Friday, January 4, 2008

A Peaceful Friday Night

Well, finally, I am here to write a post. I really hate how busy Real Life keeps me, robbing me away from all the fun stuff, like sharing about how Maddox and Shelby are doing. All is well, I've got a fire going, the Christmas Tree is lit (yes yes it is still up! I will take it down Sunday), Shelby is folded over my toes, Maddox in front of the door where he likes to lay. Claire is upside down and feeling much better--she, um, developed a girlie infection, and has meds now and is much happier. *blush for her* She's also had about ten pounds of hair removed. Oy, Springers! They shed AND have to be shaved! Sibes are NOT THAT BAD!!!!

Let's see, I have saved a couple of things for this post. First, I want to ask darling Khyra if she has been to Fort Worth or something? Seems I saw her trademark talk at a new restaurant I went to. Check this out:

Also, I am very proud and happy to have been able to share my story about Shelby with of Plano, Texas--the folks we got Shelby from. I thought it would be good to post about her, as y'all know she took a bit of work to make happy here and part of the family. She is perfect now--it is amazing what a different girl she is! But what if I had given up on her? I mean... I know lots of people would've. But I had to believe that we had lots of reasons to make it all work. Here's her story though:

And lastly, have to share Maddox's new passion. I plugged in my humidifier for the first time this winter--I always get such dry skin, this thing is heavenly. Maddox flipped over it! He thinks I am the greatest Mom in the world for giving him cool steam right in his face! Goofy. Gosh I love him and YES everyone--I am buying him a new crate this weekend. I can't believe how big he's become! Next weekend will take him to be weighed as I need to get heartworm meds for him and I know he has to be over 50 now. Little porker. :)

One more thing--I am considering moving this blog to my regular, unused one--the one hooked up with the gmail addy I use the most. I think it would be easier for me, though a real pain to move everything. So I will let everyone know if that happens. I may just make that one Shelby's blog--not sure. Yes--I am just lazy, I know! I will decide this weekend.

Goodnight all! I am really happy about all the good pup news this week, for Flurry and Guapo *fingers crossed Stormy gets him* but my heartbreaks every time I think of Jet and her nine puppies. Sigh.

Love to all--you guys make me laugh and smile so much! So glad I got a Siberian because of all the cool people attached! :)

(and Shelby and Maddox, both asleep, so they don't even know I am writing to you all)


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Well, it's about time Miss Kharolyn!

You khan't tell parts of your pakhk's story!!

As for being in your part of the world, NOPE! Haven't left PA but maybe I have an evil khlone!!!

Please wuv your pups for us!!!!

Wags and Wuv,


Holly said...

Wonderful story! And we were there from the beginning! I'm so glad everything has worked out so well!

Khyra's influence is becoming nationwide!! Next thing will be world wide!!

I hope you don't move your blog!! I like it just like it is!

I am so glad you have made such wonderful friends too. Both blogging and being a Sibernutter are the best communities you could ask for! I, too, have made lots of wonderful friends, and count you among them!!


Maddox said...

Aww Holly, I guess I should just get unlazy, huh. See how lazy I am? I am still in my other one. I didn't know when I set up this one that I'd start using gmail for a bunch of stuff. So okay, if Holly wants it stay here then it shall be so.

I just took a great picture of Maddox with a Mountain Dew box stuck on his head. Will post that next time.


Jer said...

Lazy or not, I'm glad you finally posted. My dogs and I missed you. Jer

Maddox said...

JER! HII!!!!!!!!

I am bad. Just too freaking busy lately! LOL. I gotta stop that. Once Tiff goes back to school life will simplify. I hope.

Kapp pack said...

Wow, you've all been very busy! Shelby's story is very touching!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Holly said...

Hey you two, I gave you an award! Check out my blog.


Team Husky said...

Haroo to you our friends:)

We at Team Husky gave you a special award!

Check out our blog for the details:

Woo Woos & Kisses
Prince & Summer

The Brat Pack said...

I missed the humidifier pic - LOVE it!!