Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Secret Files of Dawgtective Shelby Woo

Shelby Woo, Dawgtective Extraordinaire here! It has been some time since I reported last, but thankfully that is because Mr. Trouble aka Maddox aka MadMaddox aka MaddyMax aka just plain Maddy has been, believe it or not, GOOD!

Either that--or he has that 'innocent look' down pat and all the Mysteriousnesses are not blamed on him. What do you guys think? Innocent? Or guilty?

I don't trust that shifty blue eye of his. It is...strange. I mean, EVERYdawg knows that it is the RIGHT eye that is supposed to be blue.

Maddox is a very mixed up pup. But I suppose I should explain what investigation has brought me out again, and seeking your help. See, it is like this. About four days ago, a strange, very long box was brought into the house. And believe it or not--a TREE came out of it! I have never seen anything like it before in my life! Of course, we all know that as far as *I* am concerned, life did not begin for me until September 15th, when Mom Person saved me from the Evil Bad Needle. Whew. So yeah, I don't like to think about that. It makes me want to run into MP's bed and crawl under the covers.

Or, do a Zim, and hide under the bed (C here--she was asleep like that--thought Zim would appreciate the pic!).

Anyway. I got sidetracked. A good detective stays FOCUSED! So... yeah. The tree. At first I thought MP had brought it into the house to teach Maddox how to be a man and lift that leg. MP laughs that Maddox still puppy squats. *rolls eyes* I say he will never be a man because, hey, YOU guys remember--he got FIXED!

But MP and her non-fur kids say no, that is not what that tree is all about. In fact, they started to put things on it! And then they did something and it lit up like...CANDLES!!!

I was kinda wary--Maddox is so silly he just ignored it. (I say he thinks he is a Springer cuz he doesn't do ANYTHING like all the REAL Sibes do. I don't destroy things because *I* am a lady. Hmph. But Maddox? One would think he'd attack it, but no! Ding dong doggy just walked away!)

But not me! I wanted to know what this was all about! So of course I had to investigate! But I was very scared wary of getting close until MP laughed (hmph) and and and...put a CHEESE ORNAMENT ON IT!!! She said it was just for me. And of course, cuz it was for me, I, well, ate it. (After about five minutes of coaxing her, silly pup!)

I guess the tree is okay. It has goodies on it now and then, and it didn't hurt me, so I can say it is probably safe to stay a little while longer. MP says she is very pleased we leave it alone and next year she will be Very Brave and put it up earlier.

She's gonna take it DOWN????????


Signing off for now.... Shelby Woo, Dawgtective