Thursday, June 28, 2007

I don't wanna go! - June 28th, 2007

I don't wanna go!!!!

They're coming. Mommy told me that they're coming to take me away. I am so scared. I tried to hide under Daddy but he just told me to be brave. I had to be brave, it was the way of things and what I must do.

WHY? Why do I have to go?????????????????????????

I'm happy here!!!!!! I don't want to leave my brothers and sister. I don't want to go to Someplace Up North with those...those...people. They already have two dogs! Mommy's Person said it, I heard her! Why do they need another one? I want to stay here!

It's not fair.

It's not.

I'm going to take a nap. Cry myself to sleep.



Awake now.

Sirius is scared, too. The others are pretending like they aren't, but they are, I know it. I'll be the first to go! I heard more about Them while I was supposed to be sleeping. One of the cats taught me how to Cat Nap. Good way to spy, except if I close my eyes I fall asleep but I did hear some things.

There are three of Them. Two of Them will be here two Long Nap Times from now to take me away. A boy and his mom. I'm supposed to like this boy, and I just don't know if I will. I mean, why can't I be the MOM'S? But noooooo.... she has two dogs already. Something like Springers or something--they are British? I don't know what that is but it means they are from Far Far away, too. The third Them is Far Far Away and won't be home much and it is HER fault that the Mom Them told the Boy Them that they could have me.

I don't think I'm going to like the Girl Them. It's all her fault.

Gotta go pee.


Mommy looked at what I'd put on here and she said there is no reason to be scared, that They are good people, else her Person wouldn't let me go to them. We'll see.

Mommy said pictures would cheer me up. I guess she could be right so I guess I'll put the pictures of everyone up now.

I'll start with Mommy because she is sooo beautiful and I look lots like her.

Her name is Blizzard.

Isn't she beautiful?

Then there is Daddy.

His name is Ice. He is kinda silly.

And now here is my sister, Cadee. She's bossy. (I really don't care if she is going away somewhere else. Girls, ewwww!!!)

And my brothers Sirius (I think we're Secret Twins, I wonder if I can convince Them to take him too?)

Hyder, who frankly is pretty bossy too,

Codee, (he gets real upset if you mention his funny mask so be nice)

and Nameless. He isn't adopted yet, but some family in Canada might want him. He'd get to play in the SNOW!!!!! He said he'd mail me some! That would be NEAT!!!!!! Hmph. One of the cats is laughing, says that won't work. What does SHE know. Cats are stupid.

Okay and now are the pictures of ME ME MEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Baby pictures! One day old! Aren't I cute???

And this is me at three weeks old. Aren't I adorable??? Mommy says it is THIS picture that made Them want me. Wish I'd known.... I would've hidden behind the blinds or something.

Can't see it but there's a cat there, laughing at me.

and at four weeks! Look at my ears! Yes I am cute, I am cute I am cute cute cute!!!!

Okay that is all the pictures I have for now. I guess They are going to take more pictures because apparently, Daddy says, the Mom They has some friends in Germany who want to see me grow up or something. Don't know why but then I don't know what Germany is anyway. Or where it is. Except Mom They goes there Lots for some reason. (I do know one of them, Evelyn--isn't that a pretty name?--likes dogs LOTS and is owned by one herself, but the other one? Nicholas? He is not so sure about dogs, I hear, though he likes Evelyn's dog. But he will love ME...yeah! I'll just lick him lots and lots when we meet and he will love me! Mommy says ALL guys like doggy kisses so it is a great plan. So yeah. Works for me!!)

I am tired again. I guess Mommy was right, and I do feel better. Sigh...

I still don't wanna go though, Saturday. It's Just Not Fair, you know?

Guess I'll try to write more tomorrow but I might not get to until They take me away and back to wherever they live with the two English dogs. Mommy says they are English, not British, but isn't that the same thing? Or something???

Whatever. I want my blankie.



Anonymous said...

We looked at it together at Evelyn's - she enjoys it. SIlly, but yeah. Just saying.


Maddox said...

(Well, it WAS your and Evelyn's idea, you know! LOL!! Maddox is doing it Just For You Guys!)