Saturday, June 7, 2008

An Opinion, Please

Hello, everybody! Maddox here. We need some help from our friends to clear up a little something. Mum has decided that we are getting lazy. She says that every time she wants to take a picture of us, we are lazing around, never doing anything. We say that she is blowing things out of proportion. What do you guys think? Do we look lazy to you?

Obviously, in this picture, I am thinking about new ways to deposit my hair on mom's rug.

And in this one, I am practicing making shadow sibes.

Shelby says that she is actively warming the end of mom's bed. Not lazy, at all.

Me, being a good puppy keeping mum company while watching European Soccer.

And lastly, Shelby keeping an eye on the house while everyone else is busy. She is very scary, isn't she? Intruders would definitely think twice after seeing her.

So see? We aren't lazy. Every minute of the day, we are busy, as all good Huskies should be. Closed eyes are all part of the plan. Mum is so silly, isn't she?

Maddox, signing off


Tucker said...

Maddox, think of it this way. Is your mom any more active than you are?

She'd have non-lazy pictures if she was out doing stuff. And had you with her. Wouldn't she?

"Watching European Soccer" ... Outdoors? Or on TV? And does she want you non-lazy while she's watching TV?

Woooing, running through the house, burying the remote somewhere?

Let's just get a little real here!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Woo look pretty much like Siberians to me!

Keep up the good work!!

And don't EVER doubt Tukhker's wisdom - he's furry smart BUT he's pretty khranky!!!

Ha roooo -


The Army of Four said...

Maddox, you two look MIGHTY busy to me! Do you need some whip from Starbucks to fuel you back up? You've GOT to be exhausted! Ha roo.
Play bows,

Simcha said...

Mmmm...did somebody mention Starbucks? I once drank from my HuMom's cup. That's exactly what is needed here. It's like Siberian crack


Kapp pack said...

I are both being watchdogs....of course you are not being lazy!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Maddox said...

Tucker, we are sad to say it is just too hot to go out in the car, and to the dog park right now. We are learning to run on the treadmill though, and we usually go out early mornings and late evenings in the backyard to let Maddox practice his retriever skills (he is so confused).

Mum was just cracking up that we were so lazy the last few days cuz of the heat--don't worry, it was cooler today and we gleefully are making up for that! :)

Khyra--we know he's khranky, but that's okay. *You* know how rare it is for Maddox to hold still for more than two minutes. :)

ZIM! We know you like the white fluff too--isn't it pawsome? It truly isn't fair though--Maddox gets more chances to get it than I do, because of 'bedience skhool. NOT fair, I say!

*waves to pretty Kelsey Ann* (you are so smart--and right!

And last, Simcha! We heard about you! I'm a red and white too--and without a doubt, am the smartest in this pack. *nods*

Red sibes are and whites just goofy. Maddox is the proof! (he FETCHES!) We will add you!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I think you look hard at work. You're shedding and working hard to have good dreams. That is very busy work!


Holly said...

Looks like you are all working hard to me! But, then again, my job is keeping the spare bedroom matress blankets down, cuz if I didn't lay on them, they might somehow blow off the bed! Our work is often misunderstood!


Maddox said...

Steve, you are correct, shedding IS hard work!!!

And Holly, woo!!!! Shelby says yup, that's her job to make sure that the blanket (she says it is HER blanket--excuse me?) stays over the end of the bed, just cuz I gnawed the end of the bed once. Once! That's all, just one time...geesh. People!


Maddox, always innocent

Anonymous said...

I don't see lazy... I see dogs hard at work!!!

The Husky in the Window said...

You have definitely shown that sibes are not lazy, we are actually busy at work, the humans just don't know it. Good job. And put a little extra fluff in her bed just for that accusation.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

We leave trails of fluff all over the house sos mommy can keep track of us. You look like you are busy thinking of what next to do, not being lazy. Sumtimes doing zoomies all around the house takes too much effort specially in the summer.

-Cosmos & Juneau-