Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dog Gone It -- it is Maddy's Fault!?!?!?!?

As some of you critters know--oh this is Carolyn, not Maddox, btw--I have been suffering some very bad shoulder/arm pain since last Thursday. Talk about horridible! I have barely been able to get through the day, and have been popping pills, applying heat, taking long baths, working half days, went to a chiropractor (thank heavens--he popped me back into place) and tonight, still feeling pretty icky, I went to a massage therapist.

Now--the chiro thought for certain that I have a pinched nerve in my neck. Therapist agrees. But, she was not satisfied that that was all that was wrong. After spending a lot of time (was there for 1.5 hours, getting massaged and worked on) we finally deduced that my arm problem is actually not directly related to the neck and shoulder problem. She decided that I was suffering from a bad case of carpal tunnel--and guess what we figured out was the cause?

Pulling Siberian.

Yes--that would be Maddox Rogers, we're talking about--I always hold the leash with my left hand, the extra with my right. And as we talked and discussed this it became clear that yes, Wednesday night we took a long walk and yes, Mr. Maddox took extra long to settle into business. He pulls, but not like Shelby--after about a half mile he settles in and walks correctly. But the way I hold onto him has acerbated my left limb's problems.


SOOO!!!! After changing what she was doing, doing stretches specifically with that problem in mind....I started to get relief at last. I will be continuing the exercises and stretches on my own--no more heat, it is COLD it needs (finally, a good use for those frozen cranberries in there!) and I will have to think of a different way to walk His Lord and Master. I am not sure what to do yet, but I have got to do something to keep the pressure and pulling off my arms. Not walking him is NOT an option!!!! Any suggestions are welcome!!!

I got home so late but had a steak thawed I needed to cook. A t-bone no less! So I cooked it anyway, and guess who oh-so-politely helped me eat those last little bitty bits? Uh huh... One thing I love about these two is how delicate they are. The Springers chomp like crazy idiots (watch the fingers!) but the two Sibes are just so gentle! Gotta love that!!!

Always a perfect lady (at least for me lol):

Oh the reward that patience brings!


Holly said...

That is sooo nice of you to share your steak!! Could you send me some next time? I never get steak!


The Army of Four said...

What about one of those belt thingies? (Meeshka's mom can give you details on that.) Or switch hands.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Our mom better watch out then! She's got TWO pullers! I hope you get to feeling better.


Maddox said...

Thanks guys--sorry Holly, all the steak is gone for now. But, MP has joined in a Way Cool Meat club that a bunch of folks at work are doing ( and there will be more! Thank woofness MP is not a vegetarian!

Ammy--that is a great idea, I will ask Meeshka's mom about that. Or, er, I will get MP to. :)

Tucker said...

Ooh, MP, sorry to hear that!

By the way, the Human Assistant tried a belt thingie years ago with two non-Sibes. Slammed him on the ground, face-down.

So he doesn't do that anymore. But Sinjin and I don't pull, anyway.

Add a weight to Maddox's lead, maybe? Make him drag around a wheel from a car?

Kapp pack said...

We hope you continue to feel better!

Woo woo, KA

Jer said...

I took my dogs to a trainer, because I had bursitis in my shoulder from the way Cookie pulled me. Now I have different collars on them and both big dogs walk with me together and the HEEL! Yeah, I know, it's a miracle.

Thor said...

Nice to see you posting again! I tagged you guys--stop by my blog for details!


Indy said...

Oh my dogness! My mom said she got carpal tunnel in college, it was from using and old, old typewriter a lot. You poor thing!
Hmmm...there are head harnesses you can try, or prong collars, or there is even a super cool, lightweight, very strong plastic prong collar that I use. Mom swears by it, she said it works better than any metal prong, harness, or martingale collar. Here is the link:

Hope your arm feels better!

Team Husky said...

Hi Carolyn

Sorry to hear about your arm. I too had the same chiropractor thought it was related to a pinched nerve arm used to go numb all the time, sore neck & shoulder etc. Prince was to blame for my pain:)

I use a walking belt with a bungy line attached and 2 dog brace lead attached to the dogs harnesses. The belt I use is one that sits low, around your hips & butt. I found the ones that go around your waist used to hurt my lower back and I was always having to lean back so I could stay on my feet when they were pulling hard. With the belts that sit lower it means when the dogs are pulling you can sit into the belt & you have more stability. I walk 2-3 dogs with my belt, I have on a few occasions walked four.

Hope this helps
Aleeya (TeamHusky's Mom)