lots, and once even took Claire! Now M is gone, back to Germany, and I am VERY sad about that. Mom can't handle us both alone for some reason...so we're back to playing dog park in the backyard.

Now the bad. Or the first one. We got ROBBED! Many of you know that already, that Mom's computers, the Boy's guitars, and all sorts of other things were taken. It took Mom FOREVER to get re-set up on computers again...insurance just doesn't pay out the full value like one would think. But now we've got TWO new computers--one laptop, and this one, which I like cuz it has a 22" monitor! WOO WOO!!!!!

Now the second bad, which is the saddest thing of all. We're no longer Sixteen Paws. Mom helped Scotty over the Bridge about six weeks ago. It was his time, she said, and the Vet agreed. Mom said it was peaceful and beautiful, and though she cried like crazy, it was a beautiful gift to be there for Scotty. He was fifteen, which is WAY old for a Springer.

So now we're down to--uh, what is that...Twelve Paws. Doesn't that sound stupid?

Because it does, Mom is going to redo our blog over Thanksgiving. Doesn't know how yet, or if it will stay here or be different elsewhere, because after all, I am THE SHELBY and not MADDOXTEXAS. Hmph. That makes me grrr. I think it should be SHELBYTEXAS at the very least!

We'll keep y'all posted, and Mom says there are tons more paw-friends to add (even some cat named Huffle!) and she'll be getting to it next weekend.

In the meantime, anyone got a suggestion for a new blog name? Would be mighty welcome.

Shelby Woo

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We Has BOX!

It is Khristmas in July! And as you can guess, Khyra was our Santa Khlaus!!!! And she spoiled us beyond rotten!!!

Maddox sniffing--he swears he smells Khyra...she has such pretty handwriting!

There wasn't just one box, but two--one for us and one for Mom!

A WUBBA!!! It is all soft! But Mom said, "No, that is for Shelby!"

But I got the Orange Cuz. MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is what Mom got but she won't share...I told her, "One for you and one for me!"

Shelby says the candle smells nifty! Mom hasn't burned it yet though. Pout. (Maybe tonight!)

And bookmarks for mom, cuz she likes to read! There's one for Springers too!!!

Then there was this gorgeous BALL! Mom said, "No Maddox, this one is MINE!!!" But that's okay, there were lotsa tennis balls in there too. Khyra is SO NICE!!! Isn't this pretty though?

Shelby luvs her Wubba!!!!!

Thank you so much Khyra! You are the bestest and most generous Siberian Husky we know!

Maddox and Shelby

Friday, June 20, 2008



It's Me, Maddox!!!!

And me, Shelby!!!!!

We are so happy to be home! Mommy is happy we are home, too--when she came to get us, she had leaky eyes when we raaaaannn into her arms. I licked her all over and hugged her and Shelby woo'd with joy.

Looky looky at our gorgeous new fence Mom paid 'mega-bucks' (whatever that is) for, just for us! It is more beautiful than she thought it would be. The only thing is now we can't see through it. We can't see Charlie, the Doxie next door anymore. We can hear him barking though.

Shelby inspected the new gate and found it SOLID. Darn it! It is metal reinforced, too--I'm checking the bottom, to see if there is a way to dig out from underneath. THERE IS!! But Mom says "No, Maddox, I'm not done yet!" She's going to 'reinforce' the dirt so we can't dig under. She says it gives her The Terrors to think of us digging under the gate. She worries too much. I mean, so we like to do walkabouts now and think. No big deal, right?

Shelby did this to Mom's foot. It wasn't me--no, not MY claw, no way.... (Mom here--I don't know which one it was, but when I finally took their leads off, one of them raked across my foot--OUCH!!!!)

Shelby and I decided it would be great fun to play wrestle on mom's bed. She gave up on the pretty stuff for some reason, and uses N's blankie. N wants a NEW blankie for some reason... Don't know why, he loves Shelby and Shelby's fur is all over it... Sounds perfect to me!

The last three days were really tough at The Vet's. Never mind that they spoil us rotten, baby us, give us baths, kiss our snooters, play with us, rub our bellies.... We are so very glad to be home!

Shelby here for a second--I need thoughts. Mom says "Shelby, you need to go on a diet." I have no idea what this means, but she showed me this today. I am not sure--what IS this, anyone know? Should I be worried? What do you guys think? Green beans???? Why is she showing me this?

Okay that is all, pups and peeps! I think Shelby has the right idea, don't you? Nite all!!!

Oh one more thing--a video of us enjoying our new backyard!!!!!!! Mom is crazy on it--and our neighbor, Doug, who built the Puppy Prison for us, is in it too. :) (Mom here--I sound out of breath cuz I'd just been hauling tree limbs to the gate--there were so many though, I decided to let the kids out for a bit... :)

The Khids' Mom Here

Sigh. This has been the longest week of my life. I had to take the khids to the vet's--Tuesday. Why? Because the fence guys were coming! That in itself is great news of course--I have been waiting forever to be able to redo the fence. The bad news? It is Friday, the khids are still at the vet's because of STORMS!!!!! The fence guys got everything done but putting up the boards when the STORMS hit! Yes we need the rain, but geesh, can't it wait until I get my babies safely home?

Apparently not. So, the last two and a half days, my backyard has looked like this:

It will be awesome when it is done but can you imagine what the huskydoos would do with THAT set up? OY!

I have been amazed by how sad and lonely my house is without the puppies. How LAZY I am. LOL. The only good thing to this I suppose is the extra time I'm giving Scotty, whose health is deteriorating rapidly. With the backyard like the above, I can normally just let the springers out and they'll trot back in when done--still true of Claire, but not Scotty. I have to take him out on leash because he is confused. And watching him move around in the backyard has made me realize something--he is going blind. I knew his eyes were clouding up, and he is totally deaf already, but watching him out there, bumbling around, just added to the rottenness of things of the week. Yes, I keep putting off taking him to the vet. He's not ready for that last drive just yet--but I know it will be soon.

I want my huskies HOME! A house without huskies is just not a home. Not anymore, not for me. :*(

Can I just write off this week?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

An Opinion, Please

Hello, everybody! Maddox here. We need some help from our friends to clear up a little something. Mum has decided that we are getting lazy. She says that every time she wants to take a picture of us, we are lazing around, never doing anything. We say that she is blowing things out of proportion. What do you guys think? Do we look lazy to you?

Obviously, in this picture, I am thinking about new ways to deposit my hair on mom's rug.

And in this one, I am practicing making shadow sibes.

Shelby says that she is actively warming the end of mom's bed. Not lazy, at all.

Me, being a good puppy keeping mum company while watching European Soccer.

And lastly, Shelby keeping an eye on the house while everyone else is busy. She is very scary, isn't she? Intruders would definitely think twice after seeing her.

So see? We aren't lazy. Every minute of the day, we are busy, as all good Huskies should be. Closed eyes are all part of the plan. Mum is so silly, isn't she?

Maddox, signing off

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It came! It came! It is here!!!!

Hi everyone! It's Maddox! Yes I am wearing Shelby's leash. Mum made me so I would appreciate it if no one made fun of me. Thank you. *rolls eyes*

In any case, I have something to share with you!

The other day a HUGE BOX arrived at our front door step. A man with a brown outfit dragged it into the living room, and there it sat for a couple of days.

I wanted to pee on it but Mum said no....



Finally it got opened, and inside was...you guessed it, my new Sibe Walker!!!!!

Here's a super bad picture of it! Mum apologizes for the quality. That used to be our kitchen. Now it is the Sibe Walker room.

When Mum told me that I would be using it--I was so excited! She took a very terrible video of me walking on it for the second time. Not the first time, because she was scared I'd get hurt, so she made me practice awhile. Tell me what you think! Aren't I amazing? (She says I am!!!) Oh and I didn't get hurt when I forgot to walk--the treadmill is very long. Mum chose it for that reason. I just had to scrabble to get back in place. I wasn't scared at all!

Not bad for only my second time, don't you think? Someday, I will be as good as Maya! (A shout out to Bee, who gives us great treadmill advice! Not too bad so far, am I, Bee?)

Here's a link to the amazing Maya. Isn't she GORGEOUS? Someday I hope to do as well on the treadmill as she does!

Oh and Mum wants to know how do you all make that link be a word, like "Maya?" Instead of the link thing. That is ugly. Never mind! Khyra called and taught Mum how to do it! Thank you Khyra!!!


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dog Gone It -- it is Maddy's Fault!?!?!?!?

As some of you critters know--oh this is Carolyn, not Maddox, btw--I have been suffering some very bad shoulder/arm pain since last Thursday. Talk about horridible! I have barely been able to get through the day, and have been popping pills, applying heat, taking long baths, working half days, went to a chiropractor (thank heavens--he popped me back into place) and tonight, still feeling pretty icky, I went to a massage therapist.

Now--the chiro thought for certain that I have a pinched nerve in my neck. Therapist agrees. But, she was not satisfied that that was all that was wrong. After spending a lot of time (was there for 1.5 hours, getting massaged and worked on) we finally deduced that my arm problem is actually not directly related to the neck and shoulder problem. She decided that I was suffering from a bad case of carpal tunnel--and guess what we figured out was the cause?

Pulling Siberian.

Yes--that would be Maddox Rogers, we're talking about--I always hold the leash with my left hand, the extra with my right. And as we talked and discussed this it became clear that yes, Wednesday night we took a long walk and yes, Mr. Maddox took extra long to settle into business. He pulls, but not like Shelby--after about a half mile he settles in and walks correctly. But the way I hold onto him has acerbated my left limb's problems.


SOOO!!!! After changing what she was doing, doing stretches specifically with that problem in mind....I started to get relief at last. I will be continuing the exercises and stretches on my own--no more heat, it is COLD it needs (finally, a good use for those frozen cranberries in there!) and I will have to think of a different way to walk His Lord and Master. I am not sure what to do yet, but I have got to do something to keep the pressure and pulling off my arms. Not walking him is NOT an option!!!! Any suggestions are welcome!!!

I got home so late but had a steak thawed I needed to cook. A t-bone no less! So I cooked it anyway, and guess who oh-so-politely helped me eat those last little bitty bits? Uh huh... One thing I love about these two is how delicate they are. The Springers chomp like crazy idiots (watch the fingers!) but the two Sibes are just so gentle! Gotta love that!!!

Always a perfect lady (at least for me lol):

Oh the reward that patience brings!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sheepish Grin

Um.... Maddox here! Um... Everypup has told MomPerson how IN TROUBLE she is for not letting me blog. She's all full of excuses but what excuse is good enough to deny you all the pleasure of ME? She feels very very bad about that, and well she should. But rest assure, all is well here, and we're fine. Except for Claire, cuz Shelby keeps being mean to her. Sigh. MomPerson says 'we're working on it.' MP found a bite on Claire's shoulder, but it is healed so it must've been from at least a week ago. What to do? Sigh.

So...what is new in our world! Not much right now. MP has been taking us to the dog park every weekend. We went TWO WHOLE HOURS last Saturday. MP said it was the most peaceful weekend she's had in a long, long time. The Girl is coming home soon--for good this time, MP says. Coming from someplace called The Oklahoma. The Girl is not happy there. I think she misses me. Who wouldn't?

I've been a very good boy lately--I wonder if I will ever win my HULA membership. The worst thing I've done is dug my crater deeper. Maybe you guys out there can teach me how to be a Bad A** Sibe? I need help!!!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello Everypup!

Hi guys, I know, I know, it has been a month since I wrote. Or rather--since Shelby wrote. Mom has been "too busy" to post, mostly cuz over the those sibermal folks and because she was getting all ready for a visit from Somebody Furry Special from Germany. That's a country far far far away from here, but closer to where we have our roots than Texas.

The furry special friend (FSF) came not knowing much about having dogs in the bed, but knows aaaallll about how much FUN to cuddle it is, and how very good I am at it.

Anyway--this is just a short short post to show you the present that I got!!! The FSF got it JUST for MEE!! (Shelby here--I scream FAVORITISM!! NOT FAIR!! though the FSF DID give me a fortunate cookie leftover from Chinese food, yummy!!!!)

Go away, Shelby!!! This is MY POST!!!! Grrrr.

ANYWAY--here is me and my new toy! Isn't it cool? Aren't I cute????

That's all for now. The FSF is very tired, something about flying almost sorta halfway across the world in less than a day (I don't see any wings though--not sure how THAT was accomplished) and so we have to have quiet movie time now. Which means--MORE CUDDLE TIME! YAY!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shelby Woo, Dawgtective!!!

Shelby Woo reporting once again from North Texas.

I have come across some further evidence in my quest to prove my suspicions. What are those? You don't remember?

Well, I will tell you.

I have reason to believe...that Maddox is not a Siberian Husky!

And this is why!

I present Exhibit A. Fetching.

Yes fellow Sibes, it is true. I have it right here, the proof that Maddox fetches toys! Everyhusky knows that Siberian Huskies do not fetch! I know it is hard to believe. But I am sad to say, well, that... It is too painful to say it. Just look for yourselves at the evidence. (And that is me yes chasing him, trying to tell him to stop acting like a labrador!!!! But he would not listen!)

For your viewing:

All right now. Now you have seen the evidence, an original, uncut, documented video of Maddox chasing a toy. What do YOU think? I say it is STRIKE ONE against Maddox Rogers, don't you?

And here I present to you the next video that firmly seals, at least in my mind, that Maddox is not a Siberian Husky. I mean, what Siberian Husky is jealous of a Springer? I mean, come on! I, Shelby Woo, know better. But here it is in brilliant color (if not a little shaky).

I present: Exhibit B Jealousy over brushing:

I know, like me, you are speechless. Sigh. I will continue to gather evidence against Maddox and his ability to keep his Husky Card. It is only a matter of time, I am afraid.

Until then....

Shelby Woo, Dawgtective


I woke up this morning, feeling both sad and happy at once. Sad that sweet Durango lost his battle with Parvo, and glad that Thunder found his forever home, and woke up this morning to his new life. The battle to save these dogs is one I never thought I'd care so much about, but there is something about this breed that makes me care, deeply. Maybe it is the people? After yesterday I realized just how many truly special people I've met through Sibernet-L, and the smaller list I bounce around on, Husky4Life. Both are very different lists but both have very caring people who just want to help.

It is frustrating to see how hard some try to make it work with their dogs, only to see someone just give up, say "I can't do this" because her dog 'refuses' to act essentially like a Labrador. I fear for that one's life, frankly. Instead of celebrating the Siberian Husky uniqueness, I see a person coming to hate it. I just hope that she follows through and finds this girl another home--but though she 'doesn't think the dog likes me' as she puts it, she is wrong. This dog is blessed with living in the wilderness practically, with true room to run. She has a warm safe bed every night, and regular food. Just because she doesn't sit there and thump her tail and smother her owner with kisses (okay like mine both do lol) doesn't mean she doesn't love her owner. But... that's not good enough. Not good enough. I guess we'll never know if she gets a new good home or not. Sigh. It sucks.

These dogs to me are a breeze, because just like with my kids, smile, I love them for who they are. Sure they are different, very, from my Springers--and I celebrate that!

By this time next year, I hope to be with a fostering program. I am so looking forward to that, even though my kids will screech. A little. Mostly cuz they'll be afraid I'll want to keep every dog that comes in here. But that is not the case. I have the backyard and the desire to help pups on their way to good lives, so I think I should. Even if I only save one, isn't that a wonderful thing? I think so.

Give me dog people any day, by golly. People who care about helpless creatures. People who aren't afraid to take a raw dog and work to make them happy. I am GLAD that Shelby challenged me, made me work to integrate her into this household--she's taught me a great, great deal about so many things. She's a success story, 100%. I couldn't have done it though without help from people like you guys, especially Peg from Husky4Life who helped me keep from happening in my house what happened with hers. I keep thanking her but dammit, I really do thank her! Her advice was just what I needed, for my situation.

I know that this is why I get so GROWLY at those refusing to give their dogs time, refuse to work with who they are. A week of 'trying' is NOT going to be enough time to turn things around. ARGH!! It took several months! And oddly, what kicked everything into final place was boarding Shelby, then retrieving her and bringing her back home--since then, HEAVEN! Geesh. Growl. Snarl. PFFT! (oh wait that is a kitty cat sound!)

Yesterday, Maddox and I took a nice walk in the park by my vet's office. I had him weighed and he only was only a half pound more than he was a month ago. I was surprised! He is taller and longer though--but just stayed the same weight. He'll be eight months on the 17th. Hard to believe!!!

When we were walking we saw this doggie watching us. Isn't he cute? He is lucky, his owners made him not one but two of these portholes so he could watch people walking by. We went up and talked to him. He is very sweet. He is either a Husky mix or a Very Big Husky or a Small malpal but he wasn't heavy enough for that. LOL. In any case he and Maddox had a nice talk and when I walked back by later, an older gentleman was talking to him. I have a feeling he is a favorite place to stop for the regulars. It was a nice park. The houses on one side, and on the other, a nice stretch of water with duckies and gulls. There's a retirement center there so lots of regulars. It's only a 3/4 mile walk one way, so not nearly long enough, but it sure was nice. We'll go back.

Sweet doggy.

Guess that is it. I just hope the FiveHappyHounds (sigh) are doing okay today. Maryann, if you see this? Just let me know when you want to meet. I know you must be really wiped out but Maddox and I would love to meet you and yours someday soon.

Carolyn and the Crew

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Both a good and a bad week.

EDITED TO ADD: Here I have just been all whiney about family troubles, when something far more important has been going on. Little Durango, the newest member to the Bratt Pack, has Parvo. Not only is he fighting for his life, but his new family is in danger too, and has had to lose all their toys and bedding, etc., just in case. I agree with Khyra that it is Not Fair. So everyone, pull on the power of the SiberWorld to wish this little fellow well. Another Sibe special to many but whom I don't know (yet) is Rudi, or RudiRudiRudi as Khyra khalls him. He has evil lumpy things in his liver, and his family is waiting to see what happens next. RudiRudiRudi and Durango, get well!

Now back to the previously posted post:

We have to thank Holly and Prince and Summer for nominating us for the You Make My Day award!!!!

Y'all make us feel special, and loved! Thank woo thank woo!!!! You made OUR day TODAY!!! Mom needed it. She wants to write next so we're turning over the compawtur to her now. M&S

Hi Everyone, T\this has been a rough week, and yet an amazing one, too. First the good--Flurry! Thunder! It is awesome that both these Siberians have found their forever homes thanks to Sibernet-L. I really like Flurry's mom Carol alot. She has a huge heart, and has opened it to include that poor hurting little baby girl. I can't believe what a difference Flurry's life has been compared to Maddox's, though they are about the same age. Maddox has not and never ever will know the sadness that Flurry has, and yet... The newest pictures of Flurry show a spark returning already, a perkiness of the ears of Hope itself. She is pretty furless but what fur she has promises to be really rich and gorgeous. It will be great to follow her progress. Flurry's the reason why I at last got on the ball and got those Dogster pages done. Yay! Please friend us or paw pal us or whatever if you have the chance.

Maddox: http://www.dogster.com/dogs/650214
Shelby: http://www.dogster.com/dogs/650215

Then there is THUNDER!!!!!! Formally Guapo, he will soon be winging his way via Thelma and Louise (tee hee) to his new home. I think Thunder is one of those lucky lost pups--he doesn't look like he's in bad shape at all. In fact, he is beautiful and looks like he's known love. That is a great thing and I imagine and hope that his entry into Stormy's and the Pompoms' lives will be smooth and easy.

The bad week comes from a decision of one of my SIL's to tell the other SIL that I said things about 2nd SIL's husband, who is in Iraq, that I did not. I am very, very upset and disappointed, as it looks like actions of #2 has ruined my relationship with the others. A long history of problems with this family--when my husband was sick with his heart problems, well, the siblings and spouse of the one did not know about it until after he died. It was his choice due to their pettiness and I think he might've had the right idea. Still, I'd hoped... Foolish me.

Wonderful folks like Shelli and Jan, so willing to hop into the car and drive forever to deliver Thunder, and Carol for taking in Flurry, and all those amazing folks who have really stepped it up and tried to help, like Ed and others, are just amazing and go a long way to restore my faith in people. There ARE good folks and they happen to have dogs... Hmmm. Neither SIL has dogs. I'm telling you, there maybe something to that. Think?

In any case, I am still sad about it all, and angry for being maligned, but there is nothing for me to do but turn to good stuff. So tonight, I went SHOPPING!!!!!!!

Shelby came to us from www.adoptahusky.org, in Plano, and friends Steve and Kat put out the word that collars were desperately needed. I'd seen some inexpensive collars in Walmart the other day, so thought oh, I could get a few of those. Well, tonight I stopped in Walgreens, and WOW, found a whole bunch of pretty collars and leads for CHEAP! Only FIVE DOLLARS A SET!!! So I bought all the big ones and one littler one for a pretty girl sibe (the pink one). I know it will really make the pups looking for homes stand out with those new collars and matching leads. Just a small thing but it was easy, and I'm going to try and keep doing that every month.

Shelby, the silly, thought when I brought the Walgreens bag into my room and dumped it on the bed that I had bought new STUFFIES!!!! She was disappointed, until she realized what and who they were for.

Those sure are funny looking stuffies, Mom.

Later, just throwing this in to grin about how much better Claire and Shelby are getting along, I was sitting at the computer looking at the Dogster page for Beau. Just like Blue he is missing. Beau was stolen, Blue slipped out during a really sad day unnoticed until it was too late. Both Beau and Blue are gonna come home someday, they are just gonna. (It made me sigh to have Blue's website name known by heart). Anyway, there I was with Claire, all cozy, when up jumped Miss Shelby who THREW herself across my lap. The girls no longer fight, but they do wanna be the one closest to me. Silly girls, but life with those two vying to be #1 Girl is funny sometimes. (Of course they are BOTH #1 girls to me!)

Ha ha Claire, I am CLOSER to Mom than YOU ARE! HA!

I did notice that whenever I take a picture of Shelby, she looks at me with that single blue eye of hers as if to say, "Sigh, another picture? Don't you have enough?" But I especially adore the one below. Can you tell I am mad for this girl? She has turned, like Claire, into my Shadow. She, like Claire, thinks her place is RIGHT HERE if she is not playing with Maddox. Maddox is Everybody's Dog, whereas Miss Shelby Woo has planted her paws firmly on MY heart. She likes my son, sure, but she LOVES me. It is amazing and wonderful. I also put this as my pic on my cell phone. :)

Now to Mr. MadMaddox. He is getting HUGE!!! Holly's mommy predicts he is going to be BIG! He's already passed his daddy up by five lbs. maybe more, and is not quite 8 months. One more week! WOW! I will be taking him to be weighed for his heartworm preventative (a must here) and can't wait to see how much he weighs.

Gimme it! Gimme it NOW!

Holly, do you recognize it? Do you do you? That is the COOL BLUE BALL you gave me for Christmas! Thank WOO so much! MP (the silly) did NOT realize it was in with the treats, and gave it to me tonight! I love it! Thank woo thank you.... Do I have to share it???? `` Maddox

Friday, January 4, 2008

A Peaceful Friday Night

Well, finally, I am here to write a post. I really hate how busy Real Life keeps me, robbing me away from all the fun stuff, like sharing about how Maddox and Shelby are doing. All is well, I've got a fire going, the Christmas Tree is lit (yes yes it is still up! I will take it down Sunday), Shelby is folded over my toes, Maddox in front of the door where he likes to lay. Claire is upside down and feeling much better--she, um, developed a girlie infection, and has meds now and is much happier. *blush for her* She's also had about ten pounds of hair removed. Oy, Springers! They shed AND have to be shaved! Sibes are NOT THAT BAD!!!!

Let's see, I have saved a couple of things for this post. First, I want to ask darling Khyra if she has been to Fort Worth or something? Seems I saw her trademark talk at a new restaurant I went to. Check this out:

Also, I am very proud and happy to have been able to share my story about Shelby with www.adoptahusky.org of Plano, Texas--the folks we got Shelby from. I thought it would be good to post about her, as y'all know she took a bit of work to make happy here and part of the family. She is perfect now--it is amazing what a different girl she is! But what if I had given up on her? I mean... I know lots of people would've. But I had to believe that we had lots of reasons to make it all work. Here's her story though: http://www.adoptahusky.org/tails1.html

And lastly, have to share Maddox's new passion. I plugged in my humidifier for the first time this winter--I always get such dry skin, this thing is heavenly. Maddox flipped over it! He thinks I am the greatest Mom in the world for giving him cool steam right in his face! Goofy. Gosh I love him and YES everyone--I am buying him a new crate this weekend. I can't believe how big he's become! Next weekend will take him to be weighed as I need to get heartworm meds for him and I know he has to be over 50 now. Little porker. :)

One more thing--I am considering moving this blog to my regular, unused one--the one hooked up with the gmail addy I use the most. I think it would be easier for me, though a real pain to move everything. So I will let everyone know if that happens. I may just make that one Shelby's blog--not sure. Yes--I am just lazy, I know! I will decide this weekend.

Goodnight all! I am really happy about all the good pup news this week, for Flurry and Guapo *fingers crossed Stormy gets him* but my heartbreaks every time I think of Jet and her nine puppies. Sigh.

Love to all--you guys make me laugh and smile so much! So glad I got a Siberian because of all the cool people attached! :)

(and Shelby and Maddox, both asleep, so they don't even know I am writing to you all)