Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Very Busy Day!!!


This is my new penpal! Or is that pawpal? Schlappi is his name and isn't he handsome? He lives Far Far FAR away, in someplace called--oh that Someplace called Germany. He is sooo handsome! He looks lots like my daddy except black! Maybe he is Husky too!!!?????

He's got a floppy ear. I had floppy ears when I was a baby but now that I am a big boy of 7 whole weeks and 8 lbs. (Mommy guesses) I have standy-uppy ears. I wish I could play with Schlappi. Sigh. Maybe he could come visit when Nick comes? Could he? COULD HE?

PLEEEAAAASSEEEE???? I'd let him sleep in my crate!!!

Schlappi looks like he could climb mountains. I think he has to have some Husky in him because EVERYONE knows Huskies like to climb things. I do, but Mommy won't let me. Pout.

Mommy Person thought this was funny. I fell asleep on a hand weight. I was TIRED! Exercise is hard work, you know.

I don't know why Mommy uploaded this one, she says she didn't mean to but might as well leave it. This is looking out of her office. Whatever an office means. It is raining raining raining raining.

Well, I survived a WHOLE WEEK with my new persons! It's been alot of fun! I don't even know where to start. I guess today, where I met the new Girl Person.

I went with my Boy and his Mommy to a place called The Airport. I am not sure what that means except it was lots of fun to stand on my Boy's knees and zoom down the big long road.

When we got there, my Boy handed me to his Mommy and we went inside this building where this giant silver thing went round and round. All these people wanted to TOUCH me! What was up with that? My Boy's Mommy explained over and over to them what I was. I was told I was beautiful and what a great watch dog I would be but EVERYONE knows that Huskies are not watchdogs, we love everyone! I licked lots of faces.

This is the Girl Person! (She liked me, but I know she really doesn't like dogs much. She likes PEOPLE. She is no fun. But at least this way she won't Take Me Away from my Boy. I was soooo tired and scared!!!!

I was sooo tired that I fell asleep right against the Girl Person's very soft and warm chest. Mommy took the picture while she was driving. She did not crash. Whew.


There are a lot of People in the house right now, the Girl's friends. Mommy was getting annoyed with how they were passing me around when I wanted down and so she took me away. Whew, I am glad.

I found a brush waaayyy under her bed and now I am attacking it. Mommy is just shaking her head and letting me. It feels good on my gums. She says she is going to get me a Nylobone tomorrow to chew on but right now this brush handle is alot like those and so I am chomping away.

Tonight, Mommy took me out front and there were BIG BOOM THINGS going off in the sky! Fireworks, she said, and I was scared. I was kinda pretty though.

I guess that is it, yawn, Mommy wants to go to bed and get some Good Sleep. I can't go in my crate though for awhile because of those people in there so Mommy is sighing and is going to let me stay in here. Those people are NOISY!!!!! (I heard Mommy say "Oh, how sad am I that this peaceful week is over!")

I will write more later!



Schlappi said...

Hi Maddox. 'm afraid I can't come visit you - my person wouldn't let me. (Plus, I need to take care of my person. She tends to fall on stones, and stuff. That's silly, I know. Humans. *shrugs*) While I was out walking today I met someone like you 'cept she was a girl, and not siberian, but husky, I guess. (and, er, I was kind of afraid of her, psst). Maybe you can come visit me sometime when you are more grown up and have learned to pee outside and stuff - my person wouldn't like pee on her floor, y'know. Talk to you later, dude. I need to take a nap now.

Maddox said...

Humans, yeah. Such sillies they are, like mine keeps taking cool things away from me. Hairbrushes, then she gives me some bone thing shaped just like it! And a sock, I love socks, but she takes THAT away and gives me this toy thing that is almost like a sock. *shakes head* What's the difference? I don't get it.

It is storming again, and I just got REAL scared at the thunder.

I'm trying harder today not to have accidents. I've done great so far even though once Mommy yelled and jumped over and swooped me up in her hands and ran outside then said MADE IT! Good grief I was only just sniffing the carpet for a second!!!